Drone Photography in Bangalore

Since we started using, designing, and flying our very own drones over the past 7+ years, our drone photography in Bangalore service is now available at a relatively affordable package. However, the affordability and accessibility of digital SLR cameras from the early 2000s don't mean that owning a drone camera will make everyone an expert drone photographer.

Being in the drone photography business for 7+ years, Brandstory knows how to use drone technology to capture art-worthy aerial photographs for personal as well as commercial projects. If your site is way too large for normal commercial photography, our drone photography services have got you covered. We combine our years of experience in aerial drone photography and the latest state-of-the-art drone technology to capture unique and captivating images from up to 400 feet in the air.

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Drone Aerial Photography Services in Bangalore

360° Spherical Aerial Panoramas

As the leading company for drone photography in Bangalore, we deliver the most striking aerial panoramas by capturing imagery with our drone that covers all directions. We then stitch these images together and even annotate them with information to highlight important details visible in the landscape.

360° spherical aerial panoramas can be added to your website as a great interactive tool to show how your site is positioned within the surrounding landscape or highlight the important points of interest near your site.

Ultra High-Resolution Aerial Photographs

Using a similar method of image stitching, we can also produce ultra-high-resolution aerial photographs. We capture various 24-megapixel images and stitch them together to create a resulting image having a much higher resolution than a single image.

Ultra-high-resolution aerial photographs will allow you to make massive prints. You can also create online images with ultra-high-resolution aerial photographs where you can pan and zoom in on any part in high-resolution detail.

Plan-View Mosaic Aerial Photographs

With the use of image stitching, we can also create plan-view mosaic images to capture images that can't be captured in a single image. We will program our drone to fly over several waypoints and capture plan-view photographs at each and stitch them together to create huge 2D plan-view maps.

Potential benefits of using this type of plan-view mosaic aerial photograph include capturing and highlighting lands for sale, presenting the development of a large-scale construction site, or capturing up-to-date masterplan photographs.

3D Modelling / Aerial Photogrammetry

Our aerial photography services also include aerial photogrammetry or 3D modeling solutions. We can create 3D models of landscapes and buildings using drone aerial photographs. The photogrammetry technique is one of the most cost-effective and seamless methods of developing 3D models of existing buildings and other infrastructure.

The accuracy of 3D modeling utilizing drone imagery alone is around 10 cm, but the accuracy can go down to a sub-cm level when integrated with accurately measured ground points.

Why Choose Our Drone Photographers in Bangalore

If you are wondering what makes Brandstory different when it comes to drone photography in Bangalore, then here are a few reasons

  • Brandstory was one of the first 50 drone operators in Bangalore to be granted a license for undertaking commercial projects with drones.
  • We have over a decade of experience and skills in capturing drone aerial photographs for our commercial clients.
  • We use professional high-quality, interchangeable-lens digital cameras on our superior-quality drones to ensure high resolution and quality imagery for any application be it advertising billboards or websites.
  • We bring a full backup drone set to every shoot to ensure no issues during your shoot.

Drone Photography Packages in Bangalore

We have custom drone photography packages to suit the needs and budgets of our clients. Moreover, we have three different packages – basic, standard, and premium. These can be customized as well according to your needs.



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