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What is SEO Auditing?

SEO audit refers to continuously monitoring and analysing a webpage. This extensive work doesn't restrict to a single task like decorating the website but covers different on and off-site domains.

With a complete assurance to track, analyse and upgrade your existing webpage, our SEO audit services at BrandStory promise you a dynamically designed e-commerce platform for a magnificent online business.

Our approach

    What domains do SEO audit services cover?

  • Webpage performance- Ensures feasible connectivity, better navigation, and easy usage to every user.

  • On-site optimization- Checks the validity of the website's content and its front-end arrangement.

  • Off-site popularity and presence- Tracks SEO activities on other virtual sites and examines their engagement.

  • Technical SEO issues- Indicate the programs and protocols operating your website. It includes security, layout, and functioning speed.

Our expert approach in SEO auditing

Explore the various areas our expert teams target and how they assist you in developing and maintaining a flourishing virtual business.

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Monitoring the webpage layout and technical specifications

The very first evaluation is to check if your website is up-to-date with the latest in the digital world. The survey evaluates the audio-visuals, ads, UI/UX icons, and subpages for proper layout and functions. Technical analysis includes security checks to protect your webpage data and secure the users' activities.

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Feedback and analysis of user's experience

If your platform provides virtual catalogues and forms for shopping, writing reviews, and feedback, the SEO auditors examine their trends among multiple user activities. It can help figure out the most favoured services and those that require improvements. It can also help evaluate the potency of back-end code, the site's speed, and browser compatibility across various devices worldwide.

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Monitoring off-page SEO activities

Online presence for an established business needs to expand beyond the organisation's webpage. Auditors spread out their reach to cover social media platforms, search engine results, published adverts on different websites, and the backlinks provided in your content. You can compare their influence, viewers' response and seek guidance to opt for profitable resources.

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Evaluating potential keyword clusters

On-site content development requires exact keywords to target potential customers. SEO audit services constantly check and alter the taglines and keywords to drive likely traffic in lots.

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Developing along with marketing demands and trends

Marketing and website layout never remain the same, considering the evolving customer demands and changing trends. Auditors play an essential role in examining and devising suitable strategies for your business webpage to turn the incoming leads into engaging customers.

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Practical Evaluation of Your Business

Webpage development and traffic attraction should depend on your core business to target potential customers. The auditors should collaborate with your marketing executives to develop apt content and design that best reflect your business principles and strategies.

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Periodic analysis and upgrades

Outsourcing SEO audit services should regularly provide feedback analysis and webpage statistics to upgrade with new developments. Our services understand the current customer demands and trending computerised applications and utilise them for better development. Our team covers all the aspects of SEO audit for all-rounder progress.

Our approach
Instant overview before a consultation

How can you be assured of the services if you don't have a demo? Our team of SEO auditors offer a free webpage analysis providing a detailed and categorised report of your site's logistics using the URL link you provide. You can check the free report and only approach us if our coverage and evaluation suit your requirements.


Certainly! The more you develop the webpage with feasible navigation, the best content, and layout, your on-site traffic will boost exponentially.