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Welcome to the top big data analytics company in Bangalore, where we turn your ideas into innovative solutions. As industry leaders, we understand the dynamic needs of businesses like yours and are dedicated to delivering unparalleled results. With our proven expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we are committed to taking your business to new heights.

From budding startups to established large-scale enterprises, we have successfully provided high-end big data solutions for diverse clients. Our widespread experience and field expertise make us the ideal partner for businesses seeking top-notch data-driven solutions.

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Experience the Power of Big Data Analytics with Our Leading-Edge Services


Big Data Strategy & Consulting

Brandstory, a big data consulting company in Bangalore, devises a comprehensive strategy that facilitates seamless integration of big data technology into your operations. Through careful analysis of your business requirements, our adept data consultants develop a tailored big data strategy that enhances business potential and aligns your organization with current market trends and compliance standards.


Big Data Implementation

Our expert team helps clients comprehend the potential of ground-breaking, outcome-focused big data solutions. We assist companies in enhancing their data management processes through strategic data solutions while optimizing performance and minimizing operational costs.


Application Development Service

We specialize in designing and developing high-quality mobile apps that enhance user experiences and optimize operational efficiency. Our expertise is crafting customer-centric mobile applications with robust features and visually appealing UI/UX designs. Our exceptional solutions are tailored to meet the needs of business professionals.


Data Visualization Service

Our expertise lies in transforming raw datasets into impactful visual dashboards and reports. Through this transformation, even the most intricate information becomes readily comprehensible and actionable. We focus on simplifying complexity, ensuring that our customers can effortlessly grasp and make relevant decisions based on the presented insights.


Data Analytics

Unlock the full potential of your data with our cutting-edge analytics techniques. With big data analytics companies in Bangalore, you can harness the analytics’ power to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. This tailored approach to data analysis empowers professionals to thrive in a fast-paced, demanding business environment.

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Complete Data Platform Management

We provide comprehensive data platform management solutions that cover a range of services, including source integration management, data pipeline management, and API management for data consumers. With a reliable partnership ecosystem of technology leaders, our managed services prioritize data governance, security, privacy, and compliance.


Profit-Oriented Solution

At Brandstory, our team is fueled with unwavering commitment and passion for developing profitable enterprise-centric big data solutions and cost-effective services. This set us apart in the industry. Our unique approach integrates a deep understanding of business needs with cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional results.


Custom-Made Solutions

Our proficiency in creating personalized big data applications has positioned us as the top choice for numerous organizations seeking Big Data application solutions. Our unparalleled expertise and experience make us an ideal partner to tap into the potential of big data.


Proven Track Record

A well-established history of successful qualitative big data applications significantly enhances our brand's market value. This proven track record of success is a testament to our expertise and reliability in the industry.

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Error-free Application Deployment

Our company excels in developing and launching impeccably flawless mobile apps at an accelerated rate compared to our competitors, all while maintaining the highest quality standards. We deliver high-end applications to serve all the needs and requirements of the customers.


What Makes Us Different From Other Big Data Analytics Consultancy Firms in Bangalore

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Cost-Effective Solutions

We leverage big data analytics to gain a substantial competitive advantage for staying agile and quickly adapting to market changes, surpassing competitors. This strategic approach empowers businesses to make informed decisions based on comprehensive insights derived from data analysis.

Catalog Designs

Design, Technology, and Innovation at One Place

With our unparalleled design, technology, and innovation expertise, we specialize in delivering customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Through strategic consulting services, we empower businesses to undergo a seamless digital transformation.

Social Media Designs

Wide-Range of Service Portfolio

Our comprehensive service portfolio encompasses a wide range of specializations, including AWS & Azure, Conventional Data Analytics, Data Mining Consulting, Data Warehousing, Data Migration, Machine Learning, AI, Big Data, and Business Consulting Services.

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Agile Methodology

By leveraging an agile and adaptive project management approach, combined with efficient and insightful business and marketing support, we are able to craft highly cost-effective go-to-market strategies that align perfectly with our client's budgets and timelines.

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Full Support & Maintenance

Our advanced Big Data services and solutions go beyond consulting and application development. Alongside our committed technical team, we offer round-the-clock support and maintenance services to cater to the needs of our client.

Look How Big Data Services Empower Enterprises

Handling large data volumes

Big Data companies excel in the intricate task of handling enormous volumes of data, encompassing structured, unstructured, and semi-structured formats while extracting profound insights from them. This expertise allows them to pave the way for ground breaking advancements and discoveries.

Advanced tools & technologies

The big data solutions company in Bangalore possesses advanced tools like Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL databases that are purpose-built to handle vast amounts of data.

Industry-specific Apps

Big Data analytics companies cater to various industries, including banking, retail, healthcare, and more. They offer invaluable assistance to organizations in automating processes, driving innovation, and enhancing efficiency through data-driven decision-making.

Great data processing & analysis

Big Data services companies specialize in transforming unprocessed data into meaningful data sets to derive valuable insights and tackle intricate business challenges. Their expertise is converting raw information into actionable knowledge, catering to the needs of professionals seeking advanced data solutions.

Focused & targeted Promotions

Big data enables businesses to provide tailor-made products to their specific target audience, eliminating the need to invest substantial amounts of money in promotional campaigns that do not yield favorable results. Enterprises can gain valuable insights by analyzing customer trends obtained from monitoring online shopping and point-of-sale transactions.



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Client Testimonials

“We were thoroughly impressed with the big data strategy and consulting services provided by Brandstory. They took the time to understand our business requirements and developed a tailored strategy that helped us integrate big data technology seamlessly. Because of their expertise, our organization is now aligned with the latest market trends and compliance standards.”


CEO of Tech Company

“Brandstory's team of experts played a crucial role in implementing our big data solutions. They helped us optimize our data management processes, improving performance and reducing operational costs. Their outcome-focused approach and strategic data solutions have truly made a difference for our business.”

Shaily Abraham

CTO of DUI Corporation

“We engaged Brandstory for application development services, and they exceeded our expectations. Their team developed a high-quality mobile app that enhanced the user experience and optimized our operational efficiency. Their expertise in developing customer-centric applications with robust features is commendable.”


Director of Technology at Company

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At Brandstory, a big data company in Bangalore, we take a number of steps to guarantee the dependability and quality of our data analysis. First, we confirm the data's legitimacy and employ reputable data sources. Second, in order to eliminate anomalies and irregularities, we use strict data cleaning and preprocessing methods. Thirdly, we analyse the data using sophisticated statistical models and algorithms.