We are not the regular Story tellers of your Brand

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What makes a brand?

It’s story - the narrative that is unique to it.

But we are not the regular Story tellers of your Brand.

You heard it right. At BrandStory we do not get carried away with the idea of just stories. Implementation and the aftermath (literally the after-math i.e Analytics) matters a lot here.

BrandStory is a creative agency that recreates a brand by identifying its story and crafting a suitable narrative. In today’s day and age, where established brands have a plethora of brick-and-mortar stores as well as a dominant online presence, other brands also need coherent branding and narrative building initiatives to exhibit the different sides of their personas. There are intriguing stories to be discussed at every touchpoint and we’re here to articulate these narratives!

What makes us the storytellers that we are?

Storytelling is an art designed to appear at the right time in the right place. The right story hits home! To ensure every story has an impact on its intended audience, our framework is simple. We first determine our larger potential, the different services that we shall look into for considering all the varied places a user connects with a brand. Our partners and collaborators, who are from diverse creative and business backgrounds, help us create compelling stories and take business-driven decisions for the brand. From brand strategists to visual artists, we love to confer a unique character to companies, people, or ideas. At BrandStory, we have come together due to our passion for stories and how they are intertwined with brands.

All speak and no show? Stories take life with our services. Digital Marketing, UI/UX, Design, Website Design and Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the core services we offer.

Digital Marketing

Brands are no more the portrayal they show on a television commercial or a billboard; they are now about what they ‘speak, feel and look like’ every time you connect. Digital marketing essentially encompasses the different touchpoints of a brand in a digital space - from search engines, website, social media to emails, mobile applications, etc. At BrandStory, we believe in pushing the limits through organic community-building for a brand by telling stories in different mediums and varied touchpoints.


It is essential for brands to understand their audiences well. User experience (UX) research is all about understanding the user at every step of their journey, from gaining awareness about the brand to using the interface and following through with the call to action. User experience, research aids the different decisions that a brand needs to take. The user interface (UI) design is based on UX research and helps in determining how the user will navigate various web interfaces and the kind of story or narrative that is going to reach them at each point. From a holistic view of the brand, we work on the navigation approach while wireframing every single point of interaction as well as further prototyping and testing it!


The World Wide Web is a densely packed space today. Your brand needs to outshine all the digital clutter. Brand presence in diverse relevant mediums is essential and it all starts with a website. A potential consumer should feel inspired by and drawn to the story on the brand website before they become a consumer of your service or product. All narratives and stories scattered around different touchpoints. Including social media should only intrigue and your website is where it should fill all the missing parts of the puzzle. From the web copy to the graphical expression, development, and functional aspects - each needs to be designed for your target consumer and should tell them a story that brings them back!


As contemporary storytellers, we are equipped with more than our flair for words and images - we understand algorithms as well. The trends in search engine optimization (SEO) are constantly evolving today - from voice search to machine learning and personalization of sources for audiences. SEO also helps in determining how audiences behave as well as what they want and seek. Creating brand awareness or securing better rankings on a search engine is no longer about flooding your digital spaces with hashtags, keywords, and building links. Improvements in artificial intelligence have made it crucial for stories to be compelling and well-rooted.


Social media channels began as promotion and connection platforms but today they have become the storytelling mediums. Brands reveal their different aspects of social media platforms, forming communities of their own with large groups of like-minded people. Storytelling over social media channels is essentially all about consistent storytelling from a brand’s authentic voice. People today get to see beyond the facades, the glam, and glory. They see what happens behind the scenes, they question the actions of a brand and the intent too. Authentic brand stories make a difference and we’re here to write them for you.


Smartphones with their revolutionary visual concepts are creating narratives in their ecosystems. Brands have become a part of this ecosystem in many ways - whether it is through social media, brand apps, or other interactions. Storytelling through mobile marketing is an imperative part of the brand experience since this is where consumers spend most of their time today and they want to be constantly engaged. Content is going ahead by leaps and bounds, and personal curation is at its peak now - and it all runs on brand stories. The time for pushing your brand through explicit advertisement is over - today it is about the story you are trying to tell the world.

We are BrandStory. Get in touch with us at info@brandstory.in to create a pleasant experience for your audience and a great success for your business.

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