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Digital is here to stay and grow exponentially. Increased visibility, marketing opportunity at efficient budgets, and customer engagement – The three benefits of being in digital and breathing digital. We offer Adwords, Re-marketing, Re-targeting.Read More »


Never miss a customer again! Incorporate these two components for a high performance website or app. Did you know that 94% of your customers are going to navigate off your website or app in case of the not finding what they want in less that 3-5 secs. Need an audit?Read More »


Own ultimate, premium, high on performance websites and web portals built on superior and secure technologies. Our capabilities include Static, Dynamic and e Commerce Websites. Be it corporate, blogging or selling, we have you covered.Read More »


30 – 60 – 90 days. See the difference. Get better in search ranking. Good SEO means higher visibility. Get customers to visit your websites and grow your leads organically without spending on advertisement. Afterall, SEO should contribute your 60% of the traffic for a healthy traffic ratio.Read More »


Engage and Evolve. Social Media Management helps you convert audience to fans & followers. Expand your brands reach on internet’s hottest social sites. Creative content & seamless execution are the two consistent keys to excel online. Explore the ‘how’ with us.Read More »


Designing solutions, and serving greater purpose? Get Mobile App Design and Development to work like magic for you and your customers. We define and build your business on the go on the latest Technology. Your proposition is to monetize and ours is to make it mobile ready.Read More »

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We are a Design and Digital Marketing Agency in India providing design, development and digital solutions for over 400+ clients across the globe.



The experience of working with BrandStory, was a wonderful one. They have a passionate, responsible and competent team, very thoughtful and hardworking, and always reliable in delivering the results. We treat each other as business partners, rather than just clients.

seo in bangalore

Jia Zhang

Country Manager(China)
Astreem Consulting Pte Ltd

BrandStory has been a very trusted and reliable partner for Vymo. It is very tough to fully absorb a client’s design preferences, tune your style to it and consistently deliver expectations. BrandStory has managed to do it for Vymo for over an year now. Their work ethos and enthusiasm for Vymo’s success make us feel like they are part of our own team. Thank you BrandStory!

best seo services in bangalore

Yamini Bhat


The team at Brandstory is extremely understanding of customer requirements, accepting of changes that are asked. It is difficult to find a mature organisation that has all of these together and I am happy to have found Brandstory. Their social media marketing plan was expansive and had great target ideas and well executed. Overall, I would highly recommend the team at Brandstory.

digital marketing bangalore

Ramya Rajendiran

Curriculum Director
Springdays (CBSE) International School



We are a Digital Marketing Company / Agency in Bangalore, India

We are group of passionate digital marketing experts; industry thought leaders and creative designers coming together to produce stunning design led digital marketing campaigns for brands. We are a social media marketing agency based in Bangalore, India providing digital marketing campaign management support to brands across the globe.


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FAQ's on Digital Marketing


i) What are some critical roles of a Digital Marketing Company?

In the world of marketing, digital marketing Services has a huge role to play. The best digital marketing companies not only understand the digital spectrum but also look for understand your Domain Experts and one’s subject matter. Always work with Digital Marketing Companies who have not only technologists in their team but also Subject Matter Experts. The critical roles of a Digital Marketing Company are 1) The ability to create a Digital Road Map and Strategies for the brand 2) The ability to create stunning Digital assets for both B2C and B2B Digital Marketing Campaign 3) The ability to create an executable action plan and following up with Analytics for the Digital Marketing Campaigns done. If any Digital Marketing Agency is expertise in the above 3 aspects for your domain, then consider it as the best Digital Marketing Agency.

ii) Why choose Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore?

Bangalore is well and also known as the Silicon Valley of India. Being a city of multi-ethnicity and home to numerous consumer-facing brands, the exposure of Marketers from Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore to consumer and brand behaviour understanding is high. With such an exposure, Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore are bound to have more knowledge about customer behaviours, brand competition etc.

iii) How to choose the right Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore?

Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore are many. However critical factors that a Brand Manager needs to consider are ;

  1. Size of One’s Business: One must choose the right sized agency among the multiple Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore as it will help them establish an equal attention. Too small or too big agency will not be the right fit.
  2. Reputation: Reputation of Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore is one of the very critical factors. Keeping the advertisement aside, one can discuss and request for case studies, success stories etc.
  3. Understanding Capacity: Meet the Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore face to face to get an understanding of team size and interact with Digital marketing consultants to get better idea key stakeholders to get a better idea.

iv) How a Digital Marketing Company can enhance your business?

Top Digital Marketing Companies have a segmented approach for different kind of projects. Their services can include – Creative Design Services, Digital Marketing Services, Social Media Campaign and Analytics, Content Creation, Web Development Services and SEO Services. Few of the Best Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore also offer Video Production Services and also Explainer Video Services. As a standard industry practice, any good Digital Marketing Company will strategize your business growth based on these aspects and promote your business on Digital and Social Media Platforms. As a result, one’s business can achieve accelerated growth Through Digital marketing by spending less when compared to traditional forms of advertising.

v) What are the standard processes of a good SEO Company and benefits for your business?

A good approach to boost organic visibility on Google Search Engine is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A good SEO Company follows White Hat SEO method that is widely accepted by the industry. A good SEO Company also must abide by the rules and algorithm as established by Google. One must never work with SEO companies in Bangalore who practice wrong, shortcut methods to achieve faster results as it may lead to blacklisting of your website. Seo services are key to your Digital Strategy because traditionally organic SEO traffic will be a dominant contributor to your website traffic mix.

vi) What are the usual packages offered by a Good Digital Marketing Company?

Since Digital Marketing Companies have a lot to offer, first sizing your scope is imperative. As a Premium Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore, at BrandStory our approach is as follows;

  1. We brainstorm with your team and understand your business and targets
  2. Be very truthful and upfront of what can be achieved via Digital Marketing
  3. Once the scope and targets are agreed, the team is formed and assigned key performance areas and activities
  4. A regular and transparent approach is taken to keep the client informed about progress and results in Digital Marketing aspect.
  5. For SEO services in Bangalore, our approach may slightly vary. Get in touch for more details at info@brandstory.in

Overall, packages for Digital Marketing in Bangalore per se is covered under 3 categories: Basic, Premium and Professional. If you have a pan India or multiple city requirements for Digital Marketing or SEO services, get in touch for more details at info@brandstory.in

We have stood out as a prominent digital marketing company in Bangalore India despite the competition being intense among Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore due to the wide array of innovative, efficient and effective services we provide. We have always differentiated ourselves with our holistic approach to digital marketing services, Social Media Marketing execution and our ability to analyze both tangible and intangible digital marketing outcomes. We have always been listed as one of the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore, India, time and time again. We have devised the digital marketing strategy and social media marketing for fortune 500 companies, government organizations, corporations and prominent SME’s.