Why Corporate Photography Is Important To Your Business?

Corporate photography can help your business grow more in every dimension. It can help you set the tone for your business by showing your potential to your targeted customers. The photography services help you present your products/services in a more elaborate way to your audience. Adding pictures of your employees at work gives a positive message out there about your work culture. It helps you make your workplace more seen in the digital space. In short, it helps in employer branding. The pictures taken by corporate photographers in Gurgaon are versatile. They can be used for any purpose, like marketing material/collaterals, social media posts, etc.

Furthermore, as corporate photography sets the business tone, it can also give your business/brand a competitive edge over others.

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What Are The Types Of Corporate Photography?

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Product Corporate Photography

The product takes up center stage for this type of business. Product corporate photography’s primary objective is to highlight all aspects of the product. It is done to attract prospective buyers for any specific product. 

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Real Estate Photography

In this type of photography, the main focus is on the building structure or architectural marvel. Basically, this type of photography is done for sale purposes. The buyers can get a profound idea about the building or apartment and how it looks from the inside. It catalyzes your sales to new levels. 

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Business Portraits and Headshots

Showcasing your business’s work at the forefront online is important. This corporate photography in Gurgaon team takes up photos of employees up from their shoulders. It focus on their face and upper body in headshot photography. 

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Event Photography

In Event photography involves preserving memories and capturing all smiles from the event. The best corporate professional corporate photography services in Gurgaon photograph all the essence of the business events. The images can be used later for other social media campaigns.

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Corporate Photography Services

Whether you need headshot photography or, event coverage, or some product shoots, our commercial and professional photography is present to serve you.  Get the best pictures from our corporate photographers. 

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Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are known as an effective medium for conveying your company’s message to your audience. It presents your brand’s services and products very well, potentially engaging the audience. We help you showcase the best aspects of your corporate business with our videos.

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Corporate Headshots Photography

Our corporate headshot photography in Gurgaon services are backed up with state-of-the-art equipment and photographers. The headshot photos can be used in various marketing materials, like reports, brochures, etc. 

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Business Portrait Photography

It involves capturing professional portraits of different individuals in a business setting. These business portraits are valuable, as it is used in professional networks like LinkedIn, Naukri, etc. This helps in creating first impressions and connections for your business. 

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Corporate Event Photography

Our professional work precisely captures the moments, people, and details of the event. The pictures are used for internal communication with your brand. We help companies create a lasting impression on their audiences. 

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Our Process

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Before the actual shooting, our team curates a plan aligning with the client’s needs.  It includes what props have to be used, location guidelines, etc.  This helps us plan everything to ensure the smooth execution of photography. 

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During this phase, the Brandstory corporate photographer focuses on achieving all sorts of desired shots. We ensure our photographer captures the best and most compelling pictures of your required corporate specimens, like products, events, etc.  Our every shoot is planned and executed in a planned way. 

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Cloud Server

After the shooting, our photographers rely on cloud servers for easy access, sharing, and collaboration of images. It helps our team to store the shot images conveniently. Here, the pictures are readily available  for edits and selection. 

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Our Process

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Understanding Requirements

Our commercial and corporate photography services in Gurgaon team starts with understanding all aspects of the businesses’ requirements.

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The team, based on the above research, plans the whole process of the corporate photography process. It includes conceptualization, and strategizing about the shoot.

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Photographing Phase

The team inspects the site of the actual shoot and starts with the shooting process at the site. With the help of great equipment, our team shoots the best corporate pictures to boost your business.

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Editing Process

After the shooting process, the experts head out for the editing process. We refine the pictures, which can be used for more than one purpose in the marketing arena.

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We deliver our fine pictures to our clients in a suitable format within the said timeframe.

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Benefits of Choosing Our Corporate Photography Company in Gurgaon

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  • Top-notch quality images are a good way to present your company’s name in a positive light. By using such images on your web pages, can help you engage your audience.
  • Corporate photography allows businesses to share all the visual aspects of their work. It helps you add a personal touch by giving out greater insight about your company. 
  • Visual elements can generate 32% more engagement than links. The images shot by a corporate photography company in Gurgaon can be easily shareable. 
  • Once you have hired any corporate photography services in Gurgaon, like Brandstory, you will have a repository of the best pictures.  You can use those images many times and for any purpose. It means the services are cost-effective. 
  • The visuals shot by a corporate photography company in Gurgaon are of high quality and attract more viewers/customers. 

Why Choose Our Corporate Photography Services in Gurgaon?

Our corporate photography services in Gurgaon go beyond mere snapshots, offering a unique opportunity to capture the very essence of your business. By choosing us, you opt for excellence, creativity, and a personalized approach. We are not just corporate photographers; we are skilled visual storytellers, crafting each shot to effectively convey your corporate narrative. With the latest photography equipment and technology at our disposal, we guarantee the highest quality images that capture every detail with vibrant clarity.

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What Our Client Say's

“The corporate photography services provided by Brandstory have been exceptional. The high-quality images they provide have significantly increased our viewer and customer base. We highly recommend their services."


“The images the Brandstory photographers captured not only generated 32% more engagement but were also easily shareable across all our social platforms. It has been an affordable solution for us as we can now use these images multiple times and for different purposes."


“Choosing Brandstory corporate photography company in Gurgaon has been a great investment for our business. The top-notch quality images they provide have truly enhanced our online presence and engagement with our audience. The personal touch they add to our visuals has allowed us to showcase the true essence of our company.”



Visual elements can generate 32% more engagement than links. The images shot by a corporate photography company are easily shareable, enhancing your marketing efforts.