Tips and Tricks to build Effective User Interface

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Just as the building of an architectural masterpiece requires a strong foundation, it is imperative to develop an efficient user interface for a master-class experience for the user. After all, the website of your company is where you communicate with your customers and indulge in interactions. It is, therefore, necessary to have a user-friendly interface that facilitates good interactions in the virtual world. It is the user interface that is the magnet for the customer, and everything else stands next in the queue. Let’s delve a little deeper to know how to build an effective user interface.

Tips and Tricks to build Effective User Interface

  1. Use the User Perspective
  2. Feedback will facilitate
  3. Size matters
  4. Tradition and Modernity
  5. Keep it Simple

Use the User Perspective

First things first, research about your target market thoroughly. It is required that you know the nitty-gritty of the people who are going to use your website. A good way to do this is to have a conversation with the users. Let them use your product and gather their responses. A demo process before the actual process begins will give you a heads up in the market, and moreover, it notches you with the demand of the customer and not to forget the patterns of the customer and the market simultaneously.

Feedback will facilitate

Feedback should be followed up with action. After you have gained significant insights by analysing data received from users, it’s time for you to act upon it. The graphics aren’t catchy or the fact that the page takes a lot of time to load, content is not engaging- turn all the negative feedback into positive by taking prudent steps. By acting swiftly on the feedback, the chances of your success increases manifolds.

Size matters

Be very careful about the shape and size of what you put on your interface. More spacious the clickable icons, the easier it becomes for user-web interactions. The interaction type- scrolling vertically or scrolling horizontally should be carefully handled. It can make the user cranky if the interface is not friendly enough to browse and scroll appropriately and hence the placement of the scroll bars most effectively is imperative.

Tradition and Modernity

Innovation and Creativity are highly appreciated. But, don’t sway extremely too far from the traditional methods. A familiar interface with just the right amount of revamping actually improves the overall design. If a save functionality is added to a button with the icon of a ‘printer’, you are right; the interface is never going to fetch you enough customer base.

Keep it Simple

Simplicity should be your key all along. It is logical to state, simple things are easy to learn and easy to use. With minimal things for your users to learn and remember, their experience becomes efficient and effective altogether.

In spite of spending a lot of time on building your product, the feedback you hear is “bad user experience”. The reason behind this can be “bad user interface”. It is essential to keep this in mind and take an approach that would aid you in designing better experiences for your user. Although you understand what is actually going wrong, a willful method to make it right is the correct way.

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