Communicate your Product in the Best Possible Way to your Audience

Product marketing represents the customer’s voice before, during and post its launch. Get on board with the driving force that can not only get your product to the market but make it stay there. It equates to customer success and comprises of understanding the market, shaping the product and communicating it to the intended audience. Build a successful product marketing strategy with BrandStory, one of the leading product marketing company in Bangalore

Product Marketing

Articulate your product’s value in a way that resonates with your niche market

Inform and educate potential customers about a new product or enhance awareness of an existing product through an effective product marketing strategy from the best product marketing agency in Bangalore. Our process includes research, analysis, design and aesthetic advertising to maximize the product’s potential. Test new releases of your product on a smaller target group before taking it to the market. With a specific demographic, popular features and favoured price range, the product becomes ready to be marketed and sold.

Market Positioning

We analyse your market competition and market gaps to introduce your product at the right time in the market. We study the collected data on customer product experience to give timely feedback to the product teams to enhance the product lifecycle

Product Marketing
Product Marketing

Pricing & Positioning

Work together to set product pricing, revenue goals and plan. Accordingly we BrandStory, a Sales and marketing company in Bangalore will choose to optimise the product strategies to increase the sales close rate

Product Marketing

Marketing & Promotional Plan

Develop strategies for messaging and positioning of the product by creating valuable digital & offline assets and implement them on key marketing channels to decrease the cost per acquisition.

Product Marketing
Product Marketing

Customer Response

Maximize the buying process and monitor sales & revenue periodically. We will together listen to customer feedback from various channels and provide customer assistance at the fullest to increase the lifetime value of the customer

Product Marketing

Product Marketing Strategy & Consulting

Create a Go-to-market plan for the product’s launch and promotion. Research on market & competitors to analyse and build a pipeline of qualified leads with BrandStory, a profound product marketing company in Bangalore

Product Marketing

Product Marketing

Product Based Marketing

A step by step process

Product Marketing


Get custom recommendations for Content marketing

Meet your real audience and generate revenue



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Product Marketing

FAQ’S on Product Marketing

What is Product Marketing?

  • Product marketing comprises the plans and strategies to generate demand and use of your product. It defines brand positioning, product messaging and its value proposition. It also involves education of internal and external stakeholders about the product.

Why is Product Marketing important?

What are the benefits of Product Marketing?

What are the tasks in Product marketing?

What are the metrics to measure product marketing?

How can product marketing be done for a new product?

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