Leading Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore

Leading Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore

Our Mobile App Development Services in Bangalore

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Android App Development

Our team of professionals has a detailed understanding of the Android platform; we are an experienced android app development company in Bangalore. Being a part of Google, you can be assured that the Android system will play a significant role in the future mobile computing world, as it is now. With experience-backed expertise in developing custom apps for businesses, we can deliver high-quality mobile applications for our clients.

iOS App Development

We are the top iOS app development company in Bangalore and have a team of skilled iOS developers who are familiar with Apple's iOS platform. With teams experienced in developing custom apps for businesses using this platform, we can deliver high-quality results to our clients.

Flutter App Development

Our team of developers has expertise in the Flutter platform, with extensive knowledge of developing custom apps for businesses using the newest technology. Our innovative approach towards everything is what sets us apart from other app development companies in Bangalore.

Web Application Development

Our team has expertise in developing custom web applications that can run on all devices - desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. So whether you're looking to build simple web apps or complex enterprise systems for your business, we are here to help.

React Native Development

Brandstory is skilled in developing custom apps for businesses using the React Native platform. With our team's experience and expertise, we can deliver high-quality mobile applications that are optimized for both Android and iOS devices.

Hybrid App Development

With a team of experienced hybrid app developers, we can help you build highly functional and unique apps for your business. Combining the features of a mobile web app with a native app, we can provide our clients with high-end cross-platform and cross-device applications.

Cross-platform App Development

With our team's professional mobile app development skills in developing custom apps for businesses using cross-platform frameworks, we can help you develop state-of-the-art mobile applications that will run on all major operating systems.

What is Our App Development Process

App Development


We know that every business is different. That's why we start by understanding your requirements and business goals before developing a product strategy to deliver your desired results. Then, we research and study your business and its target market to build a successful product that will meet their needs and requirements.

Plan and Design

Our team of mobile app developers in Bangalore works with you to create the perfect product roadmap, wireframes, and mockups for your app. We follow all industry standards to develop a unique user experience that is intuitive and easy to use. Furthermore, we prioritize the user experience to make sure that your users get the most out of your app.

Development and Improvement

Using our expertise in app development with different platforms - Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter, etc., we work on developing apps that are not only fast and responsive but also secure enough to provide a seamless user experience. In addition, our developers work with our designers and project managers to implement the best practices in app development to produce high-quality results for your business.

Final Testing

Before we deliver your final product, we test it thoroughly on different devices (tablets, laptops, smartphones) and operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows) to ensure it works perfectly on all devices and check for bugs to ensure long-term success.

Initiation and Launch

We help you launch your product to your target audience. Our marketing experts can help you spread the word about your app so more users start using it. We also provide our clients with all the necessary assets to get started, including an App Store page or Play Store page that helps users discover and download your product. Then, we promote it on the App Store, Google Play, etc., for maximum exposure and adoption by users.

Post Development Support

We ensure that you get the support you need after your product is launched. Our team of mobile app development Bangalore experts will continue to monitor it and implement regular updates, bug fixes, and improvements to help maintain its stability.

Why Choose Brandstory for Mobile App Development

Mobile App

The rise and demand for mobile apps have increased manifold over the last few years. More and more businesses are looking to implement mobile apps into their businesses, which has led to an increase in demand for top-notch app developers. We at Brandstory understand your needs perfectly well, which is why we provide custom app development services that include - Android apps, iOS apps, cross-platform apps,

We are among the top mobile app development companies in Bangalore; we take pride in our ability to deliver custom solutions for businesses of all sizes. We have a team of skilled and experienced app developers who are thorough professionals and know how to turn an idea into a working product within your budget and time constraints. With our expertise in both native and hybrid app development, we can provide you with the best-in-class solutions for your business.

Brandstory stands against the fray of simple app developers in Bangalore, offering customized solutions for businesses of all sizes and scales. We work with you from start to end in app development in Bangalore and developing a strategy that will help your business meet its goals through the power of mobile app technology

Guaranteed Results

Our developers work with you to create a strategy that will help your business achieve its goals through the power of mobile app technology. We ensure that you get the right product developed for your business that helps it stand out from the crowd and reach more customers.


Our team of skilled and experienced app developers uses all the latest tools and technologies to develop the right product for your business. In addition, we follow industry best practices to guarantee that you get a high-quality product developed within your budget constraints.


User-Centric product development is the key to developing a successful mobile app. UI and UX are the cornerstones of an app that users find intuitive and easy to use. Our team of experts will work with you to build a product that is focused on making your target audience happy by delivering unique experiences for them.

Effective Reporting and Project Management

We work with you to create a roadmap that will help us stay focused on project deadlines and milestones. With our dedicated project managers taking care of the day-to-day activities, we can keep all stakeholders updated about the progress your app is making. Our team also keeps track of bugs, issues, and user feedback in real-time.

Industry We Serve for Mobile App Development


Our team of professionals and specialists is adept at developing apps for all kinds of businesses and industries. We can help you implement mobile apps in various verticals such as -

Finance and Business Industry Apps

We develop apps that help businesses in the finance and business industry with efficient workflow and ease of operations. In addition, we have successfully developed apps that help businesses prioritize user experience and comfort of use for customers.

Education and Curriculum Apps

With the onset of the pandemic, education apps have become necessary tools to help students learn and teachers teach more efficiently. We develop apps that provide an enhanced learning experience for a student in a way that helps students retain the information longer.

Tourism and Hospitality Apps

The hospitality industry needs mobile apps with efficient workflow and ease of use. Our team is adept at developing tourism and hospitality apps that are user-friendly and provide an enhanced experience to users. We use GPS, sensors, and location information to create custom apps for the tourism industry.

Healthcare Apps

Healthcare apps are in great demand these days, increasing the need to make healthcare more accessible. As a result, we have successfully developed healthcare apps for various verticals such as e-pharmacies, patient monitoring systems, hospital management systems, health checkup reminder systems, etc.

Media and Entertainment Apps

Developing entertainment apps is our forte. Our app developers are adept at creating media and entertainment apps that provide the desired user experience to customers. We develop apps for various platforms such as gaming, music, events, ticketing, etc.

Real Estate and Property Apps

Customers need to stay updated on new property launches, and we can help you build apps that let your customers access information about your projects. Our developers create real estate and property apps with GPS, maps, and location information.

6 Latest Technology Integrations Related to Mobile App


Wearable Tech

Wearable devices have become more than fitness buddies. These devices have been upgraded to smart devices with cameras, music players, internet connectivity, and GPS, among other features. In addition, wearable tech apps have made these functionalities easier to access and provide an enhanced user experience.

Mobile Wallets

E-Wallets have had explosive use after the effects of the pandemic, and we are not looking back. With e-wallet apps optimized for all interfaces and platforms, secure, fast, and reliable, it is an interface here to stay.

Smart Things/IoT

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), devices are connected wirelessly. We help connect your home appliances, vehicles, and gadgets over a wireless network with IoT apps. The Internet of Things (IoT) has become the next big thing after the mobile internet. IoT apps are in great demand these days, with the increasing need to make IoT functionalities easily accessible. We develop smart things/IoT apps for platforms, such as Android and iOS.

3D Experience

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are the latest technologies to have hit the market. We are proficient at developing AR/VR apps that provide an immersive user experience to customers. Our developers create 3D experiences with real-time video, audio, image, and graphics for customers.

Foldable Hardware Friendly Apps

Foldable hardware devices are the future of mobile computing. We develop apps for foldable hardware devices with an easy-to-navigate user interface and high speed to ensure your customers get the desired experience every time they interact with your app.

Voice-Activated Interface

Amazon's Alexa and Google Home are becoming more popular, voice-activated apps with multiple functionalities. We develop voice-activated apps that are fast and efficient with a user interface optimized for voice interaction. Using the latest technologies, such as Speech Recognition API, Natural Language Processing API, Google AI, etc., developers provide an enhanced user experience that lets you interact with the app using voice commands only.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile App Development


1. What is your android application development process?

We follow an iterative model to develop android apps. Our android app developer in Bangalore follows Brandstory’s model of excellence. We first study the requirements of our customers and come up with a concept. Once we finalize the app idea, we start building the application prototype. After creating the prototype, we conduct multiple rounds of testing to identify bugs and issues for finalizing the app. Once we are done with the final build, we deploy it in Google Play Store and continue managing the performance of the app.

2.What is your IOS application development process?

Our iOS app developers follow a similar iterative model to develop iOS apps. First, we discuss and come up with an idea that can help you achieve your business goals. Once we finalize the app idea, we start building the application prototype. After creating the prototype, we test it by using emulators and simulators to identify issues and bugs. Once we are done with the final build, we deploy it in the Apple App Store for a wider reach.

3. Can you help us improve the existing app?

Yes, we can work with the designs that you have done though it is always easier and preferable that we work with our designs. The rare situations where we may decline to do so is when the designs fail to meet our basic standards, in which case we request our clients to reconsider.

4. What are the security measures you take to keep the app secure and stable?

We have a robust security model with encryption and data integrity protocols in place, which we follow religiously. To be on the safer side, we conduct penetration tests, and source code audits to identify loopholes and vulnerabilities which may arise due to misuse of input fields and functions like geolocation.

5. How will you keep me updated on the progress of the project? What If I need any changes in the app or mobile solution?

We keep our clients updated on the project’s progress via regular emails and phone calls. We also met personally if required to discuss the app/solution requirements. In addition, clients are provided with access to our dedicated project management system, where they can view their version of any application build, test results, etc. We also assign a project manager to ensure effective communication and manage the project.

6. How much does a fully-functional mobile app development cost in Bangalore?

The cost of mobile app development varies depending on the functionalities and features you want in your app. The final quote depends on the type and size of the app, application performance, design complexity, data security, etc. Therefore, we usually provide customers with a free quote, after carefully studying their requirements.

7. I have a website. Can you build an app for the same?

Yes, we can build apps based on your current website. Our app development in Bangalore can either create a replica of your website optimized for both iOS and Android devices or come up with an app that is inherently the same but stands out from the crowd.

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