Birthday Photography in Bangalore

Precious moments with our families and friends are something that keeps us alive, happy and breathing! Looking back on these memories with love brings us a sheer amount of joy. Birthdays are the perfect time to create such heartwarming memories and bring everyone together. Lots of planning, time, and effort goes into framing such special occasions.

Birthday Photography

However, your iPhone is not enough to preserve this lifetime of memories. A professional birthday photographer will ensure that these memories can be treasured in the future.

Hiring birthday photographers in Bangalore will not only allow you to enjoy the birthday party yourself but also deliver high-quality images. Snapshots from phones can look good on social media, but they don't come out well when printed. If you want to treasure these memories in the best way possible, then hiring a birthday photographer is your way to go!

Why Choose Our Birthday Photographers in Bangalore

When you hire us as your birthday photographers in Bangalore, we will make sure that you don't miss a minute of the party while we capture all the memorable moments. We create works of art that can be framed or stored in a photo album to look back on! Our 5+ years of experience in photographing birthday parties ensures that you will get art-worthy, consistent results that can be proudly framed in your home.

As the leading birthday photographers in Bangalore, we deliver images that match your sense of style. We will capture the moments in the same way you want them to be captured. When it comes to photographing little ones like toddlers, babies, and children, you can trust Brandstory.

Whether you are looking for cake smash photography Bangalore or a birthday photoshoot Bangalore, Brandstory has got you covered.

Benefits of Birthday Photography

Special Milestones Remembered - Properly

A lot of investment in terms of money and effort goes into hosting the perfect birthday party. It only makes sense to invest in professional, high-quality birthday photography Bangalore services. Superior quality images captured by professional photographers deliver superior prints. Sharing family photographs shot by a professional birthday photographer will bring out the minute details of the moments. These memories will be enjoyed by everyone for years to come!

Your Efforts are Memories too

Birthday celebration photography should not only honor the birthday star but also those who crafted the birthday party with much effort, love, and dedication. As one of the top birthday photographers in Bangalore, Brandstory knows how to capture all the beautiful little details of the celebration.

From cake to food, decorations, laughter, and love – we capture everything! We ensure that all the efforts that you have put into a birthday planning stay for years to come with our beautiful photographs.

Remember Your Birthdays

How many of your birthday memories are still fresh on your mind? If you remember a particular birthday well, it may be because those moments were captured and preserved. In today's digital world, people often fail to understand the importance of printing photos to preserve those moments of laughter, love, and other shared feelings.

Today people often remember precious moments like birthdays purely from their own recollections. Imagine how great it would be if you have glossy art-worthy pictures to look back on!

Our Experience Counts

Birthday photographers have the experience to capture your precious moments in the best way possible. Hiring Brandstory for birthday photography in Bangalore will reassure you that the images will be highly professional and exceptionally beautiful.

Our team of photographers knows how to make their work shine! Our friendly yet professional attitude delivers our clients with a beautiful and extensive photo gallery. We capture a series of artistic and candid birthday party photographs to ensure that each moment from your party is treasured for life.

Don't Forget Your Prints

We will ensure that you receive beautiful, frame-worthy pictures from your birthday party no matter how uncooperative your toddler may get! At Brandstory, our printing partners come with an extensive array of fine-art albums, keepsakes, and prints to allow our clients to hang on to their memories for a long time.

Birthday Photographers Packages in Bangalore

We have three packages namely –

Basic Here, the price will range from Rs 7000 to Rs 15000 depending on the photography style (conventional or semi-candid). You will get unlimited soft copies and an album of around 20-25 sheets with no videography inclusion.

Standard This starts from Rs 25,000 and covers both video and photography.

PremiumThis starts from Rs 65,000 and delivers both conventional and candid photographs. You will also get one cinematography and one conventional video.



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I had booked Brandstory for my daughter's first birthday. As they say that the first birthday is always the most memorable and Brandstory immensely helped us with that! Their professionalism, quality, patience, and experience provided us with the cutest pictures of our baby girl in all her glory!

Last month, I hired Brandstory for the birthday ceremony of my baby boy. All the stills from their captured images are adorably beautiful. The album will not only hold the pictures intact for years but also the memories! Totally recommend their services.


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