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With more and more business people turning to the internet for their business needs, it's essential to have a website that not only looks great but is also high-functional, user-friendly, and fully optimized for search engines. That's where the Brandstory website app development company in Bangalore comes into play. As a trusted entity, we specialize in delivering innovative, cost-effective, and conversion-friendly websites that are tailored to each business's unique needs.

With several years of experience in website design and development services, we've helped more than 100+ clients from around the world establish a robust online presence. So, if you're looking for a reliable web development company to help take your business to the next level, contact us today.

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Web App Development Services We Provide

Mobile App Development

In today's mobile-first era, we offer our expert assistance to help you develop high-performance and robust apps that help you cultivate a profitable revenue stream for your enterprise. Our skilled developers specialize in creating powerful mobile applications that cater to all platforms. We develop innovative mobility solutions driven by a unique and data-centric approach. 

Cloud App Development

We specialize in developing cloud-based applications using the services of industry leaders such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Azure. Our expertise enables you to take advantage of the numerous benefits of cloud computing, including the ability to scale on demand easily. With our assistance, you can confidently build cloud applications that meet your business needs, making the most of the latest technological advancements.

Web Development 

Our web app design services leverage the latest technologies, including PHP, .Net, Java, and others, to develop high-end websites. As a certified web and mobile app development agency in Bangalore,  we prioritize engaging design & user-friendly interfaces to ensure a smooth user experience for our clients. Our focus on delivering high-quality results is mirrored in our utilization of top-tier technologies and our commitment to the highest development standards. 

App Testing & QA

Brandstory, a web app development company in Bangalore, provides a great range of testing and quality assurance (QA) services, including manual testing, automated testing, performance testing, and security testing. Our team utilizes cutting-edge test frameworks and up-to-date technologies to deliver optimal results. We serve various industries and individuals seeking comprehensive QA and testing services.

Why choose Brandstory For Web App Development ?


Responsive Web/Mobile App Designs

Our team comprises highly skilled experts driven by a strong passion for meticulously crafting compelling brand experiences that focus on bespoke, aesthetically pleasing, and innovative websites. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding web solutions that match the needs of our clients. 


Bug-free Code for Web Development

We possess a comprehensive understanding of technology and its nuances, allowing us to efficiently implement clean coding structures that enhance your website or app's strength, security, and functionality. Free of errors, our code guarantees seamless performance that meets your business needs. Our commitment to quality ensures that your platform reliably performs to its full potential.


SEO Optimised Website Pages

Our company provides highly effective and ethical SEO packages prioritizing innovation, transparency, and long-lasting results. Our approach is consistently updated to keep up with industry trends, ensuring our clients stay ahead of their competition. We deliver the highest standards of quality when we design solutions for our customers.


Customer-Oriented Solutions

We adopt an agile work environment that guarantees the fulfillment of all customer requirements, ultimately ensuring maximum satisfaction of users. Our approach is dedicated to providing a seamless experience that adheres to a strict set of standards, allowing us to meet the needs and expectations of our valued customers consistently.

Perks of Partnering with Brandstory for Web App Development


Fast and Mobile-Ready Websites

In the modern era, the majority of individuals prefer to access websites through their different devices. As a result, our team places a high priority on dynamic and accelerated performance by utilizing mobile-friendly website frameworks. By employing these frameworks, we aim to enhance the functionality and optimally improve your site's user experience.


Experienced Team

Brandstory boasts a remarkable portfolio of experience, having built over 100 websites and several mobile apps for entrepreneurs and companies worldwide. We remain ardent in pursuing new opportunities to expand our expertise and service offerings. As a brand catering to professionals, we aim to maintain a formal tone in communicating our values and capabilities.


Cost-effective Web Development

We are a premier provider of high-quality web and app design services in Bangalore. With extensive expertise, comprehensive skills, and cutting-edge infrastructure, we're committed to delivering the best possible website at a highly affordable price. You can rest assured as we design bespoke designs that match your needs and preferences. 


Complete Maintenace, Follow-up
& Assistance

Our website app development company in Bangalore maintains a dedicated team of back-end service providers who work alongside our web designers and developers to ensure that our website's design features, developments, and plugins are always up-to-date. We maintain a professional approach to ensure our designs are high quality and up-to-date.

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How Bespoke & High-performance Web Apps Can Help Your Businesses Soar?

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Improved User Experience

Well-designed websites & applications present an intuitive & user-friendly interface to ensure a seamless customer experience. With the convenience of round-the-clock availability and accessibility through an internet connection, users can effortlessly interact with the application.

Catalog Designs

Good Scalability & Flexibility

Custom web applications offer your business a seamless way to adapt and grow. The ability to easily integrate new relevant features and integrate with other systems helps meet ever-changing requirements. Furthermore, the unrivaled flexibility offered by cloud servers enables the scaling of computing capacity and storage as required.

Social Media Designs

Seamless Deployment, Updates
& Maintenance

Deploying a web application is a relatively easy process that grants users access through a simple URL. One of the distinct advantages of web applications and websites is their centralized updating system, where all users are ensured access to the most updated version simultaneously. This eliminates the hassle of individual updates, as is the case for mobile applications.  

Graphics for Websites

Enhanced Business Operations

By utilizing web-based systems, your business can effectively promote data sharing and collaboration, significantly improving overall efficiency. Through the implementation of automated workflows, manual processes can be streamlined, which ultimately leads to increased productivity and reduced operational costs.



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Client Testimonials

“I recently hired Brandstory to design a web app for my business, and I am extremely happy with the results. Their skilled developers and designers created an innovative and data-driven app that has helped me significantly increase my revenue stream. I highly recommend their expert mobile app development services.”

Malik S

“Brandstory's web development services have helped us take our online business to the next level. Their team's expertise in the latest technologies, including PHP, .Net, and Java, was evident in the high-end website they designed for us. Their focus on user-friendly interfaces and engaging web design ensured that our customers received a seamless and enjoyable user experience. Their commitment to delivering high-quality results is unmatched.”

Sanjana L

“We were searching for a development partner that could provide us with clean, bug-free code for our website development. Brandstory fulfilled our requirements and went above and beyond to ensure an error-free and seamless performance. Highly recommended!”

Tarun Chopra

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