Corporate Photography Services in Kolkata

Photographs are a great and efficient way of making a lasting impression. In the corporate world, photographs can make or break the image of a business or a professional in seconds. In addition, corporate photography is a tool through which you can create an added niche for yourself and your business in the minds of clients and competitors. With our distinct corporate headshot photography services and other areas of expertise, you can make a great first impression right from the onset.

Professional Corporate Photography

What Are Corporate Headshots?

Corporate headshots are photographs taken for corporate purposes to go on resumes, profiles, and social media. These photographs are taken from the waist up and are highly professional in appearance. Corporate headshot photography aims to show other businesses and clients your professional status and personality. We are one of the leading corporate headshot photographers in Kolkata with an impeccable success rate.

Are Corporate Headshots Important?

A professional headshots photoshoot is of paramount importance in a corporate setting. With a good-quality, formal headshot, you can convey a lot in terms of professionalism, sincerity, and class. When clients see an individual pleasantly smiling in formal attire, they can gauge the level of competence and know-how instantly. With our high-end services and flawless track record, you can be sure to get the most benefits from securing corporate headshots.

Types of corporate photography that we are offering

We offer a wide range of corporate headshot photography services to our clients. They are as follows:

Corporate Photography Services

We excel in creating a unique brand image with the help of our professional headshot photographers in Kolkata for corporate photography services. With our help, you will be able to create a favorable brand image in the minds of your clients, in turn helping you get more business opportunities. This will also assist you in creating a social media presence as a professional business provider, selling products and services sincerely. With a high-end corporate photoshoot, you and your brand would get the highlight it deserves in your concerned field.

Corporate Videos

Videos can be another way to elevate your brand image. A well-produced video message can be a window into the kind of services, goods, and services you provide as a business. We also offer corporate video production services for our clients, making their presence more substantial in the marketplace. We provide uniquely-tailored videos that give precedence to a particular project, objective, or finances employed by you. With our assistance, you can significantly increase your YouTube views and subscriptions, gaining clients rapidly. Corporate videos are the most attractive medium for showcasing your product or services and their benefits.

Corporate Headshots Photography

Corporate headshots photography is critical in case you are attempting to bag clients on social networking sites such as LinkedIn. Corporate websites are a hub for researchers to look at business profiles and decide on hiring them. With a presentable headshot with our state-of-the-art equipment and production, you will look like the best version of yourself on your profile picture. We provide exceptional expertise in this field and are on par with corporate photographers in Kolkata and other metro cities. Our team of experts finds the best angle for you and helps create a headshot that captures the essence of your personality.

Business Portrait Photography

Professional portrait photography is an essential tool in making your business shine amongst the million others in the market. Potential customers and clients try to decode your business practices from what you show them. Corporate portraits are displayed on social media and the internet so that clients make a selection. Our experienced team provides varying settings for business portrait photography for a dynamic portfolio of your business. You can get professional photography done in a business or casual setting and choose the kind of look you want to go with.

Corporate Event Photography

Corporate events must be treated as an avenue to display your business goals and attributes. With our corporate event photography services, you can be sure to show off your business operations in a creative way. In addition, such events are vital in attracting customers, and we help you manifest a positive image by capturing them as a medium for business promotion.

Our Corporate Headshot Photoshoot Strategy


Proper planning is done on our end before we take on a project. We consider your budget and vision as starting points to render our services.

1. The first step is to do a to-the-point briefing on what both parties expect from the business portrait photography. This includes us and our client sitting and discussing the objective behind the service we would provide them.

2. The next step is to discuss the budget for the assignment. The project budget will be finalized after careful consideration on your part and the kind of service you expect. The equipment used in the project and the location are also finalized in this phase.

3. In the final phase, the other aspects, such as the mindset and the ethos, are discussed to ensure that we are on the same page with the client.


Whatever is discussed in the planning stage is brought into practice in this stage. Our professional headshot photographers in Kolkata make sure that the ambiance and environment for the shoot are apt and match the client guidelines. We strive to produce the most efficient results in the setting decided by the client.


At the time of delivery, the clients are briefed beforehand regarding the delivery of their photographs or videos. Professional business headshots and portraits take a lot of time to perfect, and our experts take careful steps to make sure they produce the best results per their capabilities. However, the editing and finishing require serious professionalism, and thus, rushing can cause the results to be subpar. After delivering the products, we welcome complaints and inquiries regarding our services and are prompt in resolving issues.

Why choose us for your photography needs?

Over 8+ years of Experience

We have more than eight years of experience in offering our services. By opting for us, you can be sure to be in safe hands regarding photographs. We have the best headshot photographers in the business and conjure a comfortable environment for our clients.

Assignments from Different Industries

We have worked with various industries and enhanced our portfolio in our concerned field from time to time. This is evident enough that we are some of the best service providers in the business for professional headshot photography.

Our Passion

Our passion is what drives us to become the best in the business. The quality we offer in our photos and videos is unmatched in the industry. The results in your business and clientage will be proof enough of our impeccable services.



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