Corporate Photography Services in Bangalore

Commercial or business photography is commonly known as corporate photography. Various organisational units use commercial photography to capture the images of their services, products, and organisations to stimulate business amongst the audience. With the passage of time, corporate photographers in India have become increasingly popular as digital media has become an integral part of marketing in which photography has become very important.

Commercial photographs are highly in demand because people love buying visually appealing products. BrandStory possesses a talented troupe of photographers who can provide you with the best corporate photography in Bangalore and will equip you with the best professional corporate photography services in India. We do this with the aim of helping your enterprise flourish and take it to a new horizon.

Corporate Photography Services in Bangalore

Types of Corporate Photography

At BrandStory we recognize the hyper personalised needs of our clientele and make every possible move to accommodate even the challenging ones. Why do we do this? Because we want to be able to tell a story about your brand through our work. And since different brands have their own way of working, we provide a wide variety of commercial and corporate photography services in India.

1. Product Corporate Photography

We like to get to know the companies we work with on a personal level, learn about their culture, ideal clients, and goals. As a result, we are able to create some value-added relationships to assist our clients in their growth. . BrandStory corporate photographs help you highlight your product and urge potential buyers to purchase your product over the products sold by your competitors.

2. Architectural Photography

Along with the architectural blueprint, a photograph is the only piece of paper that can help sell a unit of architecture. Our service finds the right angles to focus on the anthropometry, layout and aesthetics of various structures. This niche of corporate photography demands a lot of attention to detail, which we proudly possess, along with a sense of visualization.

3. Fashion Photography

BrandStory also provides the best professional corporate photo shoot in the city. Fashion modelling is where a fashion model is hired for commercial photography. It is done to promote a product interestingly in the market with the assistance of a popular model or artist. We approach such assignments with the human touch that we are known to be good for. This makes for a comfortable model who can focus on presenting themselves in the best way to display the focus product and highlight its uniqueness.

4. Environmental Portraits

If you desire a photograph that includes some context, then we can help you out there as well. We come with a unique plan for a variety of environments such as home, work, indoor, outdoor among others. We also know how and where to strike balance between the background and the subject.

5. Headshots

A professional business headshot can tell an entire story about the person, their attitude, behaviour and motives. It boosts your first impression chances in any setting. Recognizing this level of significance, BrandStory has committed to paying attention to the small details in corporate headshot photography, so that all our clients feel comfortable, which will then get reflected on their faces in the shot. So, next time you search for “corporate headshots near me”, make sure you click on BrandStory.

Benefits Of Hiring Corporate Photography In Bangalore

BrandStory takes on a customer-centric approach for the corporate photography services. We take into consideration your company’s mission, vision and goals to develop a comprehensive photo shoot covering all aspects. This also builds a good relationship with the client which we believe is key for any successful photo shoot.

1. Build Business Credibility

A customer’s trust is built over time with consistent results and by developing strong relationships. A photograph can serve as a preliminary criterion based upon which, a customer makes certain black and white decisions. Recognizing this, we want to be able to deliver the best possible image for your audience to see. Also, the trust of the customers plays a crucial role in business. One of the main benefits of hiring the best corporate photographers for marketing your products is portraying your products in a different light without altering the actual attributes of the products. Thus, we will help you build your brand image in a positive light without any compromises on quality.

2. Create Better Customer Relationships

Corporate photography can speak volumes about the organizational culture that is practised. Conveying positive information to your audience through a mere visual representation can create some meaningful relationships between you and your customer. In the same light, we believe that through a greater level of interaction, we can get to know our clients better. This proactive move of us to go the extra step comes useful as we can then adjust our processes to accommodate even small nuances that we feel will make you better off during the photo shoot.

3. Increase Customer Loyalty And Generate More Leads

A photograph serves not only its purpose of strengthening existing relationships, but also gives you the benefit of increased impressions that will help you tap into new audiences. Since a business is made only by its customers, having a larger customer base will benefit you in multifold ways. Once the photo shoot is done, the journey of our clients with us doesn’t end. We can proudly boast of our high retargeting rate, which we attribute to the approach with which we deal with all of our clientele. We rely a lot on word of mouth referrals that have built an interconnected web of valuable connections around us.

Corporate Photography Portfolio

Keeping professionalism as the key factor, we strive to give our best in every corporate photography shoot that we undertake. We understand that you and your fellow business stakeholders are the face of your business and its activities. Hence, we make sure that the entire audience you cater to gets to see you at your best. We make sure our work is done in alignment with your brand and its identity. We believe that every brand has a personality, and we want you to allow us to groom that personality and showcase it to the rest of the world.


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