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App Growth and ASO - The Relation that Matters

It is estimated that there are over 6 million apps in all the app stores combined. It is tough for app developers to outshine the existing apps and present their appeal to their target audience. This is where App Store Optimization comes in to save the day!

Simply put, ASO can assist your app rank top in an app store search results. This also simultaneously leads to higher app conversion rates. With ASO, you can achieve great success and reap fruitful revenues, just in a small period of time!

Visibility and Organic Audience

An organic audience is vital to boost the recognition of a product, and the same applies to the visibility of an app. By implementing proper ASO techniques, we enhance your app’s performance in the app store and boost continuous growth!

Catchy Features and Increased Conversion Rates

Showcasing an attractive front becomes possible by curating a catchy App Icon, Title, and Ratings. It gets your app perform better in the competition due to heightened visual appeal, and hikes up the conversion rates.

Our team at X offers a wide range of services relating to ASO. To know more about our amazing ASO services, get in touch with us today!

Why Choose Brandstory for ASO Services in Bangalore?

At Brandstory, we have a team of talented experts who focus on App Store Optimization and related services. By pitching detailed project plans, our expert team helps to increase traffic and visibility!

1. Employing the Best ASO Tools
There is a great deal of ASO tools available in the market, and our team at Brandstory researches and picks only the best tools to enhance the performance of your apps. By utilizing these tools, we facilitate your app to advance in the competition!

2. Enthusiastic Team and Excellent Results
Hand-picked experts and specialists lead our ASO team - our professionals have several years of experience in this field. Our team prides itself on delivering excellent results in each project they undertake!

3. Supercharge your ROIs
ASO also includes Conversion Rate Optimization - once your app is streamlined in the App Store and Play Store, it will garner more attention. This leads to more organic downloads of your application and more customers, which automatically leads to higher ROIs.

4. Periodic Reports and Briefings
As our valued client, you will be updated with regular performance reports on the developments in the project. Also, these reports assist us in keeping a track of our operations and implementing improvements wherever needed.

App Store Optimization Process at Brandstory

We, at Brandstory offer a wide range of SEO and ASO services that include:

1. Keyword Targeting

Incorporating the right keyword in your app descriptions is consequential - aiming for the heaviest keywords help in boosting traffic to your application. We employ the appropriate tools to get ahold of the proper keywords - this allows your app to stay on top of its game!

2. Increasing Visibility

By using the right techniques, we work on improving your app’s visibility in the app store. The more your app moves up the search list, the more audience it reaches.

3. Organizing Reviews and Ratings

Ratings boost the user value of an app - when the target audience sees that your app has good reviews, they will trust it more. With our service, get more positive reviews that will increase the inflow of traffic!

4. Enhancing App Descriptions and Icons

When your target audiences glimpse your app in any of the app stores, it is rather a very brief look. So, first impressions matter - a catchy Icon and a good App Title can do wonders for your ROIs!



1. Is ASO the same SEO?

No, it is not! Although both of these optimization services focus on improving traffic on your service, ASO is about promoting your app’s exposure in the app stores whereas SEO concentrates on your website.

2. How do Keywords affect ASO?

Keywords help your application pop up at the top of the search list and are an important element of ASO.

3. What are the core elements of ASO?

The optimization elements in ASO include App Title, Keyword fields, Updates, Short description, Ratings and Reviews, and Downloads.

4. Should I invest in ASO services?

Absolutely yes! This can be a great boost to your business and play a major role in improving your return rates.

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