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Event photography is the professional art of clicking high-resolution images on crucial occasions. There are several angles from which event photography is important- it serves as a source of evidence, highlights important minutes of meetings and so on and so forth. We, however, see another angle to it. We believe event photography can serve as a narrative that can be used to describe the event and its happenings in the form of a story. This story is then communicated to those who attend it so that it stays with them as a summary of memories. It can also be communicated to the ones who missed the event so that they do not feel completely left out. We have a wide range of event photography services in Bangalore, and we also have our very own corporate event photographers in Bangalore who are ready to be deployed to your event.

Event Photography

Why Choose BrandStory?

We at BrandStory have the best event photographers in Bangalore and the most professional corporate event photographers in India. We are also one of the most reputable brands in Bangalore, serving different organisations with the best marketing solutions. We have come up with comprehensive services for our clientele providing extensive photography services for various events. We possess a crew of the best event photographers in Bangalore who can immortalise any memorable event of yours most creatively. Our years of hard work and transparency with our clients have helped in earning a reputation of high value. BrandStory is a one-size-fits-all solution for event photography. We provide our service for office functions, corporate events, parties, conferences, public talk shows and business meetings.

Our Event Photography Services In Bangalore

BrandStory provides the opportunity to capture the atmosphere and excitement of any event. We simplify everyone’s job and create a positive vibe through all the photographs and videos we take. We do this in a very strong yet subtle way by making our presence felt but not strongly heard. This enables all the attendees to go about their usual business without the stress of being in the spotlight. We also commit to our work in high-pressure situations. It is said that the personality of a good event photographer can be reflected in their work. We believe in the same, and we encourage you to look at our portfolio covering a wide range of event photography in Bangalore. We also cover event videography in Bangalore.

1. Conferences And Other Gatherings

Acknowledging the formality of such events, our crew is specially trained to be professional, which is a prerequisite for such a job. We maintain a high level of communication and bring enough backup equipment as we realise the seriousness of such events. Dress codes are appropriately chosen as well in order to fit well into the event.

2. Trade Exhibitions And Conventions

A trade exhibition is an amalgamation of different companies who come together to discuss ideas and demonstrate their products belonging to a common industry. A convention, on the other hand, can be more informal and accommodating in nature. Either way, BrandStory is equipped to render event photography services to either. Understanding that these events are known for stretching for longer durations, we are always ready with large-sized digital files to capture as much as possible. We make sure that we capture all the beautiful decorations and props, which are the main attraction point, as well as include all the stakeholders in our shots.

3. Coaching and E-Learning

BrandStory does not limit its event photography to commercial and public events only. We cover every occasion possible, including the highly specialised niche of coaching and e-learning. We make sure that the transfer of knowledge between generations is well captured.

4. Dinners, Parties & Celebrations

Personal events are a special moment in your life. We want to be a part of your special moments. The joy of our work comes from imbibing the joy that is radiated from our clients. BrandStory is eager to work with you on birthdays, parties, anniversaries and even other formal dinners. These occasions bring along with them their own set of requirements, and at BrandStory our photographers are always ready to mach these requirements. Accordingly, we plan out the best camera angles, and know when to take those picturesque candids. We also know how to involve people by using props and getting some action shots.

5. Headshots For business

An event is only as good as its stakeholders. Keeping this in mind, we also capture headshots that can tell an entire story about the person, their attitude, behaviour and motives. The headshots we capture have a higher rate of boosting your first impression chances in any setting. It is said that a proper headshot can reflect different values that a person holds on to, and we know how much this affects how others perceive you.

Pricing For Event Photography Services

We offer the most competitive rates in the Bangalore event photography circuit. We craft different packages for different customers depending on their budget, requirements, duration and scale of the event, as well as the overall workload of the entire project. Furthermore, we have devised 3 different packages- basic, standard and premium for 3 different and largely distinct purposes.


Event photography is the most dynamic of all photography genres. This is primarily due to the infinite number of environment settings that an event can take place in. The theme of the event, the purpose of the event as well as the number of attendees along with the target audience plays a huge role in determining the variables that an event photographer has to keep in mind. BrandStory can proudly say that it prioritizes these dynamic variables and adjusts its processes in accordance with the same. We are said to have the ability to recreate the entire event merely through our clicks and immortalize the minutes of the same so that the event lives on even after it has concluded.

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