What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Driving traffic to your website is an integral part of a successful marketing strategy. However, developing interest alone is never enough, these website visitors need to generate profits too. This is where Brandstory can help you with conversion rate optimization.

By systemizing and testing the various elements of your website - the design or CTA buttons for instance - CRO services suggest ways to increase the percentage of website visitors who turn into customers or leads. Depending on your website’s or brand’s goal and image, CRO services define achievable SEO goals for you.

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What BrandStory Can Offer You As A CRO Provider

Opting to not get CRO services for your website means you miss out on the best opportunity to gather data about your website and its visitors, implement the ways to maximise the conversion rates and reach the maximum potential the website can. The following are a few other benefits that you can reap from investing in CRO services:

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Chances at making data-driven decisions

Simply generating traffic is not going to make a difference to the profits raked in by your website. To make sure that you implement steps that utilise your website’s full potential, A/B testing, analysis of heat maps, and user behaviour assessment allow you to better understand how your target audience behaves.

They also give you a chance to identify how certain website elements can be optimised to increase the month-over-month (MoM) revenue without overspending.

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Outpacing competition

Conversion traffic works wonders at maximising your marketing efforts. Working simultaneously with your SEO best practises, more organic traffic, leads, and website conversions come every day.

By doing so, the interest of your visitors is maintained and it reduces the bounce rates that your website sees. With the help of a CRO service that is result-oriented, your website can improve the return on marketing investment as well as beat out the major competitors in the niche.

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Developing customer-centric mindset

While developing a website, making it search engine-friendly is critical to finding success. At the same time, satisfying online users is also a key factor. When a user visits a website and leaves the page following a subpar experience, they are less likely to return.

Once this happens frequently, the search engines fail to rank your page as high as they did previously. Fortunately, our CRO services prioritise user experience and determine existing user pain points. They also identify potential site problems, to find the middle ground where both search engines and customers are satisfied.

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Conversion Rates

To put it simply, conversion rates are one of the most crucial elements in your online marketing strategy. It tells you how much you need to invest in SEO or PPC services and also determines the effectiveness of such practises. It is the metric by which you can measure how much of your website’s visitors generate profit for you and stop seeking out the services of your competitors.

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Generate Revenue

With BrandStory’s conversion rate services as a part of your marketing strategy, there is no better way to generate revenue from your website. With a policy of 100% transparency in our services, we show you the exact journey of your resources, right from investment to the reaping of the benefits from the CRO.

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A result-oriented CRO service like BrandStory can also guide you on how to make your website more attractive and easily navigable to the users. For your website visitors to take the actions that you desire, our CRO service helps like no other.



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Conversions can mean different things for different websites. Depending on your website’s end goals, it can be anything from getting visitors to sign up for newsletters to social media shares or even clicking Call To Action buttons.

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