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Email Marketing Services in Bangalore, India

Email Marketing It’s not as easy as it may sound. It’s not just composing an email draft, copying a list of contacts, and clicking the “send” button. Invariably, you will face struggles ranging from privacy issues, permission boundaries, technical glitches to tracking your heavy volume of mail; which is where we come in. The ultimate objective is to enhance the business–client relationship, to acquire new customers and to increase sales. Our in-house marketing team provides you with email campaigns which primarily concentrate on the promotion of your trade name and product/service, which is then sent in bulk straight to the individual’s personal inbox against a minimal time requirement, all in all at a reasonably priced service. In addition to this, we also provide databases according to your targeted customer category. Our ultimate is that you receive responses within 24 hours and solid insights for improving your next campaign.

When we say that we offer the best of email marketing services in Bangalore , our confidence comes from ticking this tailored checklist:

  1.    Handling huge contact lists & establishing database
  2.    Subscription supervision
  3.    Making sure your email can be sent of lakhs of inboxes within just 24 hours.
  4.    Handover of all email design formats- HTML, JPG and content
  5.    Spam verification before delivery of emails.
  6.    Customization & Personalization of every individual mail.
  7.    Segregating and managing your mailing groups (Inhouse team, clients, leads, etc)
  8.    Checking/ Providing for attachment file support
  9.    Providing Scheduling flexibility
  10. Constant monitoring of open and click through rate
  11. Detailed report and statistics on parameters like: Open rate statistics, Unsubscribe rate, Click through statistics, Bounce rate, etc

No longer used as a mass mailing tool, email marketing has evolved past one way communication into an personalized interactive platform. This is where we bring in digital interactivity within the emails, designing email campaigns that communicate with your clients or potential leads. Part of the package is scheduling, targeting and executing large-scale email marketing.

You could easily do an email promotion in-house but the reason why we recommend professional services is the need for special attention at particular segments. For instance, the authenticity of subscriber email addresses and assurance of the contacts is of our highest priority as there is a risk of domain or sender IP being blacklisted, on another note it is to keep bounce rate as low as possible. Identifying computer generated email addresses from human generated email addresses, correcting common mistakes in domain names, email address formats and such points are also kept in mind in order to give you the highest efficiency and ROI of your email campaign, since your mailing list goes through our intelligent filters. With all these specialization and intensive efforts, we intend to improve your customer relations. Because when you choose us, you trust us to act as the bridge between you and the customer, the responsibility to deliver the best is ours.

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