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Angularjs is the new upcoming language in the programming arena. It is an entire framework built upon HTML5 standards with data binding capabilities and MVC structure, all based around easily building user interfaces.



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With Brandstory, your search for an angularjs development company in Bangalore comes to an innovative halt.  with us, you can ensure that it’s done cost-effectively while ensuring its long-term maintenance. We are one of the best AngularJS development companies in Bangalore, offering top-quality services at affordable rates.

We specialize in developing single-page enterprise applications with advanced model-view-controller (MVC) capability. Our expertise lies in creating seamless user experiences combined with robust back-end functionalities.

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Our Services


Custom Angular Development

With the assistance of our top angularjs developers, you have the opportunity to create exceptional applications using Angular. We develop data-driven web solutions for business automation or customer-centric websites. Our expertise helps you utilize the extensive Angular ecosystem, allowing you to build more efficiently and saving valuable time and effort.


Angular Consultation

Our consultation services offer invaluable assistance in assessing the feasibility of your plan. By working with us, you will save time and receive more accurate estimates, enabling you to determine immediately if your idea is suitable for development. Our expertise ensures that you make relevant decisions and maximize your chances of success.


Angular Migration

Effortlessly transition from AngularJS to Angular or upgrade to the latest version without encountering any difficulties. Our angular software development company in Bangalore team skillfully interprets your business needs and devises an effective strategy to modernize your system, prioritizing optimal performance.


UI/UX Design

Comprehensive research and a well-organized design process are crucial for an efficient and successful application. By incorporating UX/UI design into our Angular web development services, we ensure your project begins on the right path and creates a system that aligns perfectly with your audience's goals


Enterprise Based Application

Brandstory Angular developers form the backbone of large enterprises' web solutions, providing scalability, reliability, and security. Their expertise is sought after by businesses in various industries, who trust our team to build dependable and robust web applications.

Expert AngularJS Developers Tailoring Success for Your Business

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Angularjs Complete Support & Maintenance

Achieve reliable and high-caliber performance for your apps with the invaluable expertise provided by our team of domain experts in application maintenance services. We are one of the top angular development companies in Bangalore that offers meticulous and comprehensive informational support to ensure the smooth operation of your applications.

Real-time Web Development

To begin with web development, our team meticulously evaluates your business performance based on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you provide. We then assist you in gathering and analyzing real-time data, utilizing the advanced capabilities of AngularJS. This powerful tool enables you to align your data processing and make data-driven decisions with precision.

Dedicated Development Team

Our team of AngularJS web application developers possesses extensive experience in the Angularjs ecosystem, enabling us to deliver exceptional business solutions. With a focus on providing high-end services, we serve to the needs of clients seeking advanced web applications.

Great Expertise in the Development Domain

Top developers at Brandstory possess extensive experience working with Angularjs in various projects, ranging from chatbot development to Enterprise SaaS applications. Our expertise enables us to understand and recommend the most suitable approach for your application development project, ensuring optimal results.

Usage of Agile Methodology 

Our angular development company adheres to comprehensive DevOps and Agile methodologies in order to streamline practices and maximize results. We focus on optimization and ensure that our methods are constantly evolving and improving. This approach allows us to achieve the optimized results for our target audience.

Fast Development Time

With the implementation of agile testing methodologies, we are able to deliver projects at remarkably faster speeds. This helps us deliver every Angular project on the scheduled time.

Unraveling Our Unmatchable Edge Amongst AngularJS Development Companies in Bangalore


Timely Delivery of Projects

Our team of professionals guarantees timely completion of your projects by strictly following industry best practices and maintaining the highest software quality standards.


Competitive Prices

We specialize in providing cost-effective angularjs web application development services, which include complete support and maintenance. Our commitment to quality and security remains unwavering.


Smart Coding Practice

Brandstory angularjs web application development company in Bangalore adheres to industry-standard coding practices, ensuring the development of unique and clean code. By focusing on these practices, we effectively eliminate technical risks and greatly enhance the readability and comprehension of the code.


Proper Communication with Project Management

We make use of tools like Jira, Trello, Basecamp, Git, and Skype to facilitate optimal communication and code synchronization. Our development team guarantees that all documentation, requirements, and communication channels will be efficiently managed, providing you with a reliable partner for your project.

Benefits of Using AngularJS for Web Application Development

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Better Productivity

Angularjs empowers you to create efficient and scalable web applications, allowing you to focus on what matters - building exceptional user experiences. With its intuitive syntax, you can speed up your development process.

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Easy Integration

It seamlessly integrates with various libraries, frameworks, and tools, making it a flexible choice for web application development. It effortlessly works with third-party APIs, allowing you to leverage multiple resources.

Social Media Designs

Dynamic Data Binding

Angularjs’s two-way data binding feature automatically synchronizes data between the model and the view, eliminating the need for tedious code updates. This feature saves you time & effort, enabling you to focus on delivering rich, interactive user experiences.

Graphics for Websites

Full Community Support

For developers, networking and access to invaluable resources are key. Angularjs boasts a vast and active community of developers, providing a supportive and collaborative environment. Whether you're seeking guidance and troubleshooting assistance or want to contribute to the growth of the framework, the thriving Angularjs community has got you covered.

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Modular Architecture

Through its component-based structure, you can break down your applications into smaller, manageable pieces, making it easier to collaborate with colleagues or work on multiple projects simultaneously. This modular approach also allows for streamlined testing and debugging, minimizing errors and ensuring smooth application performance.



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Client Testimonials

“Working with Brandstory's top developers has been an excellent experience. Their great expertise in the development domain, especially with Angularjs, has ensured our projects are executed flawlessly. Their understanding of our requirements and recommend suitable approaches have resulted in optimal results.”


“We are delighted with Brandstory's commitment to timely delivery of our project. Their team of professionals follows industry best practices and maintains the highest software quality standards, ensuring that our projects are completed on time.”


“Brandstory's adherence to Agile methodologies has been instrumental in streamlining our application development process. Their focus on optimization and continuous improvement has helped us achieve the best outcomes for our target audience.”


Experience actionable strategies. Customizable to fit your goals.




The cost of developing an Angularjs application can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the number of resources needed for the project, the time required to create the application, and the technologies to be implemented.