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Video is an extremely powerful medium, we at BrandStory create valuable and engaging videos to promote your business and products on Youtube after completely understanding your business objective and goals


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What is the first thing to pop your mind when you see a video on a Brand? Most of the time, it gets monotonous, and you end up hitting the skip button. Sometimes, it engages you to the fullest, which results in searching more and more on the brand and its services. The difference between these two categories is the storyline and quality of the content. We assume you are searching for something similar in quality that keeps the audience talking. You are clearly in the right place.
At Brandstory, we create videos after understanding your industry vertical, the target audience, the backend story, the emotion behind creating the products, your aim, where do you see yourself in the future, and your expectations from us! Once we get to know them, our creative team decorates them into several stories to publish on your Youtube Channel. That is how we create engaging, evergreen, and meaningful content for your brand. Being a reputed YouTube marketing company in Bangalore, our online marketing services help you preach the best concerning videos.

Our YouTube Marketing Process


Brand Monitoring

We start by critically analyzing your competitor brands. We monitor their ways of operation, success stories, and realize their targets. Our special team conducts deep research about your competitors.

Competitor Analysis

Our next aim is to not implement similar strategies for your business but to be ahead in the competition. After all, why copy the same strategies when we can create new ones?

Strategic Planning

After accumulating all the analysis reports, our genius marketers proceed with a strategic plan. This planning helps you move with a motive in the path of success.

Create a customized YouTube channel

When everything is set up to the mark, our team starts creating your youtube channel, infusing the strategies and marketing techniques.

Video Creation

The last and the most crucial process are creating exceptional content for your brand. With the help of the latest video-making tools, we create sharp YouTube videos on your channel.

Best Youtube Marketing company in Bangalore


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Our Services

Content & audience targeting

Targeting the right audience is the pivotal job in YouTube Marketing. Brandstory professionals are experts in understanding audience behavior. We take your video to the group who will love the creation!

Text transcription of the video

We perform Video Text Transcription in an organized format that is easy for the audience to read. This process welcomes every audience to your channel whichin return increase your views.

Campaign management

We bring and manage high-quality traffic to a video. Our professionals never miss a chance to embed your quality content to the audience.

Video promotion

We promote your creative videos to the right group of audiences on all media platforms. And, Our video promotion technique always keeps the audience talking about your channel.

Generate keywords & titles

Keywords are very important for YouTube. Brandstory works on generating useful titles for your channel and tags them with the right set of keywords.

Integration with Google analytics

What is the use of creating content if it does not get the desired ranking? Our professionals integrate youtube campaigns with the best google analytics trend.

SEO for YouTube videos

We campaign videos with the help of effective on-trend SEO tactics. Using our professional methods, you can see how your video performs in the industry.

Effective video syndication

For YouTube video marketing, we promote your visual content on several social media platforms with proper syndication strategies.

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Why Brandstory for Your YouTube Marketing?

Youtube can do a lot for your business. When Brandstory has the responsibility of your metrics, our team takes the initiative, compiles every data into a visual creation, and publishes them for the right group of audience. The industry trusts us with their publicity. Startups believe that our budget- friendly YouTube marketing services in Bangalore spur them to quick success. We work using out-of- the-box Youtube marketing strategies, youtube monetization, and advertisement with informative screenshot tutorials.

1. Get into the Horde of Youtube Traffic

Online Video Content is growing exponentially through Youtube. Every day audience views over 4 million videos on the platform. But only a few get viral and recognition it deserves. When working with the professional team of Brandstory YouTube marketing agency in Bangalore, you can easily utilize the audiences attention and count views! Our powerful marketing strategies are always tailor-made. We work with everything that works the best for your business growth!


2. Easy Recognition on Google

Previously, business organizations leaned on the other forms of digital marketing more than that of Youtube. As time went by, with evolution in marketing strategies and the requirement of immediate success, companies started to rely more on Youtube marketing strategies. Google finds your channel when we use the platform implementing the right techniques.


How we do it?

Our professionals write high-quality video descriptions on your site, infusing the trendiest keywords and backlinks to get recognition. As a result, Google finds you easily and highlights your content on its search result.

4 ways to increase your YouTube Channel Authority

Get in touch with other creators for Collaboration

When some foreign creator embeds their work into your website, it counts as a vote in favor of your content. It creates a hustle among your viewers and promotes appreciation beyond the niche. The more the collaboration, the higher your website ranks in SEO. As a result, Google immediately recognizes your work and streams it at the top of their Search Engine.

Associating a particular domain name to your channel

We start by associating your work with your channel. It informs Youtube about the originality of your content and brand. The result of associating domain names is always phenomenal. When someone searches on your brand, the search engine provides detailed information on your Youtube channel as well as your website.

Sharing videos on Social Media

Social media platforms have most of the public engagement when comparing to any other websites on the internet. Hence, it is a factor for us to take into count. We create high-quality content that tempts viewers to share the content with their friends and associates. When working with our team, you are signaling Google about your content production and using the audience shares to create value.

More options for the audience to consume your content

Brandstory’s involvement in marketing and content creation is a long-year relation. We understand the internet on good terms to sow the seeds for your brand. With time, success branch beautifully for you to enjoy the fruit. Through video illustrations, text representation, audio cues, we overall engage the audience to receive your brand services. We work with the style that shows on the website.

3. Creating Evergreen Content

Youtube is relatively a safe and cost-sufficient option to speed up your digital marketing game. Our team allows you to re-purpose every content piece with time, and upgrade the keywords to generate maximum traffic. Our bright minds can create multiple videos with a single idea. When we post that on the Youtube channel, it becomes every green and highly appreciable for the audience.


4. We target audience using video ads in Adwords

Using video ads in Google Adwords, our experts engage your audience to most likely search and watch your new creation every time. The best advantage of working with Google AdWords is that you get more profit than what you invest. With Brandstory experts sharing their knowledge on your business, the channel exponentially grows with the views you earn.


5. All comes within Budget

Youtube marketing is growing exponentially these days. A lot of agencies are participating in the game too. Unlike other companies, Brandstory has affordable packages that anyone can take up for their business. We have start-up clients as well as large-scale brands that trust or work. Our company name belongs to the list of best YouTube marketing agency in Bangalore. If you are wondering about the net results, take a look at what our clients have to say!


How we are different from others?

A lot of YouTube marketing companies in Bangalore are doing a great job in promoting content. We appreciate their work and dedication to the business. But, being one of the experienced companies, we focus on our business goals than sneaking into our competing brands. Updating ourselves with the newest technology is our everyday learning. It keeps us stay ahead in the business for the long run.

Our team has brilliant minds who look after the minute details of each video we make. Even at our busiest hours, we do not miss a single step of our Video Making or Marketing process. It is our job to take care of your brand promotion through innovation and infusion with technology. With our marketing qualities, you can nurture your business by giving on-demand youtube marketing services.

1. Affordable Campaign Management

Brandstory offers Youtube Campaign Management that falls within your budget. You can count the results with a free mind without stressing the amount you have spent on the service.

2. Video Reporting

3. Drive Better Traffic

4. Enhanced Video Optimization



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