Digital Marketer

  • Full-time
  • Bangalore

We are looking for a Digital marketer who can take charge of a significant percentage of the company's online presence. It is up to the company whether they concentrate on social media or website development. A content management system should be manageable by a digital marketer. They should also be able to work collaboratively with the sales team to develop marketing initiatives.

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Key Responsibilities

  • Analyze digital data to make essential website optimization recommendations
  • Conduct social media audits to ensure you're following best practises
  • Maintain a digital dashboard for several accounts
  • Create marketing initiatives in collaboration with the sales team
  • Prepare emails to send to clients
  • To track progress, keep an eye on crucial internet marketing KPIs
  • Create and update web listings for e-commerce sites

Must Haves

  • It's necessary to have at least 5 years of experience in digital marketing or advertising
  • Experience with a number of social media platforms, as well as best practises and website analytics
  • An in-depth understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is required
  • Analytical and creative abilities are exceptional
  • Interpersonal and communication skills are exceptional
  • Keep up with the latest digital trends and technological advancements

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