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Elevate your business with unparalleled Azure expertise and strategic excellence.

Brandstory is your answer to scaling and securing your Microsoft investments. As a leading Microsoft Azure Partner in bangalore with several years of experience, we provide the expertise you need to manage, monitor, and maximize your Microsoft deployments confidently. Our highly skilled experts can help you free up time to focus on innovation by taking care of everything from strategic planning to production and beyond. 

We understand that your Microsoft investments are crucial to your business success, which is why we make sure that you get the full benefit of it. Our team of experts is with you every step of the way, ensuring that your solutions are managed effectively, you are empowered to succeed in your endeavors, and you receive a maximum return on investment.

Trust Brandstory as your Azure consultant partner in Bangalore to optimize your business with our top-tier services.

Our Microsoft Azure Consultancy Services


Azure Data & AI Solutions

At Brandstory, we specialize in significantly enhancing the customer experience for companies with the power of data. We offer expert services such as IoT device connectivity, efficient operational processes through machine learning automation, and more. Our Azure experts can help you migrate and modernize your database to the Azure platform.


Azure Cloud Strategy Service

Our team is an expert at helping organizations define their cloud operating models in preparation for adopting Azure at scale. If you are seeking assistance with Azure Strategy and operating model, our expert team is here to help you unlock the full potential of Azure Cloud. Trust us to help you optimize and streamline your cloud operations, ensuring that your organization is fully ready to benefit from the power of Azure.


Azure Managed Services

As an expert Microsoft Azure consultants in Bangalore, we are equipped to handle your business-critical customer-facing applications, data environments, and backend Azure infrastructure with unmatched proficiency. Our expertise continues beyond there,  we also help our clients manage and optimize their Azure spend. If you're searching for Managed Services on the Azure platform, look no further, as our capabilities are unparalleled.


Azure Cloud Development

Brandstory has assisted numerous customers in leveraging the expertise of its Azure professionals team to deliver secure and scalable cloud solutions. In addition, we have helped modernize applications, resulting in quicker time-to-market through more frequent releases. We assist you in modernizing your applications to maximize Azure Cloud's advantages.


Azure Migration Services

Our expertise lies in handling intricate migrations for heavily regulated organizations, and we've successfully implemented high-velocity migrations to Azure, helping customers meet tight deadlines while achieving their ROI objectives. By partnering with us, we can guide you completely, from strategy development to discovery and building a business case to running and maintaining your systems in the Azure cloud.

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Complete Azure Managed Services

Our solutions specifically serve the needs of businesses seeking Microsoft Azure services in the industry. Whether it's managing your business or your personal needs, Brandstory Microsoft Managed Service provider is there for you. We empower you with control while our expert-led managed services ensure you get the best support for your goals. Trust us to deliver premium services developed to your business needs, enabling you to achieve the objectives with ease and confidence.


Improved Security in the Cloud

Easily identify possible threats across your environment with cutting-edge intelligent tools and modern, automated processes. We help you to quickly detect and identify potential risks that may compromise your security. As a responsible solution provider, we understand the critical nature of ensuring safety and security in your environment. Our approach is tailored to organizations seeking unique needs for top-tier security solutions.


Better Data Modernization

By leveraging Azure solutions, an organization can make full use of its business intelligence. This not only offers peace of mind in data protection but also maximizes the potential of an organization. Our team enables you to store data remotely, accessing it at any time from any device. This provides unparalleled convenience and flexibility and protects sensitive information from local hardware malfunctions.


Continuous Integration & Automation

As a multifaceted cloud developer from the very beginning, we have been utilizing the flexibility of the Microsoft Azure cloud to assist our customers in adopting and establishing DevOps practices while seamlessly integrating them into their respective organizations. Our extensive expertise with a range of cloud tools encompassing implementation, integration, and automation further supports our mission.

Why Choose Microsoft Azure for Businesses with us?

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Future Ready Solutions

Continuous innovation from Microsoft supports your current development needs while also addressing your future requirements. With Microsoft's cutting-edge technology, you won't be burdened with costly upgrades or needing additional servers and associated security systems. You can rest assured that your current & future needs will be met with Microsoft's state-of-the-art solutions.

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Hybrid & Better Solutions

Microsoft Azure and our Technology Partners have made it possible to meet you where you are, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge. With our help, you can integrate and manage your environments with services designed for a hybrid cloud. We have the expertise to provide the support you need.

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More Safe & Secure

Azure's approach to security, compliance, and privacy is exceptional and sets a unique standard in the industry. Microsoft's leadership and commitment to establishing and meeting rigorous security and privacy requirements is unmatched, demonstrating a clear dedication to protecting user data.

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Build on Your Needs & Terms

Microsoft Azure consulting companies have open-source software, such as Linux, which ensures that you have the freedom to build and deploy your projects exactly as you envision them. They also support all languages and frameworks so you can code in your most comfortable language. Our platform is designed to give you complete control over your project development and deployment. You can build your projects how you want and deploy them wherever you want without limitations.

Partner With Us To Make Your Business Reach New Levels with Azure Solutions

Better Scalability

As a business owner, it's essential to cultivate an efficient infrastructure for your business operations. With Brandstory’s expertise in Microsoft Azure Solutions, we strive to provide flexible solutions for companies to scale their operations as they grow freely. Empower your business with the scalability it requires to reach new heights of success.

Improved Speed-to-Market

Our mission is to provide you with the expertise and support necessary to keep your business ahead of the competition. With our cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies, we can help your IT teams stay agile and responsive to changing market conditions.

We take a personalized approach to every project, working closely with your team to develop a tailored plan that fits your specific requirements.

Cost-effective Solutions

Achieve greater cost efficiency and streamline your IT resources with our cloud solutions. Only pay for the features you require while leaving the hardware and maintenance responsibilities to our reliable cloud provider. This empowers your IT teams to focus on more mission-critical and value-adding tasks, increasing productivity and overall business success. Trust our Azure agency’s capabilities to deliver stable and secure cloud services.

Smooth Cloud Migration

We extend our expertise in providing end-to-end support and executing seamless cloud migrations to enhance your business operations. Our services include comprehensive training modules to assist with both public and private cloud migrations. We understand the complexities involved in this process, and our team of experts is committed to delivering customized solutions to meet your specific requirements.



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Client Testimonials

“Our company was struggling with defining our cloud operating model for adopting Azure at scale. That's when we reached out to Brandstory for their Microsoft Azure consulting services. Their expert team helped us optimize and streamline our cloud operations, ensuring that we were fully ready to benefit from the power of Azure. Thank you, Brandstory!”

Rakesh M

CTO of FL Organisation 

“Brandstory's Azure Managed Services are great! Their experts handled our business-critical customer-facing applications, data environments, and backend Azure infrastructure with unmatched proficiency. Their attention to detail & proactive approach ensured that our Azure spending was managed and optimized effectively. With their support, we improved our customer experience significantly.”


Operations Head, TY Company

“Brandstory's Azure Big Data Solutions has been a game changer for our company. Their expertise in machine learning automation has significantly streamlined our operational processes, allowing us to focus more on enhancing our customer experience. Their Azure experts helped us migrate and modernize our database to the Azure platform, providing unparalleled data insights and analysis. I highly recommend them for any individual seeking to optimize their data and AI solutions.”

O.P Tyrewala

CFO of Khair Solutions

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To get started with our Azure offerings, contact our expert team, and we will guide you through the process. We offer personalized solutions to meet each company's unique needs, ensuring that you get the most out of Azure.