Candid Wedding Photography Bangalore

In a world full of perfectly crafted selfies, be my unposed and unedited candid!”

Have you finished using every textbook pose and are now stranded? We say try candid!
Spontaneity and genuineness? We say YES! We want you to believe that perfection lies in the natural state of just being. Once you do put your trust in this belief, your candid photos will reflect the natural beauty that you just cannot put a price on. Speaking of price, our candid wedding photography Bangalore price is something that will get us a good candid smile out of you!

Candid Wedding Photography Bangalore

What Makes Candid Wedding Photography Services So Special?

According to Economic Times, there are 10,000-15,000 candid wedding photographers in India who focus on the mid-to-high end of the wedding segment and charge anything between Rs 50,000 and Rs 7 lakh daily. These photographers take the time to get to know their clients well. They interact with them and develop a bond with them, which further helps the photographer to hyper-personalize the candid photography process. So, we can conclude that candids bring about a sense of realism in this world where being fake and mainstream has gotten boring.

1. Candid Wedding Photographers Are Invisible

Candid wedding photographers are like invisible heroes who go around the wedding event and venue to capture the best out of people. They come with a predetermined plan of what to capture, who to capture, where to film them, when to film them and of course, how to do all this without stealing any attention away from the bride and groom. They fit into the vibe of the wedding and just become a part of the atmosphere.

2. Shots Are Natural, Capturing The Emotion And The Energy.

Candid weddings revolve around the element of unadulterated feelings and emotions. Whether it is your wedding or your loved ones, BrandStory is the best candid wedding photography in Bangalore. Candid photography allows you to enjoy the event by dancing, singing, and frolicking without being stuck on stage for photographs. It is the task of our professional and expert photographers to go around without disturbing the flow of minions and capturing happy, teary-eyed situations, energy and emotions.

3. You Have More Time For All The Fun You Deserve

Weddings are the most important day in one’s life. A wedding brings in a bag full of emotions and responsibilities, making the bride, groom and the family anxious. As a result, enjoying the event becomes difficult. Topping off the demands and tantrums of photographers to get the best-orchestrated shots can be a task! Book BrandStory for your D-day, and enjoy your wedding without having to think about the camera all the time.

Candid wedding photography offers you the luxury of having more time to enjoy the most significant milestone of your life, which you rightfully deserve. Unlock the luxury of enjoying a wedding by hiring BrandStory, the best candid photographer in Bangalore. You can dance, sing, weep your heart out and twirl in your best attire without fussing over the wedding photographs.

Tips For Candid Wedding Photography

Becoming a successful candid wedding photographer is not a piece of wedding cake. It requires skills and techniques. If you are looking for the best candid wedding photography India, rush to the BrandStory website and click on the candid wedding section to unleash a world full of talented candid photographers who possess a high honour calibre.

1. Be Observant

Candid wedding photographers need to be observant. The entire concept of candidness depends on such a skill. Being patient and having light feet to perceive the right moments to capture is essential if you are a candid wedding photographer.

2. Art Of Anticipation & Visualisation

It is an art to wait patiently, anticipating and expecting things to unfold without teasing or disturbing the natural flow. To wait, predict the actions to unfold at the correct time, and visualise and conceptualise them aesthetically is an art to possess that is devoid of everyone. It is a must-have skill to be a good wedding photographer.

3. Composition

Candid photography is all about spontaneity. One needs to possess present intellect and creativity to capture authentic energy and emotions in the best creative way possible. BrandStory owns a group of talented candid photographers who strive to narrate the most aesthetically pleasing authentic wedding photography and videography. If you are looking for candid photography in Bangalore, your wait is over as we bring you the most talented troupe of photographers in the city.

4. Define Your Style

Every candid photographer needs to adopt and possess their individualistic style. Having a distinctive style to shoot, compose, process and edit photographs is crucial for every skilled candid wedding photographer. Following others; styles and trying to copy others; styles are reflected in pictures poorly; therefore, finding your own niche is necessary.

5. Right Moment

Candid photography depends on capturing those moments which can together build a story with a narrative. To decide on these moments requires a lot of preparation and pre-planning on the part of the photographer. It further requires having the right equipment, observational skills, and location.

Candid Wedding Photography Cost

Since candid wedding photography is all about personalization, we have incorporated the same into our packages. Accordingly, we have designed 3 packages for different customers with different requirements. The three packages consist of basic, standard and premium. We have kept these 3 different options taking into consideration the dynamic nature of our clientele requirements. Our packages are competitively priced in the market for candid wedding photography in Bangalore.

“Music is not found in the notes played but in the silence in-between”. This quote is equally applicable to the field of photography as well. The best photos are the ones taken in between rehearsed poses. Candids do not try to capture just photographs. Instead, they try to capture emotions, gestures, mindsets, and reality. At BrandStory, we have photographers well equipped with the decision-making power of when to take the right snap. Our photographers make every effort to execute candid shots in the right manner by diluting their very own presence which makes room for things to flow in a smooth manner.


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