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Along with making sure that your website is universally compatible and user friendly, an exclusive expert team of designers and developers are you assigned to to ensure that not only the plan goes according to a timeline but also that your approval is taken at every step. We will work closely with you to make sure that your website is just as you had dreamt and better. Keeping in mind that the main purpose of a website is to increase your visibility, your website is made search-engine friendly. Your brand identity and core value is prominently flown into the screens and pages of your website with ease.

A set process is followed for good quality website development, and strictly, come what may.The project will be divided into different stages, and a report is sent to you on the completion of every stage to get your approval.

This ranges from discussions, approvals, feedbacks, incorporating your vision for your website, lining the same flow of images, vectors and text to go in with your company goals and values.

What we strive to do when we build you a website is to turn the website visitor into a buyer of your product or client of your service; and the content, look and feel is thereby infused into the theme.

Our services

An Eye-catching Design

BrandStory offers full concept design for a website built up from scratch. An eye-catching design isn’t just about the look of the website, but also about how engaging it is.

Mobile Ready

Your website is the single most critical mobile component of your business. Majority of the users visiting your website are most likely using a mobile device. So, if you haven’t made your website mobile-friendly, you should and we ensure that your website is mobile responsive.

Convenient Navigation

We won’t let your website visitors get lost by designing the perfect homepage with efficient site navigation capabilities. You need a website that is simple and easily accessible.

Proper Content

We develop strong, engaging and unique content for your website users which offers fresh perspective regarding the subject matter.

Call to Action

Call-to-Action elements in a web page solicit some form of action from the users. We design and integrate these clickable buttons in a distinguished area of the website to entice the users to click on them.

Website Development

Sign-Up Form

Signup forms are the best way to build a list of responsive subscribers to your website who subscribe to your email newsletter. Information submitted in the forms can be used to identify the target customers from the prospect contact list in your Benchmark Subscriber Email account.


A sitemap is a file that consists of all webpages of your website that is accessible to Search Engine web crawlers. This allows search engines and users to easily access all content of your website.

Web Browsers Compatibility

Your website can be accessed through multiple devices, mobile as well as desktops and there are multiple web browsers that have distinct methods to visually deliver your web content to users. We design and integrate your web design to be compatible across different browsers in all operating systems.


Visual appeal is important but integrating beautiful images for the sake of it is meaningless. We use imagery in the website to add meaning: To the brand, and to the content; either pointing to the obvious or to just illustrate the concepts of the subject matter in the webpage.


We offer Clickstream + In-page analytics reporting which allows you to keep track of our work to develop and promote your website based on various performance indicators.

Platforms that we build websites on

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Website Development Company in Bangalore India
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Web design Company in Bangalore India

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