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Who We Are

Everywhere across the globe, major fashion magazines and fashion houses are looking for a competent lifestyle fashion photographer who will bring out the beauty of their brand. The fashion industry covers production, sales, and design on many levels. From models walking the runway in breathtaking costumes to brands promoting their clothing pieces, fashion photography is extremely diverse.

Types of Fashion Photography Services in Bangalore India That We Provide

At Brandstory, our team of professional lifestyle fashion photographers in Bangalore helps brands with such photoshoots. We usually use a neutral background to ensure that the attention of the brand's customers doesn't shift to details other than the products on display.

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Street Fashion Photography

This type of photography usually focuses on real-life and photographs their personal sense of fashion. It tells the story of how ordinary people style their clothes. Here, photographers focus on natural shots of real people on the streets or people in a staged environment that imitate the real scenarios.

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High Fashion Photography

High Fashion photography is all about showcasing or selling the products and the vision and creative style of fashion houses. This type of photography often stars celebrities, football stars, and top models. The work of the photographer, makeup artist, fashion designer, and hairstylist will be enunciated. The quality here needs to be top-notch as it involves high-budget production.

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Runway Fashion Photography

Runway photography captures the model's products, style, and location in a fast-paced environment.

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Catalog Fashion Photography

Catalog fashion photography usually showcases fashion items in an attractive way. The brand will hire a fashion photographer to shoot their model and lure customers to buy their products (makeup, clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, etc).

Our approach
Our Fashion Photography Process
  • We will first create a brief for our fashion photoshoot. We will consult our clients on what narrative they want their finished photos to express.

  • Next, we will decide on the aspects of the shoot such as the purpose of the shoot, theme, location, lighting, aesthetic, mood, hair, makeup, styling, etc.

  • Next, we will start with our fashion shoot and go according to our pre-determined mood board. We will bring our own lighting, props, and other equipment to capture breathtaking photographs.

  • Lastly, we edit and format the final pictures before sending them to you.

Why Choose Brandstory for Fashion Photography Studio in Bangalore India

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Brandstory knows how to deliver great results every time. We will provide you with a strong collection of photographs that tell your story perfectly and not a few lucky images. We know how to produce high-quality images under any circumstances.

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Technical Skills

We are more than just photographers. We have experience and knowledge of lighting, fashion, art, design elements, and even posing. Each lifestyle fashion photo combines these elements to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with our work.

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Unique Artistry

We have the skills to produce customized, unique works of art. Our artistic vision will provide you with a collection of art that meets your specifications perfectly.

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Our lifestyle fashion photography services aim at customer satisfaction. We will create images that will integrate with your vision and mission. Each of our fashion photographs will leave a lasting impression on your clients. Our professionalism and experience will take your products or fashion sense to a different level.



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Benefits of Hiring Our Fashion Photographers in Bangalore India

Whether you are planning to promote your brand or start a new fashion blog, it's essential to opt for professional fashion photographers. Opting for our professional lifestyle fashion photography in Bangalore will provide you with the following benefits –

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Perfect Shots

Our team of professional fashion photographers will take the best shot for your blogs and business.

Our approach

Our lifestyle fashion photoshoot services are kept affordable to meet the budget requirements of different types of clients.

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Saves Time

Professional photographers come with all the equipment to get started with the shoot quickly. They won't waste your time.

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Improves Brand Image

Even the most well-established businesses use fashion photography to showcase their products most artistically. People will shop for your products online only when the products are portrayed in a way that catches their eyes. Fashion photography with brands often lures customers to indulge in impulsive shopping.

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Less Hassle

Professional photographers will convey your message to the target customers effectively. This will allow your business to grow as your products will be showcased in the best possible way.

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