Your Digital Brand Experience

We ensure that we build experiences for customers and users knowing the importance a brand can play in creating that experience.

By creating such brand, you are able to interact with people and align their values with yours.

Bangalore’s Best UI/UX Design Company

Through our research our highly passionate UI/UX team based in Bangalore, India ensures an amazing end-user experience.

By research, we get a better understanding of your customers and users.

We analyze the information collected and combine it with our UI/UX industry knowledge.

We get the most of your brand by aligning audience goals with organizational goals.

We ensure that your users have the most efficient user journeys.

Our UI/UX team make sure that every site that we create stands apart and helps our clients to win huge customer access and gain customer delight through their digital asset.

Our User Interface and User Experience always match your business objectives to help you to do what you do at best.


We helped one of our B2B Client to have a beautiful yet effective UI/UX designed for their mobility tool, which was a success that delighted both our customer and their customer.

We Worked together with the product development team to make sure every product feature is listed and effectively placed in the UI/UX Design planogram.

We continuously worked with the team during their customer engagement and helped them to design UI/UX as per their client requirements and helped them deploy the product smoothly.

Now the Product is a massive success and our client launched the tool around 40 Countries by the time the article is written.

Why Choose Brandstory For UI UX Design Services in Bangalore?

Client Focused Solutions

Brandstory's integrated UI/UX design services are strategically focused on maximizing ROI for our clients and optimizing user interactions by seamlessly integrating business requirements and design elements. Our goal is to enhance user experiences and drive tangible results for our clients.

Top-notch Designs

Our custom-made solutions are meticulously crafted to accommodate various tech plug-ins, adaptations, and risk mitigations. Our strategic approach to UI/UX design services ensures the creation of expansive and user-friendly interfaces that meet the needs of our clients.

Expertise in Designs

With the utilization of widely accepted industry techniques, Brandstory excels in crafting design solutions. We seamlessly blend user-friendly design with custom-tailored functionality, catering to the specific tasks users aim to accomplish.

Agile UX/UI Design

Our Agile UX design services and development methodology are carefully curated to deliver exceptional user experiences. Our clients can reap the advantages of our expert designs for their business.



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UI UX Design Company in Bangalore

Types of UI/UX Services

Android UI/UX

Enhance your user interface with our constraint layout to ensure responsiveness. Our team creates an efficient navigation system for a seamless user experience. We skillfully design notification windows for enhanced user engagement.

Ecommerce UI/UX

By leveraging our design expertise, you can enhance the online shopping experience of your ecommerce website. Through clear navigation and seamless transactions, we help you drive more conversions. Our aim is to optimize the overall user journey and enhance an effective shopping process.

Web UI/UX Design

In creating intuitive and visually appealing website interfaces, we place a strong emphasis on responsive design and cross-browser compatibility, ensuring that your users' needs are met. Our client-centric approach is at the core of our process, delivering effective designs tailored to your specific requirements.

Dashboard and Analytics Design

We craft intuitive and visually engaging dashboards for data visualization and analytics that ensure the easy comprehension of complex information. It involves careful attention to detail, strategic use of visual elements, and a keen understanding of user behavior. Our goal is to empower our clients with data-driven insights through well-designed dashboards.

IOS UI/UX Design

Our team specializes in developing intuitive and robust apps meticulously designed with pixel-perfect precision. Our design process utilizes tools such as Sketch Constraints and Xcode to ensure adaptability across different screen sizes. Adhering to the architecture and principles of HIG for iOS, our designs are structured to deliver a seamless user experience.

How We Are Different From Other UI UX Agencies in Bangalore

Transparent & Collaborative Team

We guarantee full visibility of the entire design project and maintain open lines of communication from the outset. Our team is readily available, ensuring that you are always informed about the status of your project through consistent updates.

On-time Project Delivery

Utilizing agile methodology, we ensure on-time delivery of your design project while prioritizing transparency. Our streamlined delivery and cost-effective engagements are meticulously crafted to align with your specific goals, timeline, and budget, offering a tailored approach to meet your needs.

Results-Oriented Solutions

We empower brands to comprehend the pivotal role of digital solutions in seizing strategic opportunities and addressing tangible business challenges. This is achieved through our unwavering focus on the customers' experiences and the tangible results derived.

UI Testing Approach

Brandstory, a leading UI/UX development company, specializes in creating relevant codes that are compatible with our clients' preferred platforms. Our focus is on enhancing business possibilities through innovative design and development.

Benefits Of Hiring Our UI UX Designers in Bangalore

Flexible Design Solutions

Our team of designers demonstrates proficiency in tailoring their skills and methodologies to match your project's distinctive requirements precisely. This ensures adaptability and a customizable design journey.

In-depth Industry Experience

With a wealth of industry experience, our UI/UX designers bring valuable knowledge and insights to the forefront. This expertise allows us to integrate best practices, and produce designs that conform to industry standards.

Full-fledged Design Services

Our comprehensive services encompass the entire design lifecycle, from conducting user research and creating wireframes to delivering the final UI/UX design and conducting usability testing. We provide an all-in-one solution for your design requirements, guaranteeing uniformity.

Usage of Cutting Edge Technology

Our UI/UX designers utilize the most advanced tools and technologies to craft visually stunning and technologically advanced designs. These designs are not only equipped with the latest resources but are also future-proof.

iOS App UI / UX

We craft intuitive, robust apps, with Pixel perfect designs. While designing, we use tools like Sketch Constraints or Xcode to create adaptive designs across the various screen size. Our designs follow the architecture and principles of HIG for iOS. Using powerful capabilities of Apple platform, we build apps that work seamlessly.

Our Best practices for Interaction and Engagement:

  • UX is the sum of all things
  • Designed at the 1X resolution and Vector for absolute and no-loss clarity
  • Intuitive Signifiers
  • Design Finger-Friendly Touch Targets
  • Practice one primary action per screen
  • Non-intrusive custom Interfaces

Android App UI / UX

Our Goal for a great design and experience is to allow for a unified experience across platforms and device sizes. That is why our Apps are built with Adaptive UI, recommended by Google. With so many screen sizes and devices, maintaining uniformity throughout is crucial. Android mobile applications Dre developed at our studio, to reassure users a great experience, high performance, and quality of the build.

Our Best practices for Interaction and Engagement:

  • Build a Responsive UI with Constraint Layout
  • Designing Effective Navigation System
  • Devising well-designed notification windows outside App’s UI
  • Swiping is the New tapping
  • Do it all from One Place – FAB system of action
  • Make Contents searchable within the App
  • Optimizing your content to be searchable by Google

Hybrid App UI / UX

This approach combines the Best of both the worlds for businesses who intend to build apps that are constantly evolving, and changing. Most often the approach is deployed to develop MVPs at early stages. While the Hybrid Mobile Apps fall in the middle of the spectrum, they are a good choice for Apps that need to be developed within constrained time and budget.

Some popular web-based hybrid app frameworks that we use

  • PhoneGap/Apache Cordova
  • Ionic framework
  • Sencha Touch 2


We emphasise on transparent approach for every design project. This ensures that you stay on loop of the steps used in the design process. You can track the progress in our routine meetings, which we conduct for tracking the design process.

UI / UX Design Company Bangalore

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