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Have you ever imagined a digital experience that seamlessly integrates all aspects of your enterprise? Very Few Enterprise Web Application Development Companies in Bangalore can specialize in transforming your visions into a reality. With our expertise, you can build highly scalable and high-performance apps for your business. Our team is dedicated to crafting customized solutions that meet your business needs. With a focus on professionalism and expertise, we ensure that our tailor-made solutions address the unique requirements of your business.

Embark on a transformative journey with us as we redefine your web-based applications, helping you stay ahead in today's competitive landscape. Revolutionize your digital experience with tailored solutions that will elevate your enterprise.

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Our Services & Solutions


Enterprise Web Application Development

Brandstory, as the most reliable enterprise web development company in Bangalore, comes up with solutions to help businesses that are complex in nature and require integration of all existing applications within one platform while ensuring full security. Our team is adept in developing web solutions for enterprise application development, integration services, enterprise portal development, cloud applications, and more.


Custom UI/UX Design

We provide our customers with intuitive user- experience in every micro and macro detail of the designs. Our team of experts delivers high-performance, scalable, responsive, and user-friendly solutions for all platforms. We recognize that businesses must tailor their designs according to their unique needs and requirements. Therefore, we offer expertise in custom web design services, mobile UI design, and more.


Cross-Platform Enterprise App Development

Brandstory builds premium quality, scalable, and interactive enterprise applications that offer seamless one-code-fits-all features to run on various platforms. Our expert team provides a wide range of services catered to enterprises, including on-demand custom cross-platform application development, upgradation services, and web and mobile application solutions. With our firm commitment to excellence, we ensure that our clients receive customized and efficient solutions to meet their unique business needs.


UI/UX Consulting Services

Our company has several years of experience providing enterprises with UI/UX consulting services. The services include all development activities for app development. Brandstory UI/UX professionals work by focusing on the needs of the end-users, making it a vital part of the entire development process. Our consulting services help our clients to develop a robust and scalable user experience that maximizes their ROI.

Experience the difference of our UI/UX consulting services and unlock the full potential of your application.


Application Support & Maintenance Service

Our services do not end at the app development stage; it goes beyond that. We ensure the application remains future-oriented and functional by executing regular updates & enhancements. Brandstory enterprise web app services in Bangalore include all types of support services at different levels of the development process. Our experts stay updated with the recent technologies and operating procedures, which helps us provide the relevant support for your app.


Enterprise App Strategy & Design Service

Development and planning are vital in ensuring the software remains scalable and performs well on the Internet. Our team helps you understand all the aspects and bridge the gap between your business strategy & the implementation of your web-based application. We assist you in drawing up an actionable roadmap for an efficient enterprise system, data, and information architecture.

Why Choose Us For Your Next Enterprise App Development Project?


Full Stack Development Proficiency

We are an enterprise web application development company in Bangalore specializing in various software services. Our team provides extensive software implementation and portal development services using React and Angular frameworks.


Enterprise App Prototyping

The enterprise app prototyping is vital in facilitating the development of interactive and intuitive user experiences. Our team takes the first step by creating a prototype of the app, which empowers efficient budget planning and prioritization of crucial features. This ensures a seamless user experience & allows for effective decision-making.


Handles Complete IT Stack

From architecture design to seamless integration, we guarantee the development of robust enterprise apps with the help of a recent technology stack. You can rely on us to manage the complexities of your IT infrastructure effectively, empowering your enterprise for efficient and innovative API development. Elevate your digital capabilities with our extensive expertise in IT stack solutions.


Complete Support & Maintenance

Our team's efforts extend beyond deploying the enterprise web app; we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and maintenance services. Our aim is to guarantee that your apps are in optimal condition for seamless scalability.

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Competitive Edge

Know Our Key Differentiators

Cost-Effective Enterprise Solutions

Our team provides cost-effective web application development services without compromising quality and performance. This makes us the ideal partner for businesses seeking to maximize their Return on Investment.

Robust Technical Expertise

Brandstory enterprise web application development team in Bangalore is equipped with highly skilled developers and experts. Our team leverages its extensive technical knowledge to assist you in building robust and cutting-edge enterprise applications. With our unparalleled expertise, you can rest assured that your project will be delivered with scalability and a premium standard.

Access to All Recent Technologies

In today’s rapidly changing modern world, it is essential to keep yourselves updated with all recent technical advancements. At Brandstory, our team always stays updated about such technologies, which can be used further for building exceptional enterprise apps.

Responsive Communication

At Brandstory, we uphold a strong commitment to transparent communication with our clients. This ensures that our customers have a clear understanding of the current stage of the development process and the team's progress moving forward. Moreover, this helps us to foster a healthy relationship with our customers.

Learn How Enterprise Apps are Revolutinising Businesses

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Cross-platform Capability

Web applications are far more compatible across platforms than traditional installed software. Whether you prefer Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer, the cross-platform apps can be accessible from any web browser.

Catalog Designs

High in Deployability

Due to cross-platform support, deploying web applications for any platform is easy. The web-based applications are perfect for work environments with limited bandwidth, and the system is remote to the user.

Social Media Designs

Reduce the Need for Extra Costs

Large and complex systems carry more data and have separate systems and data systems. In the case of web-based apps, it can be consolidated into one. Thus, reducing the need for different systems.

Graphics for Websites

More Secure Data

Web-based applications provide an extra layer of security by removing access to data and backend servers. Our enterprise web app services in Bangalore prioritize encryption and authentication, guaranteeing a secure environment for real-time data interactions.

Advertisement Designs

More Manageable

Web application systems do not need any extra system installed. It can be installed on one server, placing minimal requirements on the end-user workstation.



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Client Testimonials

“Brandstory's enterprise web development solutions have greatly improved the efficiency and security of our business. Integrating all our existing applications onto one platform has simplified our operations and saved us significant time. Their team is highly skilled & knowledgeable in their field, and they deliver top-notch results.”

Satendra T

CEO of TDF Enterprises

“As a complex business with various applications that needed to be integrated into one platform, we turned to Brandstory enterprise web development agency in Bangalore for their expertise in web development. They truly delivered on their promise of providing secure solutions while ensuring a seamless integration of our existing applications. Their team's proficiency in enterprise portal development and cloud applications was exceptional.”

Tarakchand Singhania

CEO of TT Corporation

“Brandstory's enterprise portal development expertise has made our internal communication and collaboration seamless. Their solutions have improved efficiency and productivity within our organization. We highly recommend their services for any enterprise looking to streamline their processes.”

Mahendra S

Operations Manager at Ottict Ltd.

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Brandstory enterprise Web Application Development company offers UI/UX consulting services that help develop robust and scalable user experiences. Our services aim to maximize the return on investment for businesses.