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Are you looking for services related to image consulting in bangalore? Not sure where exactly you should go? Well, you need not worry as we are here for you. We will offer you top-notch corporate image consulting services in bangalore. With our services, you will find it really easy to reach our business goals. You will also be able to stay ahead of your competitors at all times.

image consulting in Bangalore

What is image consulting?

Image consulting is the professional technique of enhancing the image of the client professionally, socially, and personally. The image consultants will help you out in developing an image that you would want to portray before the viewers. The image is exactly how you would want to be perceived before the people. The image consultants in bangalore work on the ABC of image which is appearance, behaviour, and communication. The services can be opted by anyone, be it an actor, a business professional, an entrepreneur, or a communicator.

Why Image Consulting?

Image consulting services have got a very big role to play in boosting your confidence level. It is a known fact that attractive people are more confident about themselves and they end up making more money in the long run. Image consultants can help make your alter your look to such an extent that you feel more comfortable with your appearance. This can have a huge effect on your overall personality. It is also going to help you make big career moves for yourself. You will find it easy to get a job or a promotion. The professional world around you is going to change you really quickly.

Who needs Image Consulting?

Anyone who required to face the public on a frequent basis can be benefited from image consulting services. Whether you are an entrepreneur trying to create a position for yourself in the industry or you are a renowned business owner, an image consultant will help you out. By availing of the services offered by an image consultant, you will feel more confident about yourself. You will also be able to make public affairs appearance in a better way. This has also got a big role in helping you become more confident about yourself. These days, actors and celebrities are also availing of image consulting services.

One on One and Corporate Image Consuting in Bangalore

Business Etiquette

Business etiquette refers to the code of conduct that the members of the business is expected to maintain in order to upload the image of the business and show their respect for the other members. Corporate image consulting training will ensure that the employees maintain business etiquette while they are at work.

Body Language

You can take the help of corporate image consulting training in bangalore in order to ensure that the employees maintain proper body language so that they are able to create a really good first impression and uncover more opportunities for the business.

Dressing and grooming

It is really important for the members of a business or a company to remained well-dressed or well-groomed at all times. This will allow the employees to create a really good positive vibe and impress the clients easily.

Women's training

An image consulting company in bangalore may also organize women’s training programs. These programs are mainly intended to train the women for a corporate setup so that they are able to align themselves with the goals and interests of the company.

Cultural training

Cultural training will allow the employees to maintain diversity at their workplace. The employees will also be able to spread cultural awareness and contribute towards the growth and prosperity of the organization.

Customer handling

The customers are undoubtedly the most valuable assets of a company and it is of primary importance that the employees are well aware of how exactly they should deal with the employees. Only then will the customers be eager to form long-term relationships with that organization.

Dining etiquettes

Eating with a person in a professional context can be quite a tricky affair and this is where image consultants come to action. The image consultants will provide the required guidance on what exactly you are supposed to do while you are eating with a professional.

Interpersonal skill

Interpersonal skills are really important for all kinds of businesses. These skills will teach you how exactly should you deal with people so that you create a really good impression in their minds. This will also make it really easy for you to crack important deals.

Email writing

Email writing skills have got a really big role to play in the growth and development of an organization. Writing quality emails can boost your communications skills and display your professionalism to the employers.


You need to know how exactly you should negotiate with the clients so that you are able to crack the deal. This will help you to avoid chances of misunderstandings. You will also be able to place your deal before the clients in a proper way.


Having good presentation skills will allow you to deliver the required information to the clients in a highly presentable way. You will also be able to create a really good impact in the minds of the clients and take your organizations towards the path of success.


Becoming an effective sales professional is also an important part of various various and an experienced image consultant can help you out in acquiring this skill. Th image consultant will tell you how you can approach the customers and carry out promotional activities.

Team building

Team building is really crucial for all kinds of business and very employee should be aware of how to perform well as a team instead of doing the job individually. Few characteristics of a good team involve maintaining proper communication, helping each other during times of need, and so on.

Time management

Only those who understand the value of time are able to truly achieve success in life. So, it is really important for the members of a business or an organization to master time management skills. This will help them in meeting their deadlines. All the tasks will also be completed within the desired timeframe.


As you know, English is the primary language of communication for most companies and it is very important for very employee of an organization to be well-versed in English. You can also take the help of our image consultants to brush up your English-speaking skills.

Why Choose Brandstory As Your Image Consulting Company?

BrandStory is the most reputed company for corporate image consulting in bangalore. The company has been offering impeccable services to the clients for quite a while now. With the services offered by Brandstory, you will be able to reach the peak of success in no time at all. You will also be able to fulfil all your business objectives and give a completely new shape to your business. So, for image consulting near me, you may get in touch with us.


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