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Account Based Marketing

Cost-Effective Approach and Cutting Edge Account Based Marketing in Pune

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a highly targeted marketing strategy that focuses on individual accounts or specific companies rather than broad markets. In Pune, businesses can adopt a cost-effective approach to ABM by utilising cutting-edge tools and techniques.

By targeting specific accounts with relevant and personalised messaging, businesses in Pune can achieve higher engagement rates, better conversion rates, and ultimately, increased revenue. Additionally, the cost-effective approach to account based marketing in Pune means that even small and mid-sized businesses in Pune can implement this strategy and compete with larger players in their industry.

Why Choose BrandStory Over Other ABM Companies in Pune?

BrandStory is a highly reliable ABM Company in Kolkata. We are a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are well-versed in the latest ABM trends and techniques. We offer customised ABM strategies that are tailored to your business goals and target audience. We also work closely with your marketing and sales teams to ensure that your account based marketing in Pune is aligned with your overall marketing strategy. We make use of data-driven insights to measure the success of your ABM campaign and adjust it as needed.

Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

A step by step process

Account Based Marketing

Different Types of Account-based Marketing Services in Pune

There are several types of account based marketing services in Pune available to businesses. You need to choose your exact type depending on your business needs and requirements. Here are the three main types of ABM that you should know of:

One-to-one Account-Based Marketing (also called “Strategic ABM”):

This is the most personalised type of ABM, where a business focuses on building relationships with individual high-value accounts. It involves customized marketing strategies tailored to the specific needs and pain points of each account, and typically requires a high level of investment in terms of time and resources.

One-to-few Account-Based Marketing (also called “ABM Lite”):

This approach is a more scaled-back version of one-to-one ABM and focuses on a smaller group of accounts with similar needs and characteristics. It involves developing targeted marketing campaigns that are relevant to the shared pain points of the accounts in the group.

One-to-many Account-Based Marketing (also called “Programmatic ABM”):

This is the most scalable form of ABM and involves targeting a large number of accounts that share similar characteristics, such as industry or business size. It typically involves leveraging technology and data to automate the delivery of relevant marketing messages to the targeted accounts at scale.

What Are The Benefits of Approaching Account-based Marketing Companies in Pune?

Approaching account-based marketing companies in Pune can offer various benefits to businesses. This can offer your business excellent growth and prosperity within the shortest span of time. You will also face no trouble at all in achieving your marketing goals. Some of the major benefits of ABM have been listed below:

Increased ROI:

ABM companies in Pune can help businesses to focus on high-value accounts and create personalised marketing campaigns that resonate with their target audience. This approach can lead to increased engagement and conversion rates, resulting in a higher return on investment (ROI) for businesses.

Engage with stakeholders:

You can take the help of ABM companies to engage with stakeholders at various levels and build strong relationships with them. This approach can lead to better communication, collaboration, and alignment between sales and marketing teams, resulting in improved sales performance and revenue growth.

Streamline decision makers:

ABM companies can help businesses to identify key decision-makers within their target accounts and create customized messaging and content to address their specific needs and pain points. This approach can lead to shorter sales cycles and faster decision-making, resulting in increased revenue and business growth.

Optimises the customer experience:

Account based marketing companies in Pune can allow businesses to provide a personalised and seamless experience to their target accounts, from the initial engagement to post-sale follow-ups. This approach can lead to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy, resulting in long-term revenue growth and business success.

Personalised messages:

ABM companies can help businesses to create highly personalised account based marketing campaigns that resonate with their target accounts and address their unique pain points and challenges. This approach can lead to increased engagement, conversion rates, and customer loyalty, resulting in higher revenue and business growth.

What Makes A Successful Account Based Marketing Campaign?

A successful account-based marketing campaign involves identifying the high value target accounts, creating personalised content, and using different channels to reach out to the target audience. The campaign should also involve close collaboration between sales and marketing teams, with a focus on building strong relationships with the targeted accounts.

Define your goals:

Defining your goals is crucial for a successful account-based marketing campaign. This includes identifying your target accounts and the desired outcomes, such as increasing revenue or market share. Clear goals will help you tailor your tactics and messaging to achieve specific results.

Clear result oriented tactic:

Using result-oriented tactics is essential in ABM. These may include personalised content, targeted advertising, and one-to-one outreach. By focusing on the specific needs and pain points of your target accounts, you can create messaging that resonates and drives action.

Define Your Outreach Channels:

Defining your outreach channels is also important. This includes identifying the most effective channels for reaching your target accounts, such as email, social media, or direct mail. By using multiple channels, you can increase the chances of connecting with your target accounts.

Determine Your Communication:

Determine your communication strategy, including messaging, tone, and timing. This includes identifying the key decision-makers within your target accounts and tailoring your messaging to their specific needs and pain points. Effective communication is critical to building relationships and driving action.

Measure success of Account Based Marketing:

Measuring the success of your ABM campaign is essential to optimise your tactics and achieve your goals. This includes tracking metrics such as engagement rates, conversion rates, and revenue generated. By regularly reviewing your metrics, you can identify areas for improvement and adjust your tactics accordingly.

Review ABM campaign metrics and optimise:

Reviewing ABM campaign metrics and optimising is the final step in a successful campaign. This involves analysing the data collected during the campaign and identifying areas for improvement. By continually testing and refining your tactics, you can ensure that your ABM campaigns are effective and achieve your desired outcomes.


ABM KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are used to measure the success and effectiveness of an account-based marketing campaign. The following are some of the key KPIs for measuring the success rate of account based marketing solutions:

  • Marketing qualified leads/marketing qualified accounts
  • Cost per lead
  • Time on page (for engagement of digital assets)
  • Email open rate/reply rate
  • Number of additional contacts per account
  • Engagement (rate) by account
  • Pipeline velocity
  • Marketing influence rate
  • In-funnel conversion rate
  • Number of sales meetings/appointments per account
  • Number of proposals sent
  • Close rate /churn rate
  • Average selling price/average selling



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Account Based Marketing


Why does account-based marketing continue to grow?

  • Account-based marketing (ABM) continues to grow because it allows marketers to focus their resources on high-value accounts, resulting in more personalized and effective marketing strategies. It also helps to align sales and marketing teams towards the same goal.

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