An architectural or interior photographer is usually a trained photographer with a specialization in architecture or interior designs. As potential clients and buyers are usually drawn to properties after seeing their images, it is incredibly important to work with photographers who can bring out the value, aesthetics, and class of these properties.

Brandstory specializes in landscape architecture photography and commercial photography in Bangalore. Whether you want the exterior or interior of your buildings or other structures to be photographed in the golden hours or broad daylight, our team can help you with all.


Why Choose Professional Architecture Photographers?

Our team consists of famous architecture photographers who are equipped with pro tools and exceptionally skilled in various photography techniques to deliver a breathtaking presentation of your architectural beauty. Our main focus is to bring out the aesthetics of architecture and interior designs. Here are the top reasons to opt for professional architectural photography services in Bangalore

Boost sales with Architectural Photography that speaks Quality

Professional architectural photography will enable you to reach a larger audience owing to the state of the art picture quality. Whether you opt for in paper ads, billboard advertisements, or online marketing, you need high quality photos to boost your brand image

Work on the First Impression

If you are trying to sell architectural properties or properties with great interior designs, it s important to market them properly. Each architectural or interior design must be brought to life to attract a wide customer base. Your photos must be able to highlight all the beauty of your property. When you hire a professional interior photographer in Bangalore, you can be assured that each intricate design will be highlighted with a dramatic effect to lure in customers

How to create a perfect interior design photograph?

It takes more than just a good quality camera to create high quality imagery that captures the beauty of your interior design. Interior design and architecture photography need a lot of strategic planning and execution to attract clients to your location. Your photograph must be able to bring out the aesthetics and raw beauty of your architecture and interior design to life

Our team of interior design photographers will show how the interior spaces of your property relate to each other, the play of colors, materials and textures, how the design connects and flows, and how intricate are the details of construction

We use professional digital cameras and special tilt shift manual lenses to capture the perfect shot. For lighting, we can either use our own portable studio flashlights or ambient light to showcase your lighting schemes. If you want us to exaggerate specific elements for a dramatic result, we will use wide angle tilt shift lenses. Moreover, to deliver a perfect interior design photograph we will carry out all the post production work on our color calibrated professional monitors.


Our Commercial Photography Process

We have an effective process to make the most out of your commercial architectural or interior design photoshoot

Budget Allocation and Need Analysis

You can call us to schedule an appointment. Our team will discuss how you want the architecture or interior design photograph to promote your business. Together we will unpack your requirements, clarify your budget, and decide when and how to get started

Creative Vision and Shot Definition

We will provide you with the creative direction for the shoot. We will also discuss whether you want to shoot outdoors or indoors. Moreover, if you dont have your own lighting and want a dramatic photograph for your interior design, we will bring our own lighting setup.

The Commercial Photo Session

The size of your project will determine the number of sessions required. Small projects can be easily completed in a half day shoot, however, complex or big projects may require more time

Photo Proofs, Selects, and Retouching

We will send you all the photographs so that you can make selections of the ones that you want to use or purchase. We will also recommend you for the final selection but it will completely depend on you. Once you have made the selection, we will start with the post production touch ups.

Final Delivery

We will provide you with the final photography of your buildings or interior designs in digital format. We will also prepare these digital files for various target outputs to meet your marketing needs. This includes digital file size requirements and formats

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