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We are a Bangalore (India) and Dubai (UAE) based mobile App Development Company that is skillful and professional in developing Mobile application for our clients on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, as well as being experts in social applications and API integration.

Project types developed


MVPS for New Product Idea / Startups

We strategize the minimum viable product for startups by developing an app based on their objectives and business offerings. The idea of developing the app is to rapidly build an app with the minimum set of features that is enough to deploy the product and test key assumptions about customers’ interactions with the product. Apart from the app development, our clients need not face the hassles of hiring distinguished employees for each task as Brand Story constitutes a well-structured team to handle all related technology and digital marketing aspects of their product/service. We offer supreme value with respect to optimum solutions at less cost and also present opportunities of building your network across business professionals who might be interested to assist you in taking your idea forward.

Consumer services

Brand Story develops B2C apps for businesses pertaining to consumer services. Our team of dedicated business professionals constitutes Strategists, Designers, Content Developers and Technicians with immense experience in their respective fields who are perfectly-equipped to deliver the best solutions for all your app development requirements. We facilitate all aspects including the design, development, testing and deployment of Apps for B2C Businesses. We’ll present your business to your target users via a mobile application with seamless functionality. Our apps are designed with one philosophy: A tailored online experience of the business in the mobile device that is easily accessible by the user.

Enterprise Utilities

Enterprise apps help consolidate your workplace at one place with professional corporate apps to reduce paper trails and streamline business operations. Our apps are designed to be well integrated with all enterprise applications used within the organization. Enterprise apps include different types of apps such as Content marketing app, Internal reporting apps, CRM apps, sales support app and many more. We also deliver the currently trending app support in Big Data and Cloud based management apps for enterprises.
Mobile App development

App store optimisation

App Store Optimization (ASO) services are basically seen as SEO for apps. With every brand releasing an app; looking the same as the other, it’s hard to have a unique looking app. With the help of professional ASO service, you build a solid platform to maximize discovery on app stores and to dominate in the market. Creating a premium brand value comes as a part of the package with good ASO. Your app goes through all the filters that limit its discovery in the app store.

If gaining maximum visibility and getting on high selling charts is along the lines of what you’re looking at, then it is important that you get professional help. We believe that by availing our services before launching your app, you can increase future downloads of the app and get on to the top charts from the start.

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One glance- that’s all you’ll get to tell your user what your app does. You have to capture the user’s attention and will them to download your app within one glance. An app title is the most important ASO factor because if the user can’t tell what your app does through the title, they will skip it. So, you have to sent a clear message within 255 characters. We advise you on the best from all aspects-for you and the user. Some may hoard the available space with keywords but that is only going to chase away your user.

Another restriction- within 100 characters, the best keywords have to be selected. For this a detailed understanding of your user base, market study, competitors study and popular search keywords study is required, before finalizing. This is not a one-time task as the study needs to stay in current terms with the current statistics. We use data collected over our experience to make this task easier for you. The perfect App keywords are not too long or too generic.

We are on the constant lookout for your review and ratings, as this is of the most critical value. With correct page optimization, your reviews can increase your app store search ranking. Our in-house tools give us a background insight on key themes and narratives from feedbacks.

When you get a view on your description, it is as good as getting someone aboard on your website. It means you’ve gotten through the initial customer attraction process and now you need to get them to download your app. Strong optimization starts here. This is where you sell your app for downloads; this is where the customer sees the features of your app and sets an expectation of what is inside it. Your app description should be crisp, with no exaggeration or underestimation. You can rely on us for that, as we do it just right.

3 seconds- that’s how long you get to make a first impression to capture the user’s interest through a list of other apps they’re viewing under the same category. The logo has to communicate what your app does through an icon that look effortless yet composed with perfect design, symmetry and creative portions.

This is the trailer to the movie. The neatest shots of the exclusive features and functionality are highlighted here, with a small description of each shot. We go as the old saying goes that people judge a book by its cover, so we use your best screen display to put on a show here.

The brand name goes here, irrespective of what you are naming your app since people might look for you along with the app. So if you have multiple app, this comes to great use as all your apps will line down, as soon as someone types in your name in the search bar.

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary category is what decide where your app falls under. This is of high importance as it determines the success of your app. The right category gets you to your right customer base or target audience and vice versa, while the wrong category lands you with zero results.