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Marketing is a puzzle that is solved with unique pieces every time but your brand identity through logo will act as the centre piece of your branding exercise

Logo Makers in Bangalore

Unique Logo Design Company in Bangalore

One works great with advertisements, while others run smooth with one-liners! Over the years, several marketing trends got the hype, were re-modified, repeated,or have changed for the better. But one thing remained constant for every medium to large-scale business - the brand identity through Logo Designs! Standing in a commercially dominating world, we cannot ignore the power of audience communication through a specific icon on behalf of a brand. If we start making examples of such brands, a page might fall short for an explanation.
A impressive Logo Design can make your brand immortal. It leaves a spontaneous impact on your side of the story, keeps the change forever talking in the audiences eye. If you are looking for a design similar to what we said here, you are definitely in the right place. Brandstory is one of the best logo design companies in Bangalore and we will cover your logo and brand identity requirements.



Select a style and kick-start your business game with the best logo design company in Bangalore.

Logo Design is everything that will brighten your brand identity over time.

Best Logo Design Agency in Bangalore

Lettermarks or Monogram Logos

Want the brand initial as the logo? Our genius Logo Designers in Bangalore are capable to create initials that are suitable for a lengthy business name.
Best Logo Design Agency in Bangalore

Logotypes or Wordmarks

Our special service of logotypes decorates a straight design focusing your business name solely. Our Wordmark logo is authentic and gives your brand the weight it needs.
Best Logo Design Agency in Bangalore

Pictorial Marks/ Logo Symbols

Most of the bigger brands prefer having a unique symbol for their brand name. Establish your brand identity with a game-changing icon from our designers!
Logo Design Company in Bangalore

Abstract Designs

If you want to break free and design your brand logo on your terms, we have our full support for you! Through identifiable color and shape, give your brand the meaning it deserves!
Logo Design Company in Bangalore


Do you prefer a cartoonish character to speak for your brand? Consult our talented cartoonists. They create faces out of passion, and the designs benefit you in the very long run. We make our characters speak.
Logo Design Company in Bangalore

Combination Mark

Enhance your branding message and help your customers understand what your business is all about using a combination mark. Integrate a text beside a pattern or a picture, or maybe stack them to keep it talking!
Logo Design Company in Bangalore

The Emblem

Do you want a traditional appearance for your business? Emblems create a striking effect when our designers take part in the process. Keep it classy, and authentic with an emblem as a brand icon!

How will Logo Design improve your business?

It is a wonderful way to express your perception of a business to your audience. It gives your brand the desired identity and communication.

Logo Design Company in Bangalore

Gives Instant Recognition

A well-designed logo will help the audience know you better. In the population of billions, a special design carved on a specific color, with an evergreen font style can create the eye on the tags of your product. With the help of a genuine, interactive logo, your customer will instantly recognize the brand while taking any of your services, from any part of the world.

Logo Design Company in Bangalore

Peak of Professionalism

A descriptive logo tells that you are serious about your business. It portrays a fair side of growth and professionalism among your competitors. And above all, your logo will speak confidence about business. Small business owners need Logo Design to create the brand identity. It can gear up your business game in a short span of time. On the other hand, large businesses need a Logo to stamp their presence in the public eye. It stamps copyright on your services, which we will discuss on the next point.

Logo Design Company in Bangalore
Logo Design Company in Bangalore

Consistent Brand Recall

Your logo will appear everywhere you go. From business cards to website, stationery, products, and advertisements, the logo will remain intact until you decide to remodel the design. Once you create a significant place in the market, customers will look for your brand logo in terms of the originality of the product. This will lead to an increased sale, product superiority, and unique manufacturing in course of time.

Logo Design Services in Bangalore

Differentiation through Design, that Matters!

When you are creating a logo for your business, it means you are serious about it. A lot of companies operate in the industry without a logo and customers question their genuineness before buying their products. This leads to decrease sales and growth of the company. With a creative design, you are narrating the core value of the brand to your customers. It is also psychological because the audience reacts to the color and font you use on the logo.

Logo Design Services in Bangalore
Logo Design Services in Bangalore

Intervene both consious and subconsious

A purpose of a Brand Identity is to capture the audience attraction by the combination of it's color, shape, fonts and image. Iconic Logo Design and Brand Identities of the free world always intervened both consious and subconsious of a prospect customer. A great logo design is a first step towards greatness of a brand. We shall help you get that right!

Logo Design Services in Bangalore

Logo Design Process

The process of logo design is the amalgamation of a number of complex tasks for a simple output. Being the best logo design agency in Bangalore, our team goes through a lot of research and hard work to bring your vision to life. Here is how we turn a rough sketch into a colorful digital design.

Creative Brief

We start off by knowing the client’s perspective through a brief. We analyze the requirement and simplify the vision from an audience perspective before proceeding further.


Through colors, patterns, and illustrations, we provide our clients an idea of how their design will shape into their brand logo.


Once you approve everything on the previous step, we proceed with digital creation. Your design gets meaning, trademark, and domain name during this process.


Now we sneak into the minute detailing of your brand logo. Our team consults the client whether they like the design or not.


Once you approve of any change, our experts research the recent trends of the market. For example, we will let you choose from designs that are on- trend in the market after our in-depth research.


You get a final sketch of the logo after implementing the changes.


We present you with the final digital design of the Logo.


The moment everything looks good and clean, we deliver the final product to you.

Logo Design Services in Bangalore

Get started with us

Why choose Brandstory Logo Designers for your Logo Design

Logo Design Services in Bangalore

We are creative in our way

If there is one inbred trait for logo designers that is creativity. The Brandstory Logo Designers are creative with uncompromised authenticity.Our designers look at things in a better way – with a strong imagination. What matters the most to our creators is keeping the design simple. Hence, every design from our house is bound to catch the eye.

Logo Design Services in Bangalore

Better Portfolio

When you work with the prestigious logo design company in Bangalore, you get to understand how they imagine a simple idea to be. A simple way to explore their vision is by investigating their portfolio. Our logo designers have a considerable amount of time to display their work. The portfolio of our logo designers not only highlights their interests and work, but you will also get a fair idea of our work style and preferences.

Logo Makers in Bangalore
Logo Makers in Bangalore

Extraordinary Logo at exceptional value

We are design professionals who offer sleek designs at value pricing. We have dealt from start-ups to enterprises with their visual identity creation and their design language transformation.

Logo Makers in Bangalore

Fixed Project Timeline

The deadline varies because the demand for the project is never the same. We maintain clarity before accepting the project. Our team conveys to you the exact time required to complete your logo. This way, you can settle with other important factors of your business while we finish designing the logo for you.

Logo Makers in Bangalore
Logo Makers in Bangalore

Working with a better team

Designing a logo is usually a lengthy process. Therefore, we provide our best support and communicate with our clients throughout. We believe that with better understanding and communication, we can generate innovative ideas keeping the preferences intact.

Logo Makers in Bangalore

How We are Different from Other Logo Design Companies in Bangalore

Working for years in the industry, we have shaped ourselves with some unique features. We can shorten the thousands of good words of your company into a sharp design and that will work wonders for you! Here are few lookouts that contribute to our uniqueness.

1. Fitting the Industry

Designing a logo is usually a lengthy process.Therefore, we provide our best support and communicate with our clients throughout. We believe that with better understanding and communication, we can generate innovative ideas keeping the preferences intact.

2. The Right Shape

Designing a Brand Logo is all about communicating visually. At Brandstory, we know exactly what catches the audiences eye. With the help of unique images, shapes, and patterns, we pour the emotion on the Logo itself.

3. The right color tone

We have a plethora of colors in the palette for a reason. A law firm will never prefer the same logo as that of a hiking company. We pick the right color based on services, industry, & your perspective. Whether you want a humorous logo design or a traditional one, our years of experience will take you to the right matches according to your taste.

4. Style Typing

Font styles set the mood. It influences one to think and assume about the brand before they directly land to the services. We keep options in typography because a creative cursive font will never create the same heavy impression that a bold letter font can create. Don’t believe it? Hear what our clients have to say.

Top Logo Design Company in Bangalore, India

1. Custom Brand Logo Design

At Brandstory, we believe that a logo should be just as unique as your business. Logo designing for unique brands is perfectly designed based on your organization's specifications and uniqueness. Our dedication to quality detailed designs and logos embodies the spirit of your organization and stays within people's memories.

2. Education Logo Design

A remarkable logo also plays an integral part in education nowadays, as students get distracted easily by other companies. Our logos for educational institutions are assured to make you drop jaws with just a perfect balance of professionalism and imagination. Education is essential, and our logo is the best symbol that depicts your institute’s principles, which makes it easy for you to create stronger connections with students, their parents, and other stakeholders.

3. Healthcare Logo Design

Trust and credibility are very crucial in this line of duty. To ensure that our healthcare logos are indicative of this quality, we’ve carefully considered it. We have experience in creating trustworthy logos depicting your care for your patients’ health and helping people recognize your healthcare practice at once.

4. Technology Logo Design

Good logo creation is paramount to leaving an enduring mark in a digital economy that is competitive today. These trending technological logos are modern but also comply with the existing market requirements. The main objective is to come up with a logo that represents your technological genius in keeping your organization ahead of its competitors.

5. Retail Logo Design

In retail, it’s all about visuals, and having a professionally designed logo will go a long way toward helping your customers recognize you as well as become loyal to you. We have two very attractive and functional conceptualized logos for the store. We create logos that excite people about your company and set you apart as a player in the retail space.

6. Style Typing

The design of a logo meant for real estate should depict dependability and the capacity to direct. These principles underpin our logo designs in real estate. Our logos are designed with visuals indicating that your property company can be trusted, has professionalism, and understands the industry.



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10 Days

  • Duration: 10 days
  • 2 Logo Ideas
  • 2 revisions on the concept
  • Project Files (Ai)
  • Logo Files: PNG
  • Any 1 social media coverage
  • Letterhead Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Future Support


20 Days

  • Duration: 20 Days
  • 3 Logo Ideas
  • 3 revisions on the concept
  • Project Files (Ai)
  • Logo Files: PNG
  • Any 1 social media coverage
  • Letterhead Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Future Support


As in required

  • Duration: As in required
  • 4 Logo Ideas
  • 4 revisions on the concept
  • Project Files (Ai, svg, eps)
  • Logo Files: PNG, JPG
  • Any 2 social media coverage
  • Letterhead Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Future Support

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