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User-friendly UX design makes using the software easier and a smoother experience. It follows that having a user-friendly UX design will result in higher profits than from using an unintuitive interface. The distribution and usage of unintuitive software was the norm in enterprise software. This was accepted as the industry standard until the consumerization of enterprise software. With enterprise software becoming a consumer product, competition sprung up, and unintuitive enterprise software was a thing of the past, as company employees could now choose between competing or standard software products just like a customer. Teams had the freedom to choose their software experience from competing offerings.

As a rule, the better the software functions, the better the business functions.
UX design can be implemented by way of two methods, namely, by having an in-house UX design team OR partnering with a UX design agency. Both these methodologies have their own merits and shortcomings. Let’s explore them, one by one

Advantages of having an in-house UX design team

There are numerous benefits of having an in-house UX design team, some of the top ones are:

Dedicated Team: Having an in-house UX design team gets translated to a team that is fully committed to the process of UX design of your product, from start to finish, including catering to every modification as well as providing the most nuanced solution, as required by the organisation.

Domain Knowledge: An in-house UX design team that has been working with the organisation for a number of years will have an in-depth knowledge of the domain of the organisation as well as the software product that they work on.

Stakeholders: An in-house UX design team working near stakeholders becomes an integral part of the organisation, hence understanding the value of the project and giving it due attention.

Cultural Impact: An in-house UX design team will be impacted by the work culture of the organisation they are working for. This will allow the culture to permeate their design and implementation philosophies, making the product feel more natural and intuitive for the end user of their product.

Consistent Experience: Any organisation prefers a consistent user experience across their products. Having an in-house UX design team ensures that the same design philosophies are implemented across a range of the goods, creating a consistent user experience.

Flexibility: An in-house UX design team provides flexibility in conception as well as the implementation that allow for customisation of the user experience, suiting the organisation’s requirements.

Disadvantages of an in-house UX design team

Integration: Integrating the UX design team with the rest of the organisation may have adverse effects on the design team, as they may be used to working independently, irrespective of the organisation.

Resource Allocation: From hiring to setting up of systems, all tax an organisation’s resources. These include HR issues, optimising the workflow and any other issues that may crop up at any time.

Establishing Domain: Once a team is assembled, it is important as well as tedious to establish the team’s domain in the organisation.

Cultural Impact: This is a double-edged sword, as the cultural impact an organisation has on the design team may adversely affect the objectivity of the team, as well as disrupt the workflow.

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