5 Most influential UX designs that are inspiring the designers

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Ubiquity and advancement of digital technology have given new dimensions to the User experience (UX). With evolving user’s demand, it becomes imperative for UX designers to devise UX which gives an enthralling experience that leave users delighted. After all, UX designs are centered on the need of users and the sole purpose of a good UX is to remove the friction between the interface and user. UX designs must foster innovation that leads organisation to further growth as design trends come and go but only a few become immortal. Some of the influential UX design trends that are inspiring UX designers deserve to be mentioned here. Let’s have a glance of top trends in UX design.

5 Most influential UX designs that are inspiring the designers

  1. Anticipatory Designs
  2. Conversational Interface Designs
  3. Futuristic designs
  4. Skeleton screen
  5. Age Responsive designs

1.Anticipatory Designs

In the age of information overload , simpler and easiest approaches of UX designs are well embraces by designers. One such philosophy is Anticipatory design, which is based on eliminating all confusing and tiring choices to a single effective option that helps in overcoming decision fatigue a user experiences. . Some of the well-known anticipatory features are like in-app notifications, geo-location, pop-up boxes and recommendations. Pandora is considered to be the pioneer of anticipatory designs that algorithmically assigns value to the preferences and choice of songs users likely to enjoy.

2.Conversational Interface Designs

Chatbots are the new lexicon of communication that has transformed the world of UX design. It’s a new buzzword that has attracted many UX designer’s attention and they have well capitalised on it. Automated conversation gives a unique and fresh user experience to consumers and helps in bridging the gap between user and interface significantly by providing assistance uninterrupted and 24 hours . This technological design advancement are well used by Pizza Hut, Amazon giants to give best customer service.

3.Futuristic designs

Augmented Reality (AR) has taken UX design world by storm. .Augmented techniques are typically performed in real-time. With the advancement of AR technology, the information about the surrounding real world of the user becomes interactive and can be easily manipulated and changed. AR is helping Ecommerce industry to thrive by bridging the gap making it possible to see virtual products in the actual environment.

4.Skeleton screen

A good UX is primarily based on speed as it helps in retaining visitors and reduces bounce rate. skeleton screens help impatient users engage. And a better UX can lead to conversion.

5.Age Responsive designs

This inclusive approach of targeting according to user’s age has become popular in recent times among UX designers and can be the ‘NEW THING’. The best thing about Age- Responsive designs is that its feature get adapted like site elements displayed, content, appearance of the site according to the user’s age whether they are 9 or 90. It significantly influences the UX of a website and helps companies better cater to and connect with their customers demands.

Technological advancements have paved a way for innovative UX designs, designers are brainstorming and coming up with designs that are taking UX to new heights. As quoted by Joycee Lee of Apple “Usability answers the question, “Can the user accomplish their goal’’ aptly defines the purpose of a UX designs. A good UX design should reduce the barrier between the users and the interface and make the experience a swift process throughout. There is a survival of the fittest, those designs that fit for purpose will here to stay and continue to inspire designers.

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