E-Learning Video Production in Bangalore

Videos are no longer just an option when it comes to E-Learning courses. They have become a must-have now. These days, E-Learning Video Production in Bangalore is gaining a lot of popularity, making it a potential marketing tool for numerous educational institutes. So, the competition among the educational institutes is also increasing and you need to design something really unique for your customers in order to make a unique place for yourself in the industry.

BrandStory has been one of the leaders in the field of E-Learning video production for a while now. Every piece of video course designed by us is meant to fulfill a particular objective. Our E-Learning videos production company creates our videos depending on what outcome you want to achieve and what message you wish to convey to the users.

 E-Learning Video Production

Benefits of having an E-Learning videos

E-Learning videos trigger the thinking and problem-solving capabilities of the viewers. These courses are ideal for visual learners. The videos are accessible on multiple devices so that the users face no problem going through the content of the videos. The videos also contain animations to communicate abstract concepts in an interactive way. These kinds of videos have a big role to play in reducing training costs and time. However, to enjoy the benefits, you need to get your E-Learning videos designed by the Best E-Learning Videos Company in India.

Types of eLearning videos:

Micro videos

Micro videos are to-the-point videos that do not contain a lot of explanations. This video-based E-learning is an ideal way to clear the confusion of students.

Training Videos

Training videos are lengthier than micro-videos. They do not teach a single skill but a wide set of skills to the students.

Presentation and Lecture Capture Videos

Presentation and lecture capture videos are mostly used by people who have a subject matter expert with years of experience in the field.

Tutorial Videos

A tutorial video is an instructional video that not only teaches how to do something but also instructs the learners on why a particular thing ought to be done.

Screencast Videos

A screencast video is a type of instructional video that records the actions the instructor is doing on the screen on a real-time basis.

Lecturette Videos

Nowadays, lecturette videos are also becoming largely popular and a lot of companies are opting for these videos.

How can we help?

Achieve learning goals

We will help you to achieve your learning objectives and determine what outcome you are expecting from the E-Learning videos. We also make use of a unique learning approach in creating your videos.

Handle complex subjects

Our highly experienced team of scriptwriters and producers will handle all complex subjects on your behalf and will offer you extraordinary E-Learning Video Production Services.

Produce potent video content

We will create animated videos for our customers that will not only increase user engagement but will also satisfy your branding and budgeting needs.

Guide the production process

We will develop the best E-Learning videos as per your needs and requirements. We will also maintain constant communication with you during the video production process.



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