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Corporate Headshots?

Portraits taken for business purposes that reveal your personality, confidence, professionalism, and approachability are corporate or professional business headshots. The focus will also be on the work environment and a few surroundings, and it covers your upper body. As this is for business purposes, people wear formals in the shot.

Who we are
Are Corporate
Headshots Important?

Professional photos help create and maintain a brand's identity, grab your customers' attention, and give an authentic visual representation in a place where stock photography now feels inauthentic. The quality of professional photography of the Corporate headshot photography in Coimbatore, along with its Corporate headshot photographer, is incomparable.

Types of Corporate Photography that We are Offering

Below are the business photography services that we provide, which will give your business a competitive edge and authenticity:

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Corporate Photography Services

For us, customers and its image are of the topmost priority, so the photoshoots are done with total flexibility as per your convenience as it can be a half-day or full-day photoshoot as per your availability with all necessary professional equipment, and a mobile photo studio can be set up at your preferable location.

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Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are all about fun marketing and catching the eyes of the customers quickly. It is a good way to tell your brand's story. Other benefits include the fact that search engines favor the videos, creating creative brand awareness, providing customer testimonials, etc. Our team of corporate headshot photography in Coimbatore also has expertise in corporate videos.

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Corporate Headshots Photography

There are two types of portraits that are considered in corporate photoshoots in Coimbatore. 1st is Editorial Portrait for which the photo is taken within the workplace, and 2nd is Professional Portrait for which the photo has captured the studio with a neutral background. Usually, people are very conscious of their looks and expressions but here at corporate headshot photography in Coimbatore.

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Business Portrait Photography

Professional Business headshots are our specialty as we have all the technical as well as soft skill set available to capture the most professional headshot, which will clearly display your confidence, passion, power, and humbleness at the same time. All the props and resources are available with us to make you look your best.

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Corporate Event Photography

Whenever any businesses plan big events, the thought of a Corporate Event photographer is a must-have. Corporate event photography in Coimbatore will help you with a lot of material in the form of photos and videos that can later be used in a lot of marketing. And can also make your business look more reliable and professional. Our unique selling point here is that we can include changes in the environment, the event agendas or the lighting, and any other specific on-the-spot requirement of yours.

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Our Corporate Headshot Photography Strategy

Below are the activities that are undertaken at the planning stage, considering the needs and the budget of the client:

  1. The executive summary is created where the exact mission and vision and the exact needs and expectations from the photography are set out
  2. Product and service description is discussed along with the target audience so that the photoshoot is directed accordingly
  3. Based on the above discussions, the location, background, attire, equipment, lighting, and props are decided.
  4. Budget allocation for each thing is also planned
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Shooting has the core and a big chunk of the work in the entire process, but you don't need to do anything apart from having that smile on your face. Our members take care of everything from setting up the locations to having the proper lights and props, if any, are required. Our Corporate headshot photographer and our other corporate photography services will ensure the shoot has no reworks or retakes and completes smoothly in one go.

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Another unique selling point of ours is on-time delivery. Our team commits the time to calculate the overall edits, curation, and storage. There is absolute transparency, and provision is made if you would want any retouching or editing later. Also, the storage is in the form and device as chosen by you.

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Why choose us for your photography needs?

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Over 8+ years of Experience

With 8+ years of experience, we can get you the quality images that evidently help you showcase your brand image, and it is not just about a few lucky snaps. And this process is absolutely seamless as we know how you will need us at each stage and how equipped we are with the provision for the same.

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Projects from Different Industries

As Corporate photography is about dealing with all types of businesses, our team has diversified experience. It has become very dynamic and versatile as they now can deal with different types of people from all sorts of backgrounds and locations with the shoots displaying the brands of various products and services.

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Passion for What We Do

Photography is a very creative work, and only passionate people can thrive in creative fields. We have thrived for more than 8 years now with so many happy customers, which shows how passionate we are.