Your target audience has to understand you, get comfortable with your presence and then involve themselves in defining your identity. With engagement, we have to build your value one experience at a time, mapping your path forward in contributing to the creation of your brand identity. What we set out for you is a brand framework that clearly dictates brand components like proposition, positioning statements and marketing messages.

Along with concept development, consistent execution and communications planning, our concentrations include

Brand Positioning

Your positioning is what defines you and marks your foot landing in the market. A positioning statement is what defines a brand’s uniqueness, niche that you’re centered in, audience that you have targeted, benefits that your product or service offers and how it makes your client’s life better and easier.

With BrandStory, you can be sure that there will be plenty of occasions where we can innovate opportunities for you and then take those opportunities to innovate for you.

Internal Branding

Having a strong internal branding isn’t just having an appealing logo on a fancy business card or a tagline that your company lives by. It’s the values and principles that your company lives, breathes and thinks by. It is what makes your company different and builds the foundation that your company thrives on. Internal branding can be seen as the ideology, principle, ideal and ethics that bind the company together, and more importantly, strengthen it to flourish to its prime.

Brand Architecture

All your sub-brands and umbrella brands need to follow up on your branding with the same essence as the parent brand. The overall look and feel is managed by us, to define and formulate the relationship between the brands and establish a firm interaction base with the consumers and shareholders of your company. We design your brand identity, develop logos, construct your brand portfolios while retaining the brand essence throughout in order to anchor all your brands for continuous success.


To begin with, you need that one line that says it all. Taglines establish your presence in the minds of people. It is what they subconsciously connect to and recall in their heads when they hear your brand name. Now when it’s something of that big a significance, you might want to make sure you get it right on every angle. It’s summarizing your product features, brand value, brand identity and niche into one single subtle line. It is the statement that people know your company by; it is what defines your identity authentically and reinforces your proposition and corporate persona.

Key Messaging

When we use the term ‘anchoring down’ we mean to make sure that your company stays stable, doesn’t drift away or worse, drift apart due to latest fads and trends in the market. This is where key messages come in, creating an impression with your target audience, giving all your advantages the correct highlight they require and acknowledging your business objectives. What is essential for any initiative is that there is absolute clarity and 100% elimination of any confusion when it comes to value and philosophy and guidelines of the brand.

User Profiles

The most effective way to gain insight on the needs of users who are interacting with your brand, website or service and to influence them is through the insights gained from user profiles. They are like guideposts to understand all you need for user-based development and a peep into their behavior patterns. They allow the brand to understand the complete user-interaction lifecycle from brand discovery and participation to purchase and brand enthusiasm. BrandStory develops and recovers your user profiles through research, surveys and existing insights to give the insights that your brand requires.

Brand Guidelines

Building visual identity systems are essential in creating a crystal clear image of your brand in the user’s minds. Brand guidelines are the thread on which your external branding and internal branding are tied to on either end. This can only be done if every single element of your brand is broken down into minuscule components and defined likewise. Brand guidelines are the compass pointing out the direction for your identity, offerings, imagery, content and marketing and this direction is what will give you a tangible result as per brand engagement terms.

Video/Motion Design

Compelling and interactive videos engage clients, entertain them and provide them with pieces of information. Videos are a visually appealing way to communicate your portfolio, services or simply your brand enthusiasm. Branded video content is a neat way to propose your product/service to the client and sweep them off their feet. This is an active way to engage them into your call-to-action and drive them towards being your faithful audience, giving the consumers a taste of your brand.

Reports and Investor Communication Design

Brand Engagement is not only restricted to your consumers but also within the organization and investors. Thus, your reports and analytic need to look sharp and cutting edge when they are being presented and this happens to be something that we have expertise on: annual report designs and investor communications that effectively relay your message across. We work with special attention to designs for reports such as Annual Reports, Online Annual Reports, Video Annual Reports, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Fact Sheets and IR Collateral, Investor Presentations, Investor Relations Apps, Investor Websites, IPO Communications, Shareholder Meeting Support and Sustainability Reports.