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Account Based Marketing

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Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a strategic approach to B2B marketing that focuses on identifying high-value accounts and creating personalized marketing campaigns to target them. ABM has gained popularity in recent years as a more effective and efficient way to reach and engage with key decision-makers in target accounts.

In Delhi, the adoption of ABM has been on the rise as businesses look for cost-effective approaches to generate high-quality leads and close more deals. With the proliferation of digital channels and tools, companies are able to leverage ABM to achieve better targeting, engagement, and conversion rates.

Why Choose BrandStory Over Other ABM Companies in Delhi?

BrandStory takes a customized approach to account based marketing in Delhi. We will develop a unique strategy for each client, based on their specific needs and goals. Our personalized approach helps clients achieve better results. The team at BrandStory consists of experienced professionals who have worked with a wide range of clients. We bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project, ensuring that clients receive the best possible service.

How Do Account-based Marketing Solutions Engage With Targeted B2B Marketing?

Account-based marketing solutions are designed to engage with targeted B2B marketing by focusing on specific accounts or companies that are most likely to buy a product or service. Account based marketing services in Delhi involve identifying and targeting high-value accounts, and then creating personalized marketing campaigns to engage with decision-makers within those accounts.

An ABM Company in Delhi uses data and analytics to identify the accounts that are most likely to buy a product or service. This could be based on factors such as company size, industry, location, revenue, or other relevant metrics.

Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

A step by step process

Account Based Marketing

Different Types of Account-based Marketing Services in Delhi

Being one of the best account based marketing companies in Delhi, BrandStory offers a comprehensive range of services to the customers. This end-to-end approach helps clients achieve their marketing objectives more efficiently and effectively. BrandStory uses innovative technology to support its ABM campaigns. This includes account insights, predictive analytics, and AI-powered tools. This helps clients stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions about their marketing strategies.

One-to-one Account-Based Marketing (also called “Strategic ABM”):

This type of ABM is a highly personalized approach that focuses on building relationships with individual high-value accounts. It involves creating customized content, messaging, and conducting account based marketing campaigns tailored to the specific needs and interests of each account. Strategic ABM requires significant resources and time investment, but can yield substantial returns in terms of account engagement and revenue.

One-to-few Account-Based Marketing (also called “ABM Lite”):

This type of ABM targets a small group of accounts with similar characteristics or needs. It involves creating personalized campaigns and messaging for each account group, but at a slightly lower level of customization compared to one-to-one ABM. ABM Lite is a more scalable approach than strategic ABM, but still requires a significant investment in resources and time.

One-to-many Account-Based Marketing (also called “Programmatic ABM”):

Programmatic ABM follows a more automated and scalable approach that targets a larger number of accounts. It involves using technology and data to create personalized campaigns and messaging for groups of accounts that share similar characteristics or needs. Programmatic ABM is less personalized than strategic or ABM Lite, but can still yield significant results in terms of account engagement and revenue

What Are The Benefits of Approaching Account-based Marketing Companies in Delhi?

ABM is particularly useful for companies that have a limited number of high-value clients or accounts, as it allows them to focus their resources on those accounts to maximize ROI. Approaching BrandStory, a reliable account-based marketing company in Delhi, can offer several benefits to businesses, including:

Increased ROI:

Account based marketing solutions focus on targeting high-value accounts and delivering personalized messages and experiences to them. This approach can lead to higher ROI because it helps to optimize marketing resources by focusing on accounts that are most likely to convert into paying customers.

Engage with stakeholders:

ABM also involves engaging with key stakeholders within the target accounts. This can help build relationships with decision-makers and influencers and increase the chances of converting them into customers.

Streamline decision makers:

ABM helps to streamline the decision-making process by targeting key decision-makers within the account. This approach can help to reduce the length of the sales cycle and increase the chances of closing deals.

Optimises the customer experience:

ABM helps to deliver a personalized and relevant customer experience by tailoring the marketing message and content to the specific needs and pain points of the target account. This can help to build trust and credibility with the customer, which can ultimately lead to higher conversion rates.

Personalised messages:

ABM allows businesses to create highly personalized messages and content for their target accounts. This approach can help to grab the attention of the target audience and increase the chances of conversion. By tailoring the message to the specific needs and pain points of the account, businesses can increase engagement and build stronger relationships with potential customers

What Makes A Successful Account Based Marketing Campaign?

Account-based marketing campaigns will have to be designed in a highly strategic way so that it is able to deliver the desired output to the clients. Without proper strategies, ABM will fail to offer you the required success. Here are some key points to consider for successful account based marketing in Delhi:

Define your goals:

The first step to a successful ABM campaign is to define your goals. What do you want to achieve with your campaign? Is it to generate new leads, nurture existing ones, or to increase revenue from existing accounts? Once you have a clear understanding of your goals, you can tailor your ABM strategy to achieve them.

Clear result oriented tactic:

To achieve your goals, you need to have a clear, result-oriented tactic. This could involve creating customized content or providing personalized experiences for your target accounts. Whatever tactic you choose, make sure it aligns with your goals and is designed to achieve specific outcomes.

Define Your Outreach Channels:

You need to determine the best outreach channels to use for your target accounts. This could include social media, email, or even direct mail. Make sure you choose channels that your target accounts are most likely to engage with.

Determine Your Communication:

It is important to tailor your communication to the specific needs and preferences of your target accounts. This could involve personalizing your messaging or providing specific information that is relevant to their industry or pain points.

Measure success of Account Based Marketing:

It is important to measure the success of your ABM campaign to determine whether it has achieved its goals. This could involve tracking metrics such as conversion rates, pipeline generation, and revenue growth. By regularly monitoring your metrics, you can adjust your strategy to optimize your results.

Review ABM campaign metrics and optimise:

Based on the metrics you track, you can review your ABM campaign and optimize it for better performance. This could involve tweaking your tactics, outreach channels, or messaging to better align with your target accounts. By continuously optimizing your campaign, you can improve its effectiveness and achieve better results over time


Account-based marketing KPIs (key performance indicators) are important because they help businesses track and measure the success of their ABM strategies. ABM KPIs allow businesses to assess the effectiveness of their ABM campaigns and make data-driven decisions on how to optimize them for better results.

  • Marketing qualified leads/marketing qualified accounts
  • Cost per lead
  • Time on page (for engagement of digital assets)
  • Email open rate/reply rate
  • Number of additional contacts per account
  • Engagement (rate) by account
  • Pipeline velocity
  • Marketing influence rate
  • In-funnel conversion rate
  • Number of sales meetings/appointments per account
  • Number of proposals sent
  • Close rate /churn rate
  • Average selling price/average selling



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Account Based Marketing


What are the essential steps for a successful ABM go-to-market strategy?

  • The essential steps for a successful ABM go-to-market strategy include identifying target accounts, developing personalized content and messaging, aligning sales and marketing teams, and measuring and optimizing results.

What are the tools used in ABM?

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