Five Easy Ways to Grow Your Remarketing Ad Campaigns

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Remarketing converts potential clients into customers. Statistics indicate that a remarketing ad is 76% more likely to be viewed than a regular display ad. While people want to make ads relatable to various audiences, they may come across as being either generic, or cliched. However, remarketing ads are more specific and creative as they aim to convert viewers who did not choose your product in the first instance. Hence, the strategy behind the design is significantly different for a remarketing ad. Here are five ways in which you can make the most of using remarketing ads and expand your customer base:

Use all marketing platforms

Similar to initial marketing, remarketing must also be creatively delivered using various platforms like Google, YouTube, etc. Using multiple forums will enable you to create a successful campaign directed at the people who have expressed interest but did not complete signing up as your customer. It also enables the delivery of specific content such as promotions, which motivates people to click on your landing page. You can send emails if the potential customer has shared his/her/their email id with you.

Show the viewers what they like

Use internet cookies effectively to ensure that you show the potential client how your firm’s product matches the viewer’s personality and tastes. For example, displaying a range of gadgets that the person is interested in increases the chance of the customer opting for youre-commerce site. This way, you can motivate successful conversions by customizing your remarketing endeavor according to the viewer’s needs. To address the people who abandoned your site in the process of purchasing your product, use a call to action and inform them that they have stopped the transaction process at the cart stage.

Use coupons and deals

The second strategy to get people to sign up through remarketing involves providing them with attractive deals and offers. This is most prominent in the case FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), in which, a 24-hour sale will push the viewer to make the plunge and become your customer. Similarly, distributing coupons and offering engaging deals will bag your customers, as today’s e-commerce is dominated by comparative shopping. Hence, hosting attractive offers will ensure that you stay on the top of the ladder and also make sure that you do not lose your potential customers to external competition.

Complement their products

While understanding remarketing, you must remember that your existing customers could change allegiance at any point. Hence, remarketing is a continuous process in which you continue to provide services that interest and benefit your existing customers. This can be done by showing complementary products; for example, if the customer purchases a mobile phone on your site, it is unlikely that he or she will purchase another phone in the near future. However, you can use this opportunity to sell them complementary products like phone covers and protection glass, which they might require for their phones.

Remarketing is a constant process of digital marketing, which is sure to not only bring in more customers but also maintain healthy relations with existing customers as well.

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