BrandStory’s SEO strategy makes lead generation increase by 15% for a management consulting firm
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SEO Solutions to Management Consulting Firm

Our client is one among the largest management consulting companies in India. But, until they met us, they didn’t have a very well established online presence. With our expert SEO services, they were finally able to achieve their digital targets!


The management consulting industry is one of the largest growing industries with a variety of keywords to target! There are a lot of keywords that you can target and rank for, but, the most important are the relevant ones. Ranking for irrelevant keywords won’t help in generating quality leads.

The company was also struggling with the following problems:

- Current rankings were for irrelevant keywords of low-competition longtail keywords in nature


Our very first approach was to find out why they were struggling to rank for the relevant keywords. We did a site audit and analyzed the last one year data from Google Analytics, and we found out that a lot of keywords they were targeting were not quite competitive.

And for the rest of sparingly related keywords did not have a convincing conversion rate.

Here are the things we did to combat the challenges:

  • - We worked on the Domain and Page Authority of the site, so it could easily rank for the competitive keywords they were targeting
  • - With an efficient link building strategy, we were able to get quality backlinks from authoritative sites
  • - Created some quality content and targeted few keywords with low-competition at first
  • - With the help of our UI/UX team, we created a scalable UX with some changes in design to increase the client lead generation from the keywords they were already ranking for
  • - We created an efficient on-page and technical-SEO strategy and followed it throughout our campaign


Within few months, we helped the client’s website to rank on Google for some of the highly-competitive keywords. We were able to increase their Domain and Page Authority with our SEO strategy.

Currently, our client is ranking on the first page of Google for more than 100 keywords.

Lead generation increased by 15%. Surge of 40% noticed in monthly traffic to the website.


Our SEO campaign led to significant growth in organic traffic and SERPs ranking. We were able to impact the client's business in the following ways:

  • - The site ranks on the first page of Google Search Engine for more than 100+ keywords
  • - Organic traffic hits lifetime highest record of 3000 visitors month on month to website
  • - More than 300+ keywords are tracked on Google search results every month in terms of promotion and tracking out of which 100 keywords rank on page 1
BrandStory is an Integrated Digital & Marketing Solution Agency in Bangalore, India.

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We are a Design and Digital Marketing Agency in India providing design, development and digital solutions for over 400+ clients across the globe.
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Lead generation increased by 15% for a management consulting firm by BrandStory

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The experience of working with BrandStory, was a wonderful one. They have a passionate, responsible and competent team, very thoughtful and hardworking, and always reliable in delivering the results. We treat each other as business partners, rather than just clients.

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Jia Zhang
Country Manager(China)
Astreem Consulting Pte Ltd

BrandStory has been a very trusted and reliable partner for Vymo. It is very tough to fully absorb a client’s design preferences, tune your style to it and consistently deliver expectations. BrandStory has managed to do it for Vymo for over an year now. Their work ethos and enthusiasm for Vymo’s success make us feel like they are part of our own team. Thank you BrandStory!

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Yamini Bhat

The team at BrandStory is extremely understanding of customer requirements, accepting of changes that are asked. It is difficult to find a mature organisation that has all of these together and I am happy to have found BrandStory. Their social media marketing plan was expansive and had great target ideas and well executed. Overall, I would highly recommend the team at BrandStory.

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Ramya Rajendiran
Curriculum Director
Springdays (CBSE) International School