Reach your sales target faster with precision with Account Based Marketing

Accelerate time to sell by identifying exact accounts you want to connect with.

Account Based Marketing

Set the right foundation with finest
Account Based Marketing agency in Bangalore, India

Align your sales and marketing teams for growth. Grow your revenue from key accounts with BrandStory’s Account Based Marketing approach. Plan, Build, Test, Measure, Optimize, Scale with us. Show your teams exactly where to focus for maximum engagement, pipeline and retention with easy-to-use insights on target accounts and people.

Identify your target accounts

Set a goal. Connect with us to identify the right set of target audience based on your servicable market based on your target account’s location, size, and decision makers. As an ABM Company in Bangalore, India we help you identify the precise TG

Account Based Marketing
Account Based Marketing

Streamline decision makers

Identify the right stakeholders of interest and in capacity of decision making for your service. As an Account Based Marketing company we will help you identify the right intent and tailor the right messaging and collaterals to help you strike a conversation with them.

Account Based Marketing

Engage with stakeholders

Move the needle at every step. With BrandStory, one of the best Account Based Marketing company in Bangalore, will help deliver a truly personalized experience to your target audience, by customizing message flows. This helps your target account connect better with your service on a direct and 1 on 1 basis.

Account Based Marketing
Account Based Marketing

Optimise touch points & messaging

With continuous and relevant message flows, at every touch point, BrandStory helps sales and marketing teams to maximize the quality of conversations with their target account stakeholders.

Account Based Marketing

Measure success of Account Based Marketing

With BrandStory, one of the best Account Based Marketing companies in Bangalore, use our real-time reporting and know exactly how your ABM efforts are contributing to your bottom line, allowing for continuous improvement.

Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

A step by step process

Account Based Marketing


Get custom recommendations for Account based marketing

Meet your real audience and generate revenue results



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Account Based Marketing is the most effective and yields quick results

Account Based Marketing


Why B2B businesses should consider ABM?

  • ABM is very effective for all B2B firms that sell out to key accounts and that are of a particular size for a certain period of period- value of products or services.

What are the benefits of ABM?

How to do ABM?

When to create an ABM plan?

Why to measure ABM Success?

How to find the best Account Based Marketing Companies in Bangalore?

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