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A Corporate brand represents the philosophy and core values of a business, set to a unique theme. At BrandStory, one of the best corporate branding companies in Bangalore, leverage the marketing collateral called corporate branding to create and conceptualize your brand’s message through the right visuals. Give your audience an unforgettable experience and solidify your brand’s presence through a clear and unified corporate identity.
Corporate Branding

Present yourself to the world powerfully, build your brand and let your business grow limitlessly

We offer rich and comprehensive corporate branding services in Bangalore that can help you create a distinct image for your products and services in the marketplace. Our powerful corporate branding strategy can help add value to your brand and reinforce customer relationships. Be it slogans, logos or symbol design, we ensure that they reflect the identity, promise and the culture of the business.

Brand Strategy

Create a strategy to position your brand in a position that touches a chord with the audiences with the help of BrandStory, a corporate branding company in Bangalore. Our brand strategy is a long term plan for developing and managing brands. We understand the driver for the branding exercise after reviewing the existing brand positioning and come up with a unique brand strategy that can deliver results.

Corporate Branding
Corporate Branding

Corporate Identity Design

Minimalistic but effective designs to deliver the message of your business firmly. Out cutting-edge corporate branding services in Bangalore can make your brand appealing, stand out amongst the competition and align with your organizational goals. Our designs strive to create a long-lasting impression on the viewers.

Corporate Branding

Corporate Identity Development

Capturing and articulating the company’s mission, vision and its whole essence. With BrandStory, a corporate branding agency in Bangalore, build brand strategy that incorporates the core concepts of the corporate we represent. We focus on our clients’ vision to deliver solutions that can uplift your business image and positively influence the customers.

Corporate Branding
Corporate Branding


Give your brand an overhaul to stay fresh, current and at the top of your game. Our corporate rebranding services in Bangalore allows businesses to rejuvenate their brand, either to reposition itself or distinguish itself in its industry. Rebranding can enhance customer loyalty, enter a new market, cater to current trends or re-energize the organization.

Corporate Branding

Our Branding Services in Bengaluru

Global Branding

The goal of this strategy is to take your brand and make it known all over the world through strategic planning, brand positioning, and advertising.

Personal Branding

We help in marketing oneself as an individual, emphasizing one's skills, distinctive qualities, and point of view.

Corporate Branding

Instead of selling individual brands, our corporate branding seeks to establish a collective identity for the entire organization. To customers and even coworkers, it lays forth the company's identity.

Retail Branding

Signage, décor, music, displays, flooring, and lighting are all examples of tangible aspects that we use in our branding efforts to influence customer perception.

Service Branding

We put all emphasis on the client and the provision of first-rate service. Although brands need to avoid alienating their consumers, service branding goes beyond that by highlighting the perceived value of customer service and using it as a selling factor.

Brand Position

The distinct value that a brand offers to consumers is known as its positioning. We use this method to build your company's reputation and communicate the value it offers and why consumers choose your product or service over competing options.

Offline Branding

Some instances of offline branding include printed materials and merchandise. Retail branding is an example of offline branding. Having your own brand on hand is also crucial for attending industry conventions and client meetings.

Anything from the clothes you wear to the places you meet with clients to the vehicles you drive for work and the tools you and your colleagues use might fall under this category.


Our co-branding strategy aims to create a unique and valuable product or service for consumers by combining the strengths of two or more well-known brands.


We help you create a new name, symbol, logo, and other associated visual assets (such as marketing materials) that aim to alter your company's public perception.

Corporate Branding

Corporate Based Marketing

A step by step process

Corporate Branding

Our Branding Process


We gather and analyze data about your company, industry, rivals, target market, and current branding and design. As part of this process, we will listen to your company's difficulties, do in-depth desk and field research, and interview you to understand your goals and objectives better.


The results of the brand study form the basis of the brand strategy. This is the stage when we concentrate and solidify our values, company goals, and future vision, in contrast to the exploratory nature of the research phase. At the strategy stage, we lay out your vision for the company and its future, which will serve as a compass for your team as they work to achieve it.


Delivering the strategy is impossible without design. An effective visual brand identity, for example, is born out of the design process, which is responsible for translating brand ideals into tangible solutions. Although it frequently extends beyond that, the primary responsibility of design in the branding process is to develop the visual identity. You can enhance your company's services, products, and processes in several ways by implementing design thinking.


Your new brand identity is unveiled to the public during the execution stage. The first step is to map out the roll-out or the release of certain elements of your brand across different platforms and the timing of their introduction. A website, a series of product videos, or even just a few business cards can all be considered implementation types. Depending on your company's specific situation, we might brief or extend over several months.


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Corporate Branding

FAQ’S on Corporate Marketing

What is Corporate Branding?

  • Corporate branding defines the company’s vision, mission, values and objectives. These elements are usually conveyed through logos, symbols, taglines, product packaging and so on. Every element of communication from the company helps build its identity, and is unique but consistent across platforms.

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