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E-commerce photography is an image taken to serve as a visual representation of your product for online shoppers. E-Commerce photography plays a huge role in the purchasing decision of the customer as it serves as the sole decision-making filter for customers to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a product. BrandStory prides itself on being the frontrunner in e-commerce product photography services in Bangalore. We recognize that this niche has a special requirement of having the finest e-commerce product photographers, who are skilled in the art ofprofessional e-commerce photography.

E-Commerce Product Photography

Services We Offer

We possess the finest e-commerce photography studios in Bangalore with state-of-the-art equipment. Our entire process focuses on rendering the best customer experience possible. We also believe in the art of telling your product’s story through our work. We work in a way that makes us the finest e-commerce photography agency you can trust!

1) White Background Photography

We offer this service keeping in mind the creation of a high-energy, cheerful, and distraction-free background with a bright, white background. This helps your product stand out through visual media.

2) Product Photography

Being the front runner in providing e-commerce product photography in Bangalore, we believe that a resplendent photograph of any given product can successfully boost the customer’s psychological satisfaction of owning that product. Since the photograph acts as a substitute for what the consumer would otherwise want to touch and feel in a retail store, we believe that product photography has to be done in a way that communicates a story about the product to the customer.

3) 360-Degree-Photography

Recognizing the need for unconventional e-commerce photo shoots in Bangalore, we offer 360-degree e-commerce product photography services. This is a great alternative to a standard product photograph. We will equip your photo shoot with the required setup, including lights, stands, cameras and lenses, computer equipment, and software.

4) E-commerce Videos

If you are looking for an ‘e-commerce product photography service near me’ with the intent of capturing your product’s story, then what’s a better way to do this than with a moving picture? Videos are an effective form of an e-commerce photo shoot in Bangalore due to the room it provides for personalization, which we at BrandStory believe is key for your product to stand out in a saturated market.

5) Lookbooks & Catalogues

A lookbook is used to sell an item's aesthetic or vibe. We do this by utilising more pictures and less text. This is designed to push your brand image as a visual story. We can also make a catalogue for you which would consist of elements such as short/long descriptions, images, and other information. We factor for spread, evenness and balance to ensure you get only the best.

6) Model Shoots

AWe also specialise in e-commerce model photography. So, if you have a fashion product, then count us in to help you with your e-commerce fashion photography as we bring to the table a humanistic approach that makes us the right choice.

Our e-commerce product photography process

1) Place Your Order Online

For the first step in your journey with us, search for our website and let our simplistic UI/UX design guide you in a step-by-step manner through your entire onboarding process with us. Also, while you’re on our website, make sure you look at our gallery and read reviews of other happy customers as well.

2) Email Us Match Examples

We would love to get an understanding of your product and its positioning. Such information will then further help us in being able to communicate this story to your brand’s primary and secondary audiences. Based on our understanding and the inputs we receive from your end, we would be able to prepare a customised plan that will help make things easier in the photo shoot.

3) Send Us Your Products

Send across your product to our address provided to you so that we can immediately begin to work on things from our end. We will then begin to work our charm on it and capture it in the best possible manner.

4) We Photograph Your Product

BrandStory prioritises the demands of its clients and executes the product photography sessions keeping any and all suggestions in mind. After the products have been sent, we make sure to get the finest clicks that we can. We prioritize keeping the setting and technique of the matching examples in mind and infusing better techniques. Hereby, the e-commerce products are photographed to perfection.

5) Review & Approve Photos

At BrandStory, we place a high value on our clients' feedback. After the product photography is finished, the photographs are sent to clients for review and approval. We make necessary changes to the product photos depending on our clients' recommendations and feedback in order to provide them with the best possible outcomes.

6) Return, Ship and Close

Once the photography has been mutually and officially declared as over, we ship the final photographs to you. This brings us to the end of our service, but the photos will live on to tell the tale of your product!


With visual content becoming the base upon which purchasing decisions are made, product photography will only keep getting more significant. While product photography may only be considered as a component of visual content, we believe in the need to transform this niche of photography into a highly interactive niche. We do this by infusing creativity into every stage of the process. Through our uniquely designed process, we not only take photographs of your product but also inform potential customers of the utility of the product, the unique selling proposition of the product and the various other differentiating factors that your product offers. By doing this, we successfully play an important role in aiding the customer's decision in buying your product.

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