Google Penalty Recovery Services in Bangalore India

Get back on track! We take care of your Google Panda and Penguin Penalties so you can continue to focus on building, rather than recovering.

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What is it?

Google Penalties are given by Google Webmaster Tools when SEO strategies fueled by ill-informed research are noticed by the algorithm. These penalties decrease your search rankings, making it more difficult for your target audience to find you. If this happens, your site might be lost in the sea of internet spam.

Do you need it?

It can be difficult to figure out whether or not your web pages are marked with Google Penalties.

If you answered ‘yes’ to the previous two questions, ask yourself if you have done something different recently. If you have been using the same tried-and-tested SEO methods and there is no explanation for why you’re having this issue, we can help you with our Google Penalty Recovery Services.

What do Google Penalty Recovery Services Include?

It’s important to know what you’re getting into. You don’t want to play around with your digital marketing. It’s a tough game these days and even little things can be make-or-break.

Our Google Penalty Recovery Services first include thorough research and identification of the type of penalty you might be dealing with. This could be a Panda Penalty or a Penguin Penalty. At BrandStory, we help you deal with both so your brand image is as good as gold.

A Panda Penalty is given to you if your page does not offer a rewarding user experience. We help you integrate the most upcoming web-design trends to increase the attractiveness factor site-wide.

To help you deal with a Penguin Penalty, we take care of what might be making Google consider your website as spam. We undo the damage that keyword stuffing does so that Google can re-crawl your site and you can reach your audience once again.

Our Process

1. Identification

In accordance with the Penguin algorithm, we follow a meticulous and thorough check through the relevance power of each link on all your web pages. We remove all the bad links for you so your pages have relevant and useful links that are not misleading to your audience.

To remove Panda penalties, any web pages you might have that have been designed with poor skill or lack of user consideration are revamped.

2. Creating solutions

Our team brainstorms the most practical solutions that are within your budget to help you improve on these aspects. We pick out each element that is the reason for manual penalties so that your website is error-free.

3. Penalty Removal Requests

After putting in the work to remove these penalties, we also take care of the embarrassing work and put in a Penalty Removal Request with Google so that they can remove the Penalties.

4. Documenting Recovery and Growth

After this, your webpages can begin their uphill climb into greater visibility, relevant traffic, increased conversions, and improved user experience, ameliorating your brand image. We don’t just want to help you recover from Google Penalties, we want you to be able to never get them again.

By guiding you through our processes, we solve a long-term issue for you. We equip you with the knowledge of how to avoid penalties while still making the most of SEO strategies.



1. What causes a Google Penalty? How long do they last?

Overloading your content with links that are not useful and using outdated web designs and technologies that create a frustrating user experience can result in you getting a Google Penalty. It can last as long as it takes for you to fix it. The sooner you fix it, the better.

2. How can I see my Google Penalties?

Log into your Webmaster Account and look up Search Traffic under Manual Actions.

3. What about Panda Penalty and Penguin Penalty?

At BrandStory, we are equipped to take care of both. We have different teams that specialise in sifting through your content to pick out what is not working in your favour and draw more attention to what is.

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