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We are a leading IoT development company in Bangalore, which stands at the frontline of innovation & scalability. Our expertise lies in harnessing the power of the internet and smart devices to create comprehensive, secure, and intelligent solutions. These solutions enable efficient, accurate, and swift data collection for different industries & businesses.

With years of experience in data mining, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, we can extract invaluable business insights that propel exponential growth.

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Our IoT Offerings


IoT Application Development

Brandstory IoT application developers in bangalore are highly skilled mobile app programmers and coders dedicated to providing you with the perfect IoT development solution. We pride ourselves on delivering scalable and customized IoT applications explicitly tailored to meet your business requirements.


IoT Consultancy

We are equipped with industry-leading experts who specialize in delivering top-notch IoT consultancy services. These services are customized to meet the unique needs of your next big IoT project. If you want to get the most suitable consultancy service, we invite you to contact us. Let’s build it together for your business.


Integration of End-to-End IoT Platforms

Integrate your product seamlessly across multiple channels and connect with devices, including point-of-sale systems, sensor gateways, and social media. Our IoT solution simplifies the process and ensures a seamless experience for our clients. We aim to provide a professional approach to enable your product's integration and connectivity.


IoT Dashboards Creation

Our expert team helps clients configure IoT devices, analyze sensor data through cutting-edge BI tools, and effectively manage advanced technology onsite. This enables us to present the data in easily accessible responsive dashboards.


IoT Testing Services

Platform testing involves testing the compatibility and functionality of a mobile application on various platforms. Our mobile application testing focuses explicitly on evaluating the performance and reliability of the application. Moreover, the testing also involves using automated tools to test the functionality & quality of an application. 


Edge Computing Services

Our team prioritizes deploying swift IoT devices over traditional cloud computing to guarantee reduced latency rates and enhanced data offloading time. This ensures an optimal customer experience, aligning with their needs and requirements. 


IoT Data Analytics Service

We provide sophisticated IoT applications and solutions that execute advanced data analysis. This offers profound insights for making informed and lucrative business decisions to enhance efficiency.

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Unparalleled expertise

Our team of seasoned IoT experts possesses a profound knowledge of the most current IoT technologies and industry trends. This guarantees that your IoT solutions are at the forefront and safeguarded for the future.


Suitable Technology Stack

The brandstory team, with its extensive practical knowledge of cutting-edge technology stacks, streamlines the process of developing new products and services. With our comprehensive expertise in deploying edge-to-cloud services, we enhance the intelligence and usability of your products, resulting in a more enjoyable experience for our clients.


Compatible IoT App Solutions

With our expertise, you can build applications that seamlessly adapt to multiple devices, operating systems, and screen resolutions, catering to the diverse needs of our customers. Our team integrates your intelligent applications with a wide range of third-party APIs, ensuring seamless functionality and enhanced user experiences.


Extensive Industry Experience with IoT Solutions

Our IoT portfolio encompasses the development of industrial and consumer solutions. We have successfully collaborated with a multitude of clients across different industries. Whether your objective is to elevate the intelligence of your current devices or create a complete IoT ecosystem, our team meets your needs efficiently & effectively. 

What Sets Us Apart From Other IoT App Development Companies in Bangalore

Secure Collection of Data

Ensure the security of your IoT journey with our state-of-the-art data collection solutions. Our IoT app development services in Bangalore guarantee the secure acquisition and transmission of data from your connected devices. With end-to-end encryption and rigorous privacy measures, we prioritize the utmost security of your IoT ecosystem.

Seamless Support & Maintenance

We employ robust application management for handling and overseeing various software applications. The brandstory team provides relevant client support through its cloud hosting & management measures. Further, our incident management focuses on effectively addressing any issues or problems that may arise.

On-Time IoT Solutions

Empower your business with our prompt IoT Solutions, guaranteeing seamless integration and real-time connectivity. Our team delivers the relevant IoT solution within the scheduled timeline. You can harness the power of timely data insights for well-informed decision-making.

Smooth & Transparent Communication

Our services allow for a seamless and transparent communication process. We are committed to promoting clear and understandable interactions at every stage of the IoT project. We maintain a transparent workflow where information effortlessly flows between us and our clients.

How IoT Solutions are Helping Businesses Streamline Their Operations

Let’s optimize operations & drive efficiency in the business environment.

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Smart & Integrated Solutions

The Brandstory IoT team helps you connect any of your products to the communication channel using devices of your preference and enhance your desired applications. Experience the power of building smart connected products. 

Catalog Designs

Real-time Monitoring

Businesses can derive significant advantages from the ability to gain insights into their data operations. This empowers them to make prompt and informed decisions while proactively resolving any issues.

Social Media Designs

Improved Customer Experience

IoT elevates customer satisfaction by delivering a seamless and customized experience from personalized services to more on-time response times. Focusing on business professionals, our communication employs a formal tone to convey IoT's benefits effectively.

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Helps in Data-driven Decision Making

By leveraging the abundance of data generated by connected devices, businesses can make well-informed decisions, identify emerging trends, and strategically plan for future growth, thereby cultivating a data-driven culture.

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Streamlined Supply Chain

IoT offers end-to-end visibility into the supply chain, enabling companies to track inventory, monitor shipping, and ensure timely delivery. With our IoT expertise, businesses can streamline their supply chain processes and strengthen collaboration with suppliers and distributors.



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Client Testimonials

“Brandstory's expertise in integrating end-to-end IoT platforms is truly impressive. With their seamless integration capabilities, our product effortlessly connected across multiple channels & devices, including sensor gateways. Their attention to detail helped us gain an effective integration IoT platform. Brandstory is the go-to choice for anyone looking to integrate their IoT platforms easily.”

Tilakchand Srivastava

“When it comes to IoT consultancy, Brandstory is second to none. Their industry-leading experts provided us with personalized IoT consultancy services that aligned with our significant IoT project. Due to their consultancy services, we were able to shape our project in a good way.”


“The brandstory team was able to deliver a clean code for our project within a tight timeline. The team’s active involvement and holistic approach to development have helped create a nuanced product from scratch. Their dedication in the delivery is appreciated and stands out in this collaboration.”

Rashmi Vandana

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An IoT solution is a collection of devices fitted with sensors and internet-connected gear that securely transmit data to an IoT platform. This data is frequently a metric that might assist consumers in answering a query/solving a specific problem.