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Be seen. With our Local SEO Services, you can maximise your reach for optimal conversion.

SEO Services

What we do

Using state-of-the-art technologies, we integrate efficient marketing into digital tools that help you reach potential clients using region-specific searches.

By building brand visibility, we give you a competitive edge over other businesses. Repetition is key. But at BrandStory, we determine the optimal timing, locations, and channels for your brand name. As the informed consumer becomes more attentive to and sceptical of digital marketing strategies, we adapt our services accordingly to overcome constantly shifting challenges.

From word strategies to optimising web pages, we make sure your content is highly ranked for every relevant search. Using local link-building, we use the advantage of relevance over the done-and-dusted method of meaningless repetition.

With frequent follow-ups, we analyse which channels are working efficiently, and which ones have the potential for improvement so that you can put your best foot forward.

What we offer

Our services are completely customised. We adopt your vision, keeping in mind your extraordinary goals. Instead of learning from or imitating competitors to create a strategy for you, we help to create one that stands out.

At Brandstory, we celebrate diversity. We work with a variety of clients in different sectors and appreciate the diversity of work in each sector. We understand the audience, the business and the most efficient channel varies and instead of seeing it as a challenge, we see it as a celebration.

Advantages of Local SEO

Boosting visibility

Out of sight, out of mind. But with Local SEO, it’s no secret that you will increase your chances of being seen more. This translates into a more effective impact on your marketing strategy at the end of the day.

Relevant and Returning Traffic

Traffic only matters if it means something. You want real people, who are interested in what you are sharing to be able to find your page, and do so again if they wish to. Increasing accessibility is one of the most important aspects of establishing dominance in the market.

Reducing marketing costs

Reducing marketing costs: It is time to throw the traditional and effortful strategies out the window. Work smart, not hard. In the digital era, why shouldn’t you make use of advanced technologies to get your way?

Increasing sales

Of course, the end result that we are all here for. You should be able to see quantifiable and measurable improvements by using Local SEO. Our local SEO services help you keep track of sales over time so you can stay ahead of trends and adapt your strategies accordingly.

What our Services Include

1. Keyword Targeting

After thorough keyword research, we curate a list of specific keywords you can use to increase visibility.

On-Page optimisation

We work on every landing page so that your content can be ranked higher and easily found. We have mastered the algorithm so you can carry out business like a boss.

Detailed Reports

How will you know there has been an improvement without a report? Our job isn’t done by telling you what to do. We walk the journey with you and show you how we have performed. We include every little thing; the devil is in the details.

Performance Analysis and Reviews

Using review tools, we gather information on how your audience responds to your content.

SEO Tools

Our team uses the most effective tools to bring your pages to the top. Tools such as Google My Business help you take care of the basics and become the stepping stones to SEO success.

Local Link Building

By looking into the existing network of local links, we embed your business into the most relevant and happening networks so that your content is based on a result-oriented link building strategy.



1. What else does a Local SEO Service do?

We increase accessibility by ensuring that all your information is consistent across all channels so your audience.

2. Can big businesses use Local SEO?

There is no limit to how customised you want your user experience to be, whether you are a big or small business. Go for it!

3. How much does it cost?

To begin with Local SEO, you don’t need to turn your pockets inside out. Depending on your requirements, the price varies. It is, however, one of the cheapest, easiest, and most modern ways of marketing.

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