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Growth hacking is a perfect blend of Technology and Marketing with an essence of Intelligence. Core marketing is disrupted by growth hacking, where you can attract potential consumers at a lower cost and enormous reach. All it needs is to master the art of creativity and apply the same with the technical and marketing knowledge.

The benefit of using the techniques is, you can test, measure, scale and track every individual campaign using digital tools unlike traditional marketing where the measurement can be done only for the entire campaign and promotion. It helps you to get an insight and deploy resources to the areas where the company is being benefited the most.

Product Market Fit is the ideal state of achievement where the product and the consumers are in perfect sync with one another. In is an ongoing process where the business or business model needs to regular update and change until they acquire consumers will and positive response from the people who follow them. Growth hacking ensures that your business is focussed on resolving consumers real life problems, by delivering real life solution rather than a hypothetical assurances, no matter how many times your business delivery platform needs refinement in the process.

Exploring the Growth Hack for your business

In traditional marketing where business focus on masses and not specific targets, growth hacking tools and methodologies focuses on specific targets, and that is what we aspire to achieve for our clients. Targeting the most potential segment and getting the maximum conversion. This involves trying and testing various growth hacking methods and evaluating the results using growth hacking tools to obtain the most prominent approach for your business, satisfying the growth.

Retention and Optimization: 360° Approach

Once we begin with an activity we need to conclude the same with positive results and the loop should continue perpetually, and this is what growth hacking tools master in. We undertake measures to monitor the conversion rate and also keep a watch on the visitor’s behaviour to understand their psychology. The focus is also on retaining and enriching consumer experience and create lifelong loyalists.

Evolving and added Service

Growth hacking is an ever-going methodology and technique, One needs to keep updating as per the industry standards. More than keeping up with the race it’s all about exploring and going beyond the race in search of finding the “next big thing”. We have an expert team who are dedicated and motivated to find the "next big thing" and help your business "Be the First" to receive the service.

Your glossary to growth hack

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel is a series of steps to find potential leads and convert most of them, not only one time consumers but a brand loyalist. The funnel open at prospecting a client to inquiring and eventually setting a proposal for sale attracting new customers. A few of popular techniques used are:

  • Discounts
  • Reward
  • Special offers

The entire process is dedicated to calculate and quantify the number of customers at every level of sale.


Stickiness is nothing but creating a positive addiction towards your product or offerings. It is the measure of how likely the consumers buys your product and then rebuys from your business over and over again. According to top analysist Chip and Dan Hearth, sticky idea and product trend to be simple, unexpected and credible with concrete details, an emotional undertow and a memorable story line.

When consumer sign-up for your product or service, how often they use it, how often they select but do not make a final purchase, Growth hacking helps us to establish a measure to analyse the same and develop appropriate actions plan.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate is an objective measure of your website or application stickiness, do visitors often skip the site and leave immediately or they spend time to explore the offerings. If the bounce rate is high you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the website design unattractive?
  • Are you targeting the wrong users?
  • Are you promoting at the wrong place?

These are just a few basic questions, apart from this many other aspects are considered while evaluating Bounce rate. However the conclusion is the same if your answer is “Yes” for any of the above question, or any other reason resulting in visitors skipping your website you need to redesign the entire Product Marketing mix model.

Cohort analysis

Cohort analysis is a method where we use data from web application gathered using growth hacking tools and segregate them into related groups, rather than looking and analysing them as one whole data set. It helps us to analyse and look into every consumer group separately for better understanding and designing of promotion offers targeting every specific group individually.

Conversion rate

It is the count of number of people who visit and view your offerings and eventually complete the process with the desired action (register, purchase, email, share, Promote etc.). Growth hacking tools helps to closely monitor the conversion rate, as this is the goal for the entire process. Calculating the percentage of leads converted at the end of the day helps us to verify the implementation of various strategies and decide whether it’s a good investment or not.

Growth hacker

A growth hacker is an individual who has understood and mastered the art of growing the business by means of marketing, technology and creative intelligence. Their goal is to develop marketing innovative ideas and use effective tools to “attract”, “convert” and “retain” consumers. They apply the principle of hypothesising, testing and iteration of different versions, and at the end they develop an effective and efficient way of growing the business.

Minimum viable product

Minimum viable product is an early version of the product that allows business to gather relevant data about their prospective consumers in limited time and effort. It helps the company to identify the shortcoming of the product by analysing the consumer response. In the process the business do not launch the final product but let the product evolve with the consumer’s requirement.


Pivot as per definition is a “structured course correction designed to test new fundamental hypothesis about product, strategy and engine of growth”. It basically involves restructuring or changing your product as per consumers demand or response. Some product may not be accepted in the market as they exist in the current form but might be highly successful if they understand the consumer and change accordingly.

Product Market Fit

Product Market Fit is the ideal state of achievement where the product and the consumers are in perfect sync with one another. In is an ongoing process where the business or business model needs to regular update and change until they acquire consumers attention and positive response from the people who follow them. Growth hacking ensures that your business is focused on resolving consumers real life problems, no matter how many times your business platform needs a refinement in the process.


It is an approach to attract and grab maximum attention in short span of time. Publicity includes talking or trying something new to get an edge over the competitors and get a way into consumers mind. It helps to disrupt the existing industry and viral the new offering. Ola for example disrupted the entire taxi industry with its stunts and publicity, they provided “Ola boats” during Chennai flood in the year 2015. Such stunts grab public immediate attention and help the business grow exponentially.

A/B Testing

A/B testing which is often referred as “split testing” is the method where we test and compare two different versions of the same website to choose the best alternative for the business. Publishing both the version for the web page and allowing visitors choose which one is the best alternative, A or B by gathering data while they use both the versions. Quantifying your results will give you an added advantage over instinct.


Also referred as “self-stating process” is a situation where entrepreneur self-fund the business rather than seeking for investors. In the era where every company is heavily investing on marketing, especially start-ups who are in the race to attract investors and venture capitalists, Bootstrapping is an alternative solution. It aims at developing a process where the business activity including marketing campaign is self-sufficient and pays for itself or runs on a very low budget. Every single penny invested assuring a return.

Vanity metrics

Vanity metrics are the metric that incorporate deceiving superficial data which can help your business boast in the community. It includes data like number of people visiting your website, number of website click. However it ignores the essential factors like bounce rate, conversion rate etc. which the business should actually look for. But as mentioned above it can be used to boast and popularise the website by boosting deceiving numbers. Be careful how you use this data.

Viral loop

A Viral loop is a chain of action from consumers noticing your product and service for the first time to using and eventually sharing experience of the same with others, suggesting and endorsing the product and service thereby your company.

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