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Crafting brand narratives with precision. Define purpose, vision, and mission. Elevate your brand through strategic positioning. Your journey to impactful brand strategy starts here.



Positioning your brand can be a game-changer in achieving success and could be a true differentiator in your business segment.

It possesses the ability to make your brand stand out or potentially break it. If we say that your margins will be determined by your positioning, would you choose to communicate your brand differently and effectively?

What makes us the best brand strategy consultants in Bangalore? Experience of managing over hundreds of brands over the years from concept to scale. We can be your partner in achieving a distinct position in the market and help you come up with your Brand Purpose, Vision & Mission, Brand Archetype and other concepts to level up your brand.

Whether you are launching a new brand from scratch or looking to revamp your existing brand image,  our expertise can make a significant difference.

Got a Brand to Elevate? We’re Here to Help.

Why Choose Brandstory For Your Brand and Positioning Strategy in Bangalore?


Expertise and Experience

At Brandstory, we have refined our branding and brand positioning expertise, all driven by our skills and knowledge. With our several years of experience in the marketing sector, we have successfully helped numerous brands from different industries. Our primary goal has always been to help our clients define, design, and enhance their unique abilities.  We do one thing – Curating unique identity for all types of brands.


Proven Track Record

Our brand strategy agency in Bangalore has consistently delivered effective and impactful strategies for organizations. With a successful track record of business collaborations, we have helped many brands carve out their unique identity in the market, leading to exponential growth and brand recognition. Our notable track record speaks for itself, showcasing a legacy of excellence and achievements in establishing a distinctive brand identity.


Customized, True to your Brand Soul

We believe one Brand Strategy Framework does not fit all. So, we devise a unique approach for every brand/organization. It helps us ensure that you get the complete opportunity to be involved in building your brand. Our team experts meticulously manage all steps while ensuring you get your brand's personalized solution. Our tailored approach aims to foster a collaborative partnership to achieve great outcomes.


In-Depth Market Understanding

Before embarking on any brand positioning journey, our Brandstory team extensively researches various parameters, like industry trends, competitors, consumer behaviors, etc. This helps us uncover exclusive opportunities to position your brand in a new way. With an effective and in-depth understanding of the market, our team develops compelling strategies that establish us as the best brand positioning company in Bangalore.


Brand Strategy Workshops & Ideation

With a mission to empower businesses/brands by providing them with distinct brand identities, Brandstory’s founders run you through a series of workshops to the Brands’s leaederships to dive deep into each brand’s essence. In these Brand Strategy workshop’s we skillfully help you discover your Vision, Mission, brand Purpose and positioning statement. These workshops skillfully transform your brand into an impactful image that resonates and stands out with your target audience.

Strategic Insights for
Competitive Edge

Our Comprehensive Brand and Positioning Services in Bangalore


Brand Strategy Development

A strong & effective brand strategy acts as a crucial link between businesses and their customers. Our brand strategy services are backed up by in-depth research, empowering you to establish a solid foundation for your brand.

Whether it's growth targets, customer engagement, loyalty programs, or product value propositions, our team crafts every aspect of brand strategy with precision to uphold your competitive edge.


Brand Identity Design

Our brand positioning agency in Bangalore specializes in creating appealing designs that help you grab your audience's attention. From logo design to product brochures and from catalogs to corporate presentations, the Brandstory team offers a complete range of branding solutions tailored to your needs.

With our expertise in brand strategy, identity, and design, we collaborate to build brands that extensively stand out from the crowd.



At Brandstory, we totally understand that brands & businesses evolve, and so do their stories. Our rebranding services are purposely created to help your brand adapt and connecting with your target audience. Whether you want help with your logo, or want full brand revamp, we help with all, by creating refreshing looks for your brand.


Brand Strategy

The Brandstory innovative team simplifies the process by collaborating with all stakeholders to build an impactful brand position. Our team is equipped with extensive data from your buyers, competitors, and the virtual market. With this, we help you craft a brand position that is effective and valuable.  Get genuine and impactful brand strategies for your businesses with us.

Better Discussions, Better Decisions

We are for everyone - Startups, SMBs, Enterprises. Connect with us for a conversation.


Brand Naming

Your brand name is not just a name; it’s a legacy you are building on. Our brand marketing company in Bangalore takes pride in its strategic approach and expert team in creating a unique brand name that resonates with your business’s core. Let your brand name exude timelessness and instant recognition. 


Corporate Branding

At Brandstory, we provide full spectrum of corporate branding services to elevate your brand. From conceptualization to implementation, our team works on every aspect of corporate branding services. This way, we build a strong brand foundation that resonates with your audience.


Product Branding

Our brand agency in Bangalore craft strategies with careful attention to detail, that aligns with your brand ethos. We have expertise in creating unique logos and appealing packaging to enhance your product’s visual appeal. This helps you effectively communicate your brand’s unique value proposition. Partner with us to develop impactful product branding. 


Retail Branding

Retail branding strategies are deeply rooted in brand concepts that prioritize cultivating customer loyalty and preference. Our team designs captivating retail branding visuals to reflect your brand effectively. Whether you seek captivating in-store designs or cohesive signage, we guarantee that all branding materials will resonate with the preferences of your customers.

Our Proven Brand and Positioning Strategy Process

Brand Logo

Market Research and Analysis 

We conduct comprehensive market research to gain a better understanding of industry trends, competitor landscape, and consumer behavior. This enables us to identify all market opportunities where your brand can excel. By gaining valuable insights into your target audience, we expertly position your brand for optimal communication within the marketplace.

Catalog Designs

Brand Audit and Assessment

After gaining the market insights about your brand, our team conducts a brand audit and its assessment to provide a thorough examination of your brand’s current positioning. We use a thoughtful analysis method, where we identify the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to do better in the marketplace. The assessment helps us create a unique brand positioning approach for your businesses, aligning with the market trends and consumer expectations.

Social Media Designs

Defining Brand Objectives

While defining the brand objectives, we involve our clients to sketch precise and quantifiable goals. By assessing all the aspects of your brand, we create objectives that serve as the foundation for a purposeful brand strategy. Our brand strategy services in Bangalore focus on crafting unique brand objectives tailored to catalyze overall success & growth.

Graphics for Websites

Strategy Development

By combining market insights, in-depth analysis, and brand audit assessment results, we create strategies that truly resonate with your brand. The strategy is developed on the basis of brand objectives that align with its essence. This helps us lead you towards success in its fiercely competitive landscape.

Advertisement Designs

Positioning and Messaging

In this step, our team works towards aligning your primary messaging with identified market positioning factors. It ensures consistency and resonance with your target audience. This step helps in creating a compelling narrative for your brand that communicates its essence to your audience.

Books or Magazines

Implementation and Execution

With our implementation and execution step, we bring life to the brand strategy we’ve crafted so far. By smoothly merging the design, messaging, and marketing elements, we ensure that every touchpoint of the strategy defines your brand. We take care of everything, from designing captivating assets to impactful communication channels.

Books or Magazines

Monitoring and Adaptation

After the successful implementation step, it’s time to monitor the brand strategy approach and help you adapt to the evolving trends. To always stay on top of the game, we actively seek feedback from the stakeholders, analyze the performance metrics, and stay in tune with the industry shifts. We prioritize consistent evaluation to meet the changing expectations of your audience.

Books or Magazines

Success Measurement

Our team employs data-driven analysis and feedback mechanisms, like Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and benchmarks, to assess the effectiveness of the brand strategy. This iterative process allows our team to refine strategies and address areas for improvement. With the continuous success measurement mechanisms, we ensure that your brand not only meets your goals but also fosters long-term growth in the market.


Your Brand Deserves the Power of Effective Brand Positioning

As a top provider of brand positioning services in Bangalore, we have provided comprehensive branding services to various brands. We work closely with your team to carve out an impactful brand strategy. Our methodology encompasses more than just creating and implementing a strategy. We strive to provide complete support by also focusing on the crucial elements of monitoring and measurement.

Partner with Brandstory Solutions to uncover the full potential of your brand. Contact us today to discuss your business branding requirements.



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Client Testimonials

“We were very much impressed by the user-centric approach that the Brandstory team took up. They not only helped us create our brand logo name, but also helped us develop our own product catalog to sustain in the marketplace. The team delivered the project on time and also provided their support for monitoring and feedback.”


“Last year, we wanted to revamp our branding collaterals completely. We took the help of the Brandstory branding team. Their step-by-step approach is the main game changer in our case. Due to their brand audit phase, we get to know all about our brand and where it stands. This helped us a lot to know about our brand, and eventually, the team also curated the relevant revamp strategy for us. Thank you, Brandstory Solutions”


“I have never met any marketing agency who are so good at their work. Their work process was so smooth that I felt it was just routine work. The team understood everything from our brand’s view point. Their collaborative approach helped us understand everything about our brand and its improvement areas. We are thankful for the whole team for the branding work they did for us.”

Mesin George

Experience actionable strategies. Customizable to fit your goals.




Yes, at Brandstory, our primary goal is to help our clients define, design, and enhance their brand’s unique abilities. We specialize in curating a unique identity for all types of brands.