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Account Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing will help you precisely and quickly meet your sales goals

In modern business, where precision and efficiency are important, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) emerges as a strategic beacon to guide you to sales success. ABM offers a transformative approach beyond traditional marketing methods, allowing you to focus precisely on high-value target accounts. Accelerate your revenue growth from key accounts with the help of an Account-based marketing company in Gurgaon, Brandstory. Access user-friendly insights on target accounts and individuals to streamline your approach.

Build the finest possible foundation with the best account-based marketing agency in Gurgaon

The Brandstory team customizes your strategies to meet the unique needs of each prospect. Account-based marketing services empower you to create stronger connections, achieve faster conversions, and ultimately reach your sales goals with unmatched precision.

Explore the realm of Account-Based Marketing and discover how this strategy can accelerate your journey to sales triumph.

Identify your high-value target accounts

Connect with our BrandStory team to identify the appropriate target audience for your specific market-based target accounts' location, size, and key decision-makers. We assist you in pinpointing the exact target group.

Account Based Marketing
Account Based Marketing

Streamline decision makers

With our assistance, you can identify the key stakeholders with decision-making power for your service. As the best account-based marketing agency in Gurgaon, we specialize in pinpointing the most relevant stakeholders to your goals. We will aid you in understanding their intent and crafting tailored messaging and collaterals to initiate engaging conversations with them.

Account Based Marketing

Engage with stakeholders

BrandStory specializes in delivering highly customized and personalized experiences to your target audience. By tailoring message flows, our team enables your target accounts to establish a stronger and more direct connection with your services one-on-one.

Account Based Marketing
Account Based Marketing

Optimise touch points & messaging

When it comes to optimizing the touch points and messaging, BrandStory account-based marketing services in Gurgaon is your ultimate partner. It boosts sales and marketing. It also helps in facilitating interactions with your target account holders. With good and impactful message flows across all touchpoints, the Brandstory team empowers your teams to have tangible conversations.

Account Based Marketing

Measure success of Account Based Marketing

BrandStory professionals set up metrics like target account engagement, conversion rates, deal velocity, and pipeline growth. It is done to provide a 360-degree picture of ABM's effectiveness. This further, helps in creating personalized interactions and ultimately delivering good outcomes.

Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

A step by step process

Account Based Marketing

Our Account-Based Marketing Procedure

Step 1:

Determine target accounts

Step 2:

Verify and create the data set

Step 3:

Customize content and outreach

Step 4:

Engage with key stakeholders

Step 5:

Provide personalized solutions and support

Step 6:

Measure success and adjust strategies as needed.

Benefits of Account-Based Marketing

ABM marketing offers several benefits to businesses looking to target and engage with high-value clients. By focusing on marketing accounts, ABM allows for sending custom-built messages to clients as per their needs. This results in improved lead quality, increased revenues, and higher conversion rates.

Personalized Marketing:

It is a strategy according to which content tailoring is done for individual customers based on their preferences, demographics, and preferences. Personalized marketing enhances customer engagement, conversion rates, and loyalty. Under, this our team delivers relevant and meaningful experiences.

Align Marketing & Sales Teams:

This is important for effective revenue generation strategy for businesses. It makes sure that both teams are working towards generation strategy and common goals. The aligning marketing and sales teams share insights and communicate seamlessly to generate insights. All this leads to improved lead quality and efficient lead nurturing, and This alignment leads to improved lead quality, more efficient conversion rate, and revenue.

Boosts Conversions and ROI:

Impactful PPC management campaigns boost the company’s ROI and conversions to reach the right audience with the right message. It further decreases wasted ad spending and, at the same time, improves click-through rates. ABM drives more qualified leads with data-driven insights and campaigns.

Build and nurture Customer Relationships:

It is essential for long-term relationships with customers for success in the marketing realm. Through meaningful communication, feedback channels, and exceptional customer service, your company can instill loyalty and trust. All this leads to repeat business, tangible referrals, and a loyal customer base.

Why Choose an Account-Based Marketing Agency in Gurgaon?

BrandStory is best among the best account-based marketing companies in Gurgaon for its best services. Account-based marketing services offer numerous advantages that can innovate your marketing and sales strategy.

With our detailed targeting, you can effectively engage with prospects who have the potential to become customers. By delivering custom-built content and solutions, you can increase the chances of these prospects progressing through the sales funnel.


ABM relies on specific and related key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure its effectiveness. It includes tracking website visits, content downloads, and email open rates. This helps in gauging the initial interest and interaction with your brand.Whether it is signing up for the webinar or requesting a demo, all accounts for AMB’s effectiveness can be measured.

Some of the KPIs for AMB include:

  • Marketing qualified leads/marketing qualified accounts
  • Cost per lead
  • Time on page (for engagement of digital assets)
  • Email open rate/reply rate
  • Number of additional contacts per account
  • Engagement (rate) by account
  • Pipeline velocity
  • Marketing influence rate
  • In-funnel conversion rate
  • Number of sales meetings/appointments per account
  • Number of proposals sent
  • Close rate /churn rate
  • Average selling price/average selling



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Account Based Marketing


What are account-based marketing examples?

  • The following are the areas where ABM strategies are used by any account-based company:
  • 1. In creating good and attractive content personalized to the needs of individual accounts.
  • 2. In operating the well-developed targeted ads on social media platforms to achieve best results. It also aids in reaching relevant accounts and engaging them with business ideas.
  • 3. Using best and tailored direct mail campaigns to capture the full attention of key decision-makers.
  • BrandStory account-based marketing agency in Gurgaon does it all for the clients in its account-based marketing services.

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