Mobile App Maintenance Services in India

Brandstory is a top-rated application maintenance and support company in India offering affordable and reliable post-launch and pre-launch app maintenance solutions. From simple support maintenance to app optimization, monitoring, bug fixes, and version updates, we provide everything. We have over 10 years of experience in mobile app development, maintenance, and support services. Our experts will ensure that your app remains competitive, fully functional, robust, and secure at all times. We leverage the power of mobile technology and big data to enhance user experience, endpoint availability, and operational efficiency of your app. Our team will also minimize all future app-related problems.

Mobile App Maintenance & Support Services
Mobile App Maintenance Features

Brandstory has earned the tag of the leading mobile app maintenance company owing to its technology-oriented and comprehensive strategies. We integrate well-defined features into your app to boost customer experience.

  • Testing apps
  • Reviewing applications online
  • Fixing bugs
  • Integrating the latest trends
  • Improving user experience and interface
  • Monitoring applications timely
  • Boosting usability
  • Feature extension
  • App migration
  • Prompt response to customer queries
  • Security support and maintenance
Mobile App Maintenance Process

Our application maintenance service process includes –

  • Analysis of the app-related problem
  • Performance testing, monitoring, and management
  • Functional uplift of the mobile app
  • Strategic app upgrade
  • Preventive app maintenance and support

Our Mobile App Maintenance & Support Services

App Monitoring Service

Our mobile and web application maintenance services are aimed at monitoring and evaluating the component-level performance and end-user experience of the application.

  • App crash monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Analytics monitoring
  • Security reviews
  • App feedback monitoring
  • Reviews of third-party integration updates
  • App store monitoring and management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Third-party payment and hosting monitoring
  • Source code repository and versioning
App Upgrade Service

As the leading application maintenance company, we will not only maintain your app's user interface but also upgrade it to the new OS user functionality to boost application efficiency.

  • Improving the app interactions and interfaces
  • Mobile app performance optimization
  • Correct errors
  • Major additions and upgrades
  • Refactoring deprecated code
  • Upgrade to support new OS and devices
  • Operational level support
  • Enhancing current acceptable functions
  • Support upcoming and new library versions
  • Data model migrations between any update
Mobile App Maintenance Services

We provide integrated mobile app maintenance services to manage, maximize, and streamline all applications and systems operating in your organization.

  • Performance enhancement
  • Feature extension
  • Backend server and migration script modification
  • Usability improvement
  • Release plan & management
  • Security enhancement
  • Major, minor, and increment enhancements
  • App porting
  • Continuous testing
App Support & Optimization Services

Our application maintenance services also include application maintenance support and optimization. We will enhance the app's productivity, enrich the features, and update the functionality regularly to make your app user-friendly.

  • Responding to your customer queries
  • Offering enterprise training programs
  • Deploying the apps to enterprise stores/app stores
  • Integrating your app to complex corporate systems

Mobile Application Support

Our mobile application maintenance and support services for iOS and Android devices will provide you with faster and better software maintenance while improving app productivity. You can choose from the following packages to get a higher application ROI.

App Annual Support

We offer bug fixing, app version upgrades, correlative maintenance, technical support, etc, in our annual app maintenance contract.

Part-Time Support

Our team of experts will manage and support and maintenance work including app upgrades, app enhancements, and app monitoring services.

Lifetime Support

Here, we will provide you with routine monitoring and management throughout the lifetime of the all. We will check all critical features and performance of the app to ensure customer satisfaction and eliminate future app-related problems.

Why Choose Brandstory for Mobile Application Support

Adaptive App Maintenance & Support

Here, we perform all necessary changes that are required for your business like localization and regulation change, configuration change, hardware change, operating system integration, data format change, etc.

Corrective App Maintenance & Support

As the leading app and web application maintenance company, we offer corrective app maintenance services. We will resolve all app-related issues like design errors, logic errors, coding errors, etc. We can also rectify misspelled sentences or words in your app interfaces.

Preventive App Maintenance & Support

We aim at planning and integrating solutions to meet your upcoming app requirements. We will analyze the customer feedback and past occurrences to improve app functionality in the long run.

Perfective App Maintenance & Support

Our experts will boost your app's attributes, performance, and maintainability. We can make efficacious deletions, modifications, insertions, and any other changes in your app.

Technology and Tools

We use advanced software tools and cutting-edge technology to boost your app maintenance and support process.

  • Android Studio
  • React Native
  • XCode
  • C



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