Explainer Video Production Company in Bangalore

It is high time that we discard our old methods of communication and bring about changes in marketing methods. So, catch up on the current trends and avail of extraordinary explainer video production services for your company. Explainer videos will not only allow you to spread your brand message but will also help you to increase your sales from level zero to infinity.

BrandStory is a popular name in the explainer video production industry. With our explainer videos, you will be able to boost the conversion rate by 80% and also elevate your brand by creating user-centric content. You will also be able to increase your visibility across various platforms by taking the help of our explainer video company in bangalore.

Explainer Video Production Company in Bangalore

What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos are mostly used when you are not able to explain something really intricate to the users. These animated explainer video production services have an attention-grabbing story-telling concept and a striking visual appeal. They can be used to explain all the hard concepts in layman's terms. The animated explainer video can increase your conversion rate and also enhance web traffic.

Various kinds of Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos

In animated explainer videos, we make use of animated objects to spread your brand message. These videos can create an illusion of movement and can also evoke the emotions of the customers.

Whiteboard explainer videos

Whiteboard explainer videos are a perfect way to acquire a clear understanding of the products and services. It involves drawing on a whiteboard while explaining the features.

Live-action explainer videos

In live-action explainer videos, everything is recorded by means of a camera. It is a highly convenient option for all those companies that are looking forward to building personal relationships with their clients.

Screencast explainer videos

Screencast explainer videos basically contain digital recordings of a screen capture along with audio narrations. It is a low-cost method of advertising your products and services to the customers.

Production Process To Make Explainer Videos

Brainstorming & Concept Discussion

Here, we will try to understand what exactly you wish to accomplish using your video. We will also discuss the concepts with you and note down all your requirements.

Scripting & Storyboard

In this phase, the script will be written. It is the heart and soul of creating an explainer video. The quality of the script will determine what the end product is going to look like.


Next, we will decide on the style. The style will completely depend on your personal choices. We will also provide you with our expert advice on what style will suit your videos.


This stage is taken care of by the voice-over artists. The voice-over will determine the length and pace of the animation and also its final effects.


This is the most important stage of the explainer video production process. Here, we will employ different animated objects, illustrations, and storyboards for creating your video.

Sound Design

Now comes the sound design phase. Here, we will add sounds and audio clips to the videos and make them interactive.

Why Choose us as your Explainer Video Company in Bangalore?

Being the , we have high-end creative experts, top-of-the-line illustrators, expert scriptwriters, animators, and live-action directors in our team who will help you out in creating your videos in the best possible way. All our videos are to the point and come with captivating visuals. Our explainer video services are also quite affordable. We maintain a strict timeline and strongly adhere to that while offering our services to our customers.

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